Chapter 143:

Loki vs Mictecacíhuatl

Elyon - Gods among us

Loki found himself above a gigantic ocean that seemed to be made of blood, evading the bites of the monstrous goddess Mictecacíhuatl. The god didn't appear too concerned by her attacks; in fact, he had a mocking look on his face as he moved gracefully.

—Do you really want to bite something mine that badly, my dear?— Loki asked as he conjured his mistletoe staff in his left hand.

Loki then pointed the sharp end of his staff towards the jaws of the terrifying deity, and he pierced her skull with it. The dreadful goddess froze in that moment and fell into the blood lake.

Before she fell, Loki teleported his staff back to his hand. But before he touched it, he cleaned it by teleporting water and an antidote.

—Do you think I'd be so foolish as to fall for the trick of poisoning your own blood?— Loki remarked after cleaning the staff of the goddess's blood.

But at that very moment, Mictecacíhuatl reappeared like a ghost behind Loki with her claws and jaws ready to strike the Norse god. However, Loki was prepared for this move.

Lokasenna— Loki said. A web of energy appeared behind the Toltec goddess, ensnaring her.

—I'm sorry, my dear— Loki said with a mocking smile, —but it's impossible to deceive the god of lies—

The goddess fell once again into the vast, blood-colored ocean, but before she could sink into it, she made herself intangible and passed through Loki's energy web.

—So, you can turn into a ghost as well?— Loki asked, watching the ghostly deity approach again in an attacking posture. But Loki had plenty of tricks up his sleeve.

—Phantoms are especially vulnerable to my mental attacks— Loki commented, pointing his staff at the goddess and saying, —Hugur sprengja—. Mictecacíhuatl's brain began to expand, and in an instant, it exploded.

—Even if you hide in a parallel dimension, my mental powers can harm you without difficulty— Loki said, making a mocking gesture toward the Toltec goddess.

The goddess disappeared after her head exploded, while Loki continued to float over the dark landscape of Nanatzcalóyan.

—You can't escape from me, my dear— Loki commented, multiplying into various illusions around the planet.

Then, Loki caught sight of a massive pit with an extraordinary gravitational pull. At the entrance of this crevice, there were statues of two dogs. Loki realized he was standing in front of the gates of Hell. Just as Niflheim was the gateway to the Norse underworld, these gates appeared to lead to the Toltec underworld.

A long time ago, the gods of various pantheons, despite their differences, decided to send the realms of the underworld into the same dimension. This was where the souls of people and gods who had been ruthless and cruel, as well as dangerous to society, ended up. This entire dimensional region was called Sheol and was vast, as large as a universe. To enter and exit Sheol, one needed permission from the anunnaki of the pantheon in question and, furthermore, from the king of the respective underworld realm.

Each pantheon had designated at least one god to oversee its own underworld. As human souls were deposited in this place, gods or angels who had been enemies of the gods were also trapped and tortured in these passages. In the case of Asgard, the ruler of this infernal realm was Hella, Loki's daughter. It was she who informed him of Odin's whereabouts.

—Without special permission, I'll be trapped in that hell if I enter— Loki thought, looking at the infernal gateway trying to engulf him.

The god then saw thousands of humans walking towards the portal, getting absorbed by it.
—Lost souls to be judged by the hellish rulers of this world. Their consciousness has already detached from them, making them mere animals headed to slaughter— Loki remarked.

Suddenly, Loki sensed Mictecacíhuatl behind him. Turning, he saw her, not as the monstrous figure he battled earlier but in her feminine form.

—Despite those monstrous jaws and wild claws, you're still a beautiful lad, like all women— Loki said arrogantly.

In response, the goddess opened her dress, releasing millions of bones. These bones began to fill the blood lake, puzzling Loki.

—I hope this is a powerful technique that finally challenges me— Loki remarked, watching the unfolding scene with arms crossed.

The mountain of bones grew so tall that it reached where the goddess was floating, even though she was flying several hundred meters high. At that moment, the bones began to take on an anthropomorphic shape, resembling the body of a yellowish monster with claws instead of hands, though it had no discernible head. The goddess took her place where its head should be.

—Is that your final act?— Loki laughed. —It's similar to my daughter's technique, but I doubt it's as effective—

But the goddess surprised Loki with a swift swipe from the creature's claw. He was severely wounded and flung near the entrance to Mictlán, the Toltec realm of the dead.

Lying on the ground, the god of mischief groggily came to, realizing that the undead were trampling over him on their way to Mictlán. The hole's gravitational pull was also slowly dragging him in.

—Damn, she almost killed me with one strike— Loki thought, forcing himself up and seeing the bone-made colossus.

Suddenly, faces with gaping mouths and eyes started forming on the creature's body, taking on humanoid shapes. As they detached from the main body, they resembled rotten, bloody female corpses.

Loki prepared for another round of battle, thinking: —Now she's attacking with the undead?—

Loki unleashed his power, shouting: —Hugur sprengja— The undead's skulls burst, but they continued to advance on Loki.

—If they can't use their brains, they can't die without them— Loki realized, noticing the monsters began to feast on the souls heading to Mictlán.

However, more and more zombies fell from the colossal creature and continued to advance towards Loki, who decided to fly away from the area. But without realizing it, a red beam emanated from the top of the colossus and struck Loki squarely; he couldn't see the attack or anticipate it. The god fell to the ground, and at that moment, the living corpses pounced on him, biting him.

Loki, when he regained consciousness, tried to teleport away to escape. However, his body was severely injured and lacked ichor; the two strikes from the giant had depleted his reserves. Nevertheless, he transformed his cape into adamantium to repel the monstrous zombie bites before teleporting.

Safe from the Mictlán hole, Loki took care to avoid falling in accidentally. But suddenly, he felt Mictecacíhuatl teleport right above him, along with her gigantic undead colossus. The colossal monster fell on Loki, its grotesque foot crushing the god and burying him beneath the blood lake's surface. Loki's bones shattered, and he could feel his internal organs being crushed.

Almost unconscious, Loki attempted to teleport once more, but this time, Mictecacíhuatl had anticipated his move. With another punch from her monstrous creature, she hurled Loki back to the edge of the Mictlán entrance. The monstrous zombies swarmed him again, this time, they dragged him closer to the terrible gravitational pull leading to Mictlán. With each moment, Loki was getting nearer to the realm from which he could never escape.

Loki, with his rapidly depleting energy, froze the entire island around the Mictlán entrance and even part of the vast blood ocean. This immobilized the grotesque monster's legs, which Mictecacíhuatl had summoned. The monstrous corpses and the souls on their way to the entrance of Mictlán froze as well. However, the gravitational power of the portal was so intense that the ice couldn't affect the entrance, which kept drawing Loki in. The god found himself immobilized, unable to move, and he could only await his death.

At this desperate moment, Loki began to recall his daughter, Hella.

Hella, Loki's daughter, was not attractive, unlike most goddesses. Born of Loki and a pure jotun mother, she was larger than most other goddesses, with blue skin and a prominent nose. Everyone mocked her, calling her 'Troll Princess'.

One day, Loki came home to where his daughter, his wife Sigyn, and his two other sons, Nari and Vali lived. But the meeting wasn't a joyful one; Loki was furious.

—Why did you agree to become the queen of the underworld?— Loki demanded angrily from his eldest daughter.

—Father Odin asked me, and I accepted— Hella responded nonchalantly.

—Odin has already disposed of your brothers, Fenrir and Jormungandr, and now he's getting rid of you, sending you to Niflheim— raged the Norse god.

—It's natural, father. We are repulsive beings who only cause terror in Asgard and Yggdrasil's worlds— melodramatically replied Odin's daughter.

—You are not repulsive! You are a very beautiful woman!— Loki retorted, clearly agitated.

Loki and his daughter continued their heated discussion, but Hella remained firm in her position regarding her monstrous appearance and her role as the ruler of Niflheim, unseen by anyone but the deceased.

—Furthermore— the goddess added, —I've learned to manipulate the dead. Since birth, I knew I was destined to be the queen of the underworld—

Loki snorted in annoyance and turned away. —Do as you wish— he replied.

The memories of Loki's daughter faded from the god's mind as he regained consciousness.

Loki then rose to his feet, despite his broken bones, using his telekinetic power to move. With his mental abilities, he raised his mistletoe staff, which hovered on his left side.

—No matter how big it is— Loki said, —a corpse is just a corpse— He began to float in the air. Meanwhile, the monster shattered the heavy ice layer Loki had encased it in and prepared to attack again. This time, Loki was hovering at the level of the monster's chest.

The giant attempted to strike Loki, but it was only an illusion. Another Loki appeared behind the monster, and another, but they were all illusions. Hundreds, thousands of Lokis surrounded the giant, and they all simultaneously launched their attack: —Hrímþursar kæsia

However, Mictecacíhuatl quickly teleported away from the scene. The Toltec goddess reappeared on the other side of the blood ocean. Grotesque mouths appeared on the monster's body, and from them, it shot red beams resembling blood. All of Loki's illusions disappeared in a series of atomic explosions when the beams struck the ground.

Nevertheless, Loki reappeared right above Mictecacíhuatl's real body and quickly thrust his index fingers into the goddess's skull.

—Don't think I'm unfamiliar with this fighting style; I have a daughter just like you— Loki said. —But she's much more elegant and beautiful than you—

Mictecacíhuatl tried to break free from Loki's grasp using her monstrous hands, but Loki froze her completely along with the colossal corpse, shouting: —Fimbul-vetr

Loki then teleported away from the giant ice statue. At that moment, the Norse god transformed into a dark elf. He resembled a small, bearded creature with purple skin, black hair, and a green cap.

Floating, Loki pointed his staff towards the colossal form of Mictecacíhuatl, who was breaking through the thick ice layer. He shouted: —Hugur sprengja

The ice shattered, and the colossal creature disintegrated into pieces. Millions of bodies fell into the massive blood ocean, which had comprised the grotesque creature. This left the goddess Mictecacíhuatl floating in the air, completely covered in blood.

—I became a dark elf to enhance my mental powers, just as Freyr used to increase his abilities— Loki commented. —That creature far exceeded my divine power, so I needed this transformation to overpower its strength and break your control over the bones you used like a puppet—

Mictecacíhuatl's skin fell apart, revealing a bloody, skeletal figure. All her blood transformed into horrific tentacles that tore everything around her. A gruesome mouth with a grotesque tongue emerged from her abdomen.

The terrible goddess approached Loki, who was still in his dark elf form. However, Loki pointed at the monstrous deity using his staff, remembering his daughter, Hella.

—This is the technique my daughter uses to control the undead. Feel honored— Loki said before shouting: —Ødeleggelse av dødsfallet

At that moment, Mictecacíhuatl, along with all the undead corpses on the ground, turned into stone. The goddess's body fell onto the pile of petrified zombie bodies and shattered.

All the petrified corpses turned into dust, and the wind blew them into the dark sky of that world. Over the pile of ash that remained, a black sphere appeared. Using his telekinesis, Loki brought the sphere to his view.

—I suppose this is the proof of my victory— Loki commented, and at that moment, he lost his dark elf form and fell unconscious.

The Norse god collapsed on one of the islands in the blood ocean of Nanatzcalóyan.

Elyon - Gods among us

Elyon - Gods among us