Chapter 83:

The Antarctic prison Part 3: A month in a moment

Escape Witch

As Nika launched her escape plan, Yuni and the others were subjected to a month of hell.

"Wake up little brats! Time for torture!" Griege laughed.

"It's regrettable that girl has some immunity to this spell. I assumed that since she was merely affiliated but not in a sworn pack with Muramasa that she would be subjected to the time prison," a ghoulish gremlin mused.

"Averice, how about you let me handle this little execution," a galactic humanoid figure mused.

"Why can't I get the kill huh?" A cat-like serpent hissed.

"Zuria is the best bet. Besides, if Zuria personally kills them, Muramasa Jouzu can't ever revive them," Averice chuckled.

"I'm more powerful than her!"

"Which is why you're on barrier duty. He'll be here shortly. Let Zuria kill them, Invidia.

Invidia begrudgingly agreed.

Zuria then appeared before Yuni.

"What is that!?" Yuni thought.

"Oh me? I'm Luzuria, aka Zuria," the figure said in Madoka's voice as they appeared before Yuni as Madoka.

"MMPH!?" Yuni shouted aloud.

"Oh, I can read your thoughts, so no need to take the gag out or hide anything."

"Why the hell are you appearing as her!? Is this some advanced technology or have I been drugged!?" Yuni thought.

"Neither. I'm a being on a far higher plane of existence than you."

"So are you some kind of goddess?"

"More than just that. I'm an Omni-Deity, one of the 10 most powerful beings in existence, as well as one of the true leaders of the Illumous organization."


"I'm Zuria. I primarily have an affinity for lust, which is why I take the form of whatever my target has the most desires for. This is why my true form is merely a galactic blob. Because I must constantly change appearance to fit the arousal of my target."

Yuni struggled to make sense of what was happening.

"Too much for your mortal brain? Well in that case, do you know who Muramasa Jouzu is?" Zuri asked as they transformed into a long haired Fujiko.

"What the hell? Why her!?"

"Yu-ni-chan, didn't I tell you I can shapeshift!? Well I can also take forms that scare you. Fujiko probably doesn't scare you as much now that she's hairless. After all, she wasn't hairless when she assaulted you in your own room and gave you such a lovely makeover," Zuria sneered.

Yuni began to tremble.

"Oh, and I can easily restore Fujiko to her long-haired state now that she's signed a pact with me. Wonder if she'll drop the Nadea alias. Actually I know she will. I'm an Omni-Deity after all," Zuria mused.

"Now Yu-ni-chan, allow me and everyone else here to give you a hellish punishment. All the ones that you loved will be tortured and killed before you."

Yuni watched as everyone was marched into the icy prison yard and beaten by Griege. Zuria then appeared before Serika as her mother Ruchi.

"No, impossible! I killed her! Why is she here!?" Serika frantically thought.


Serika's heart beat out of her chest at the mention of her old name.

"Hoh, so that's why you got so scared when I threw that knife at you," Nadea sneered as she groped one of Serika's breasts, eliciting an angry moan from Serika.

"Mao, did you think this was over? That you were free simply because you stabbed me and killed the vermin who bred me? No. Mao, you ruined my movement. You ruined my ascension to prime minister. You ruined my ascension to heading Illumous' Council of 12. I heard it was raised to 13, but now that I've been "killed" and the vermin who bred me is dead, there is no one left of the Ookuma family, aside from you. It will probably go back down to 12, unless of course you succeed me."


"Such degenerate vocabulary. You truly rebelled against my teachings, Mao. Fear not, after your execution, you will be reborn as my vessel, where I WILL retake what is mine. I'll also make sure you are conscious to witness the hell I unleash from your lips and body. Mao, this is your punishment for disobeying me," Zuria sneered as Nadea gouged Serika's right eye out.

Serika let out a muffled scream of pain as Nadea sadistically laughed.

"Ah, Wittle Mao lost an eye. Well, they say eye for eye. AHAHAHAHAHA!"

"You stabbed me multiple times, cut off a few fingers, and gouged my eyes. And that was before you destroyed my body in the bath tub. For the next month, each wound you gave me will be given to you. Today, was your right eye. Tomorrow, will be the middle finger of your left hand," Zuria glared.

As Serika began to hyperventilate, Zuria moved over to Emeri.

"Hey sis, surprised to see me?" Zuria asked as they took the form of Eriza.

"Like hell she's really here. Auntie has her at the mansion," Emeri thought.

"Oh, I escaped and killed everyone there. Now I'm Illumous' star athlete," Zuria snickered.

"Mmph (Bullshit)."

"I'm real and I'm gonna make you suffer. Oh, and I can read your thoughts thanks to the microchips that were put in your brains during your incarceration."

"Oh, then in that case, fuck off. I know you're trying to mess with me mentally. Auntie told me that there were secret Illumous members with super powers. I won't fall for your bullshit," Emeri thought.

"Then how bout this?" Zuria asked as they turned into Serika.

"Now I know for sure you're messing with me. Just cause you mimic her looks and voice, doesn't make you her."

"Well, smartass. Let's see how much you like being sliced up by me looking and sounding like your girlfriend," Zuria sneered as Griege began ripping off all of Emeri's fingernails.

"Once your hands are gone, we'll move onto teeth and tongue, Emeri."

Even though Emeri knew the Serika before her was 100% fake, she couldn't help but begin to break a little at the sight of her lover happily watching her being mutilated.

Next up was Fubuki.

"Fuka Kirika, aka the infamous Fubuki Dakota. Welcome back to prison," Zuria glared as they returned to their true form.

"So Illumous really was controlled by otherworldly beings. You truly are despicable for forcing your hell upon the world and these girls," Fubuki angrily thought.

"OI! Who said you could get all the glory! I wanna torture this bitch for all the setbacks I got cause of her!" Invidia shouted.

"A voice? So these beings truly are out of our league. Though I wonder if Muramasa-"


Fubuki let out a muffled scream as her left arm and leg suddenly went flying off. Averice attempted to appease Invidia.

"Now, now. No need to step in when the mortals can do this just fine. Besides, I and the others have plenty of qualms with this woman."

"Screw you! You already have her sister's soul, I'm taking hers!"

"No you're not. Though if you offer substantial capitol to trade, then that is a different story. For now, focus on holding up the barrier. We don't have much time," Averice glared.

"Time? So someone is coming to save us," Fubuki thought.

"Don't get the wrong idea. I allowed you the honor of hearing our conversation so your despair will be that much higher when you're failed to be saved. Now Griege, finish what you started, though leave some meat for Kasumi."

"As you wish Lord Averice," Griege smiled as he finished ripping off the last of Emeri's fingernails.

"Tomorrow will be fingers," Zuria sneered at Emeri as Serika.

Maria was quickly broken by Thrasher while Zuria turned to Madoka.

"No, Kasumi will handle her as soon as she finds her sister," Averice glared.

"Time is of the essence is it not?" Zuria glared.

"And we have given all but Madoka and the escapee a month of hell. We need to finish them off with the execution."

"So why?"

"To give Yuni the most hell. Kasumi doing the deed would hurt her the most. I'll let you have Nika's soul as payment."

"So I can control her?"

"Yes, it is regrettable we could not take Kumi, but if we snag Nika, that will hurt Muramasa Jouzu just as much."

"Very well, I'll reduce her to a horrific state before the execution." Zuria sneered as Kasumi appeared dragging four women with her.

Yuni recognized all four women Kasumi had with her. Nika, Hanabi, Izumi, and Nakajima. All had giant holes in their stomachs and were struggling to stay alive.

"Yuni, they failed. Now, let me subject you to more suffering," Kasumi snarled.

She immediately crushed Nakajima's skull to bits with her foot.

"Averice! Why'd your girl just kill her!?" Invidia fumed.

"Oh, did she? Well you shouldn't mind not having one little insignificant soul," Averice snickered.

"I wanted to torment her," Zuria glared.

"And don't you think it's fitting that she shall never be close to love?"

Zuria responded by mutilating Nika.

"*Tch* I wanted to kill her, but whatever. Yuni, I'm going to make Madoka Nika's new twin in appearance," Kasumi glared as her fist crackled with lightning.

Even though a full day hadn't passed yet, from Yuni's and all the other prisoner's perspectives, it felt like a month had passed. Yuni had been forced to watch her friends and family inhumanely tortured for what felt like a month. Then came the execution.

Everyone was lined up gagged and nailed to metal poles. Tears rolled out of Yuni's eyes as she stared at each one of them. Hanabi and Izumi had holes in their stomachs as they struggled to stay alive. Emeri no longer had hands, her tongue, or any teeth and gritted in anger. Serika had been completely burnt, had no eyes, and was missing fingers as she groaned in pain. Fubuki now had the other side of her body burnt, and had lost her other eye. Though Madoka and Nika were in the worst state. Yuni wanted to vomit at the inhumane state they had been reduced to. Even if they somehow were saved from the execution, they would probably not last long.

"Well how does it feel? Zu-chan gave you such an exclusive look," Nadea sneered as she flicked Yuni's twintails.

"Feel free to shave her after this. We'll be brainwashing her and making her and Illumous soldier," Kasumi sneered.

"A fine one indeed. Though why does that space blob get to perform the execution?" Thrasher glared.

"It's for the best," Averice stated.

"Well, can't argue with you Councilor Averice."

Zuria took the form of Fujiko with long hair and summoned an array of rifles.

Everyone glared as the shots were fired at them. Yuni closed her eyes and cried.

"SOMEONE SAVE THEM!" she thought.


"Yuni opened her eyes to see a wall of black flames. Everyone on the other side saw the same.

"Looks like we arrived in time," I said as I glanced at the prisoners.

Nika was in a horrid state, yet alive. Seeing what they did to her filled me with pure rage. Zuria was going to erased from existence for this.

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