Chapter 0:

Restore the Glory

Alanza: Dawn after Demise

Gasping for breath, I sprinted with all my might. Even if the odds of escape were infinitesimal, seizing them was imperative. The approaching footfalls grew louder, a grim reminder that they were close behind.

"They're gaining," I muttered to myself, urging my legs to push harder. The fate of the Empire rested on my shoulders; failure was not an option.

I persisted until the silhouette of the escape door loomed ahead. "Just beyond that door," I repeated like a mantra, clinging to the flicker of hope within me.

As I reached for the door, anticipation swelled within me, only to be shattered by the cruel reality awaiting on the other side.

Gunfire erupted. A bullet pierced my heart, followed by more shots before I could process what was happening.

It was over. Collapsing to my knees, I struggled to comprehend the abrupt end to my existence.

Almost there, I lamented inwardly.

The gunman approached, a sneer on his lips. "Any last words?" he taunted.

I spoke, my voice barely a whisper. "Restore the glory... of Alanza," I breathed, surrendering to the darkness closing in.

As consciousness slipped away, I murmured my final plea before succumbing to oblivion.

"Taylor... did you hear me?"