Chapter 0:


The most bad luck demon king to ever existed in the universe

Fire.... Fire every fucking where on the the village of the human from a massive fucking dragon.. Where did this come from? Why is there a dragon in the village? What the fuck is happening?! At the other side of the forest, the demon king and his son were staring at the destruction of the village as the dragon let out a mighty roar as the land shake furiously. At the other side of the forest, what a young boy with the appearance of a four to five year old child with white hair and blue hair smiling excitedly at his hands glowing with black and purple aura, and an old man about 40-60 years of age, but with a body figure of a muscular 30 year old man staring at the fire at a far distance.

"Like that, father?" The small demon said, looking at his dad with a starry eyes. The demon snapped out of his shock expression on his face. "Y-Yes son. You got it" The Demon king said, patting his son's head. "Just you wait, father. Sooner or later I'm gonna become a demon king and rule over the whole world!" The young demon boy let out the loudest evil laugh as the birds and crows were flying away in the sky, only to immediately collapse to the ground as the dragon's fire burned all of the flying creatures. "A... hahaha.... sure son, but that would be the moment you get that power of yours under control." The demon king said, before the boy's hand return back to normal. "Now than son, let's head back to the demon world" The boy nodded. "Yes, father." This made the demon king sigh with relief as he and the boy were leaving the area and head towards the portal.

At the burning village, more and more screaming could be heard of villagers. Very few have manage to escaped the burning village, only to watch their love ones, being burned to ashes, blown by the flam wind.

"Hurry! Get more out of here"

"Village chief! We have to go!" The male villager shouted, holding the tightly at the half burned boy villager.

"There's no time of me! Go now!"

"NOW LET ME GO! I HAVE TO SAVE MOM AND DAD! I HAVE TO SAVE MY FAMILY! LET ME GO!" The boy yell loudly, scratching and pulling himself off the male villager's arm. "OW! Kid quite it! It's to late to save them!" The male villager yell in pain from the boy's struggles' seeing his arm bleeding from the cuts he's receiving. "No! It's not! I can still help them! I can still fight that dragon and avenge my family!" The young boy shouted, only for the male villager ignore the boy's complaining. "Just make sure you come back safe, sir. please." The only thing the male villager receive was a nod before running with the boy on his arm

Hahahaha yep yep. And the old man still feared me to this year after 20 centuries and how that boy, whoops sorry back to the story.

25 years have pasted as the boy have went through many training and magic lessons. The boy no longer looked like his young self anymore as he's now a 30 year old man, his head no longer had the look of an human, but rather a skull figure of an dragon, the armor covering his body with a giant hammer strapped at the back of armor, whistling as he was walking towards the throne room. "Finally, After so many years of training, hearing father's and mother's lectures and magic lessons. I'm finally to become a demon king!" Simon said, punching the air with excitement. Simon open the door, as his mother, father with the dragon skull head and his two brothers inside the throne room as well as the servants and knights. 'It's time.' Simon though, slowly walking towards his parents with pride on his face. Everything was going exactly how he always..... ...... ...... or so he thought. "Wahh!!" Simon's foot tripped of what seem to be a wet substance on the floor as everyone look at utter shock as it was at this moment they knew that fucked up.