Chapter 1:

Chapter 1- The Beginning

The most bad luck demon king to ever existed in the universe

The demon kingdom, otherwise known as the three head demon griffin kingdom, home of the world most strongest demon king that have ever existed. Many heroes would try to defeat the demon king, but failed to. Legend has it that the demon king ruled over many kingdom that existed, made the dragon race bow before his terrible arura and made the light elves follow his order against their wills. It is believed that nothing could ever stopped, that was until....

"Eish, I hope mother, father, and the others are doing alright." Simon said, walking through the castle that was being repaired after the incident. "Don't worry, Master Simon. Missteers Emily and Master Azin would reach full recovery in no time." Simon turned his head towards his light blue dragon servant, wearing a white taxito with horns sticking out of his shoulder lades. Simon sighs at his servant's words. "Thanks Albert. Have you given the letter of request to my mother and father?" Simon asked, looking at the window. The servant nodded. "Yes, master." This made Simon smile a bit. "Well, time to focus on the main point of view, c'mon Albert. We had a lot of planning to do before we could execute it." Simon said, heading towards his room. "Yes master, Shall I have your tea ready?" The servant asked, making Simon smile at the request. "That would be nice but don't take too long, we need to finish that plan when the time comes." Albert nodded. "Yes, master."

Meanwhile, in another room, a bit far from Simon's room, The previous demon king was sitting on his bed, having his burn marks healed up by the dark elves. He let out a heavy sigh. "This is the third time the fire incidents started; god, I don't know how that kid learned to get used to it." The demon king said with a soft chuckle as he could watch the last burn mark being all patched up, only to shiver at memories of his son's bad luck. "How is my wife doing?" Azin asked, putting his armor back on. "Mrs. Emily is recovering very well. All of her burn marks were healed up, as well as the guests." The dark elf nurse said, receiving a nod from the former demon king. "Good, that would be all." The dark elf bow down, before she left the room, leaving the former demon king at his thoughts. "Heh.... I never thought that crest would strike now of all time"


This took place 30 years ago. Simon was born and was on the demon doctor's hand, crying from the cold air hitting his skin. The Simon's look a bit confused at the human figure of his son. "Hey doctor, why is our baby looking more like a human than a demon?" Azin asked a bit confused at their human baby son. "Your majesty, if I may. I think I may know why." The doctor said this, pulling down his mask. "Hmm?" The two looked confused. "A few years ago, during the war, humans created a weapon that would weaken demons and kill them, made with the strongest holy magic existed." The two nodded. "When young missteers absorbed when she was fighting the war to save our kind, some of still remain inside her body for years till it went inside the young master's body." The doctor said, examining the crying baby. "Luckily he won't actually grow as a human, as within some time, he'll turn back to his demon form." This made Azin sight with relief at the news The doctor said, before noticing a mark on Simon's arm, faintly visible, but enough for the doctor to make out what it was as a scared expression appeared on his face. "Oh dear." The doctor said with a worry expression, causing the two to feel panic from the expression. "What? What's wrong?" Azin asked with a bit of an serious expression, receiving a sigh from the doctor. "I'm afraid, so as the demon god gave him the crest of bad luck, meaning utter chaos awaits on the world." The doctor said, making Emily felt a bit more worried at what she was hearing. "Honey, I'm worried about our son." Emily said, holding her husband's hand with a worried expression. "Do not worry, hon. As long as we teach him how to control it. Everything would be found in the future." Azin said, kissing Emily's forehead to comfort her.

Flashback over

"Ever since then, oh, how much I regret saying that. So many villages and kingdoms at the human level would end up destroyed or at the verge of being destroyed," Azin said, remembering all the time the chaos came to the human world and the demon world. "To be honest, I never thought to see a demon getting a crest besides..." Azin said, looking out the window at the red sky until a knock came from the door. "Come in." Azin said, turning his head towards the door as the dark elf enter inside the room. "Apologize for disrupting you sire, but master Simon asked me to send this letter to you." The dark elf said, giving the letter to Azin. "Thank you, I'll be sure to read it as soon as I have enough time." The dark elf servant bow down and left the room.

"I wonder what's in his mind this time"

Soon night time came to the demon world as Simon as his parents were having a nice meal, roasted pork with veggies and rice, this went well till Simon notice the absent of his brother. "Mom, Dad, where's brother at?" Simon asked. "Your big brother just left back to his kingdom. He wish you good luck with now becoming a demon king." Azin asked. "Oh, okay." Simon continue eating his meal, taking a deep breath before this come out "I want to rule more kingdoms, but this time at the human world." Simon said, causing the others to stop what they were doing.
"Pardon?" The parents look at Simon confused. "I said, I want to rule more kingdoms." Simon said, waiting to see there reaction, only to see calmness on the faces. "Oh, then. I see no reason for you to act so nervous thou I'm not sure your brother would like you conquering his kingdom." Azin said, cutting the meat and eating it.

"No, father, I don't mean like that."

"Then what do you mean by that?" Azin said, looking a bit annoyed at his son's behavior.

"I mean, I want to become the demon king of the world like what grandpa and great grandpa did." This had the two looking at Simon, a bit surprised at what he actually meant by it. "Son, are you sure? Humans are known to have the power of light magic and the light attribute, the weakness of demons." Emily said, receiving a nod from Azin. "Not to mention, your crest can cause trouble for you and your journey."

"The reason why is this. Ever since then, I want to show others just how far I have come. Great grandpa and grandpa managed to rule four kingdoms in the human world before meeting their end by the warrior. This time, I want to do more than they did, and nothing would stop me from reaching that goal." Simon said it with determination in his eyes, earning a smirk from his father. "Well, if that's how much you want to prove yourself, then sure, son." This made Emily's eyes open in shock at Azin's response. "H-Honey, what?!"

"I mean, he has finally grown up to be a big demon now. It's finally time for him to leave his nest." Azin said, laughing out loud, leading Simon to join in the laughter as well. Filling the throne room with echoes

Emily could only sigh at the two's laughter, seeing that nothing could now change their minds. "Well then, since your father seem to agree with your idea, I'll have to agree as well." Emily said, agreeing with her husband. This made Simon scream with excitement inside his head as he bow down on his knees. "Thank you for agreeing to let me conquer more of the human kingdom." 

"You're welcome son and I have received your request. The portal would be ready in few days. So make sure that you have everything ready for the big event." Simon nodded at his father's advice. "I'll let the army knows about your time to the human world to help you out on your quest." Azin said, only for Simon to shake his head. "No dad, this time I want yo make my own army, but thanks for the suggestion." Simon said before heading off towards his room, preparing for the big day.