Chapter 48:

Madoka got kidnapped... again

Spice of Life

The next day, Rika lounged in one of the booths clad in a red tank top, black shorts, and sneakers as Matcha glared at her.

"What, doc said to take it easy," Rika grinned.

"You're taking up a booth though," Matcha glared.

"It's hours before we open though."

"We're going to be opening a little early with some new breakfast food."

"Fine, I'll prop a chair by the bar," Rika grumbled as she got up and did just that.

"Komachi-san? Are you alright?" a deliveryman asked as he arrived with more food supplies.

"Yeah, no worries. I was just ordered to go on leave for a week."

"There is no need to fear. She is fine," Matcha stated as she signed for the order.

"Hmm, hmm, hmm!" a girl laughed.

Everyone turned to see Madoka proudly standing with her arms crossed by the doorway. She was now clad in a more casual purple striped shirt, blue overalls, and white sneakers.

"Oi, first we aren't open yet. Two don't you need to get to school?" Rika glared.

"It's only 6:55! Since you just respawned supplies, I want Kringle crepes for breakfast!" Madoka ordered as she whipped out her credit card.

Suddenly, a car sped by and Madoka vanished.

"Did she just get kidnapped...again?" Rika groaned.


"MMPH MMPH!" Madoka protested as she was thrown on the floor of a warehouse bound and gagged.

"Buwahahahaha! Time for revenge you little shit!" Jester angrily sneered as he ripped the tape off Madoka's mouth.

He was now wearing a neck brace and had band-aids littering his face and clothes.

"What do you want from me!? And why are you even alive!? Give me back all my crepes!" Madoka fumed.

"Huh? Wait, I was so busy eating all those crepes I forgot to do my themesong last night," Jester realized.


"Of course! That must be why you escaped! You didn't know just how evil I am! Tremble in fear, before my themesong!"

The ninjas nodded and whipped out a shamisan and an electric guitar and begun to play as Jester started singing.

"YO YOI! I am the greatest criminal from the depths of Edo. The great daimyo of organized crime. Everyone fears my name! For every atrocity, I have attained! Murder! Kidnapping! Drug Smuggling! None can match my Might! Theft! Assault! War Crimes! All now fear my wrath! With my evil ninjitsu I will conquer all that’s good. They say Jesters are the fools, WELL WHO'S LAUGHING NOW DUMBASS! Lalalalalala! Jester-sama is the evil, dastardly, wicked, inhumane, dark ninjutsu daimyo! Oh oh oh oh! Yooooooo!”

"That... was the cringiest song I've ever heard," Madoka cringed.

"Buwahahahaha! Madoka! Now that you have heard the power of my movement restricting TM themesong, you're chances of escape are zero!" Jester laughed as he slapped a new piece of tape over Madoka's mouth.

The ninjas then surrounded Madoka with barrels of TNT before retreating outside the warehouse. Jester followed shortly after lighting the fuse. A few minutes later, the warehouse went up in a ball of fire.

"VICTORY!" Jester laughed.

"Wow, we didn't even need to fight," a ninja shrugged.

"That was only the backup, but she failed to escape, and so we didn't need to jump her and chuck her into the fire."

"Uh, boss, isn't that her on that building over there?" a ninja asked as he pointed to a nearby building.



Madoka huffed proudly as she once again stood at the entrance of the restaurant.

"Oh hey, you actually DID escape," Rika whistled.

"Of course I did, and in 5 minutes tops. Now gimme my crepes," Madoka ordered.

Suddenly, Jester's hand clamped over Madoka's mouth as he flew by on a ladder dangling from a helicopter.

"Buwahahaha! Let's see you go splat like a pancake!" Jester laughed as the helicopter rose higher and higher into the sky.

Jester then released Madoka and giddily watched as she screamed and fell.

"Madoka KICK!" Madoka suddenly yelled as she kicked the air and managed to break the momentum of her fall and landed on top of a building unharmed.

"HUH!? Jester cried out in shock as his eyes and tongue leaped out of his face.

"*Whistle* Not bad girl. Though I mastered sky jumping at  a younger age than what you are," Rika smirked as she relaxed and headed back into the restaurant.

Madoka then shot Jester a middle finger *beh* taunt, as Jester began to fume.

"Why look at this. It's a grenade I stole from an Illumous stockpile. It seems I, the Dastardly thief have had a small change of heart. I feel like giving this one thing that I stole, back," Dastard mockingly sneered as he stood atop a nearby building and lobbed a grenade at Jester's helicopter.


A soot covered Jester and ninja army immediately flew off into the sky.

"[FUCK YOU] MADOKA!" Jester cried as he flew into the distance.

"My, so he's focused solely on the young Ginkawa girl now. Seems he's got a new obsessive rivalry on his hands," Dastard shrugged as he vanished.


For the 3rd time this morning, Madoka stood proudly in the restaurant.

"Come inside so you don't get snatched again," Rika growled as she ushered Madoka inside.

Mimi then placed a mountain of crepes on the table Madoka had been brought to.

"Well, guess you're our first customer for the new breakfast hours," Mimi smiled as the clock struck 7 and Madoka devoured the crepes.

She then chugged a few glasses of milk before paying and heading off to school.

"Seems like we have a dedicated customer. Perhaps we should limit the crepes to morning food. It might also help keep her from venturing out at night and ease our supply a bit," Rika mused.

"It's rare to see you being proactive with business," Masaru muttered.

"Hey, it's just paperwork I don't like doing. So want me to make you a bel-"

"You're suspended until that doctor says it's OK."

"Well, guess if you're saying so I guess I'll be a good girl," Rika smiled as she reclined in her chair.

"I'll look forward to when you can cook again," Masaru blushed as he returned to the kitchen.

"Heh, don't overdo it. Saying stuff like that will make me feel better than ever," Rika smiled.

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