Chapter 0:


Aias: from a world of kaijus to a world of fantasy and magic

The world is in ruins, it has been nearly 50 years since the first kaijus appeared from the gate.

47 years since an entire continent fell under the control of the kaijus

38 years since humanity managed to close the gate with the deployments of the first generations of Aiases in the last few years of the war. A massive humanoid robot requiring 2 people to pilot, whose purpose is to lead the assault on retaking the continent that was infested with kaijus, ending a 12 year long war.

25 years since the start of the second war against the kaijus that nearly wiped out humanity in the process.

And now the end of the 3rd war is nearly at its conclusion, humanity has been planning and preparing themselves to finally end this once and for all.

I pushed away a kaiju, roughly 75 meters in height, using my Aias, a giant robot similar in size, to the ground. The ground shook as it fell dead on the ground, a giant sword piercing through its body

Collapsing on my knees from my exhaustion and injuries after killing it and who knows how many kaijus I’d killed.

My aias, which was controlled by synchronizing and linking my mind and body to it, also collapsed on its knees.

“Haa… Haa…”

Breathing heavily, my left eye was bloodshot, skin looking pale, and blood was covering my combat suit from my nosebleeds, after pushing myself too hard, had started to dried.

The alarms were blaring, warning lights were flashing, and sparks were flying everywhere in the cockpit.

I stare through the large hole, that expose the cockpit to the outside. I look at the kaiju I just killed, it had my sword thrust into it's body. 

“Charlotte, damage report”

I spoke to the A.I. support system that assists me with piloting my Aias.

“All systems critical. Core integrity at 18%, right arm severed, left leg cripple, cockpit has been breached.”

Things were really bad, I turned my head to my left to see Norn, my sister and co-pilot, dead.

Our mission was to be part of an assault group to the gate and set up the bomb to finally end this war permanently. My role along with others Aiases was to separate from the group and protect the main assault group that enter in the gate to launch the bomb into the other side of the gate. We were supposed to kill any kaijus that were coming back to the gate that was trying to stop the main assault group.

The number of kaijus that were coming toward us was overwhelming. We were overwhelm and I was the only one left standing. 

One kaiju managed to bite and tear off a part of the head. The head where the cockpit was crushed, a large stray piece of metal stabbed into her abdomen.

I remember the moment she was killed, I could feel her life snuffed out because our minds are linked together and to the Aias.

“Warning, Ori overload limit has been reach. Suggest disconnect”

“Negative, I still need to buy some more time”

Damn it, I had really forgotten about that. I had disabled the limiter immediately after Norn was killed, not having the time to grief, I continued fighting for my life. I had only a limited amount of time before my tolerance for Ori energy became fatal since that is the reason two pilots are required to pilot an Aias.

I tried getting up while still being linked to the Aias, the frame of the Aias was screeching trying to stand from all the damage it sustain. Blood started to come out of my nose again as I pushed myself too hard trying to get my Aias to stand.

Then a communication screen popped up with the voice cutting in and out

“Come in, come… this is Orion…, the bomb has been …, I repeat bomb has been launched. We’re coming… back”

“So they finally did it, it took them long enough, huh. Charlotte, disconnect”

Struggling to stand back up even after I’d disconnected, I reached toward Norn and touched her pale cheeks, still feeling warmth on her skin. Then I place my hands over her eyes and close it for the last time.

Blood suddenly came out of my mouth after I closed her eyes. I’d collapsed again, this time I was coughing and vomiting a lot of blood.

“Damn… I really overdid it”

Wiping the blood off my mouth, looks like I’m not going to make it, I don't have a lot of time left, do I?

It seems the overload of Ori energy from piloting my Aias solo wore down my body to a point that I’m surprised that I’m not dead already.

My voice was gradually becoming weaker as I continue speaking to myself

“Hey Norn, we won, it was a fun battle in the end. We can rest now, I guess”

I wonder if there is an afterlife or that I could ever see Norn in another life. I wonder if she or I will remember for each other in the next life.

“Charlotte… send my last… message to the base.”

My vision was turning more and more hazy, and my voice becoming more and more weaker.

“Hey, it's me… I had fun in… the end, I guess this is the end of the line… for me. Sorry I didn’t…”

I gave a weak smile and with that my vision turned completely dark.

In the end, I died, however everything remains dark, is this what the afterlife is like, complete darkness? I couldn’t feel my body nor anything else for that matter.

After a who knows how long it had been, it could have been days, months, or even years, but all I knew was that I had been stuck here in a world of darkness for a very long time.

It was just pitch black darkness, there wasn’t anything, I didn't go insane from the nothingness because for some reason I couldn’t. I just felt nothing, I didn’t feel any pain nor joy from being stuck here.

However a extremely bright light suddenly shines in the void of darkness.

My eyes shoot wide open to see an unfamiliar ceiling, it wasn’t the ceiling but the whole room was unfamiliar

What is going on, where am I, I thought I died, how am I alive?

I tried to shout out to call someone, however all that came out was a loud cry.

Someone heard me crying, a giant lady that looked to be in maid attire. She stared at me and muttered in an unfamiliar language, she then held me in her arms and gently rocked me back and forth.

I became even more confused, why is she a giant, what kinda language is she speaking, and why can’t I speak?

After a while of being held by the maid, I manage to calm down and she place me back to where I lay

Starting to move my body around in an attempt to move however I can, till I saw my hands near my eyes and they were baby hands.

Why do I have the hands of a baby, am I a baby or something? This probably explain why the maid is a giant and why my body can’t do as I wanted it to do

Last thing I remember before I died, me and Norn were on a mission, made up of exclusively named Aiases to send an ori energy bomb to the gate, destroying the world of the kaijus and any bridges that open a gate to my world, finally putting a permanent end to the war and any future wars.

My name was Alina Garner, me and Norn were pilots to operate a named Aias together. Pilots are augmented humans, chosen for their high tolerance of ori energy that could flow through their body. Ori energy was discovered when the first gate opened, a gateway between dimensions. It’s not fully understood, abnormal phenomenons were still being discovered even before I died.

It's the same energy kaijus use to support themselves despite their immense size. Studying the biology of dead kaiju corpses, they circulate that energy in their body, becoming tougher without collapsing from their own weight. By using the core, which was their sources of their Ori energy, researchers were able to artificially replicating and study the phenomena, thus the first prototype Aias was created

Name Aiases specifically are Aiases that have cores that are from kaijus who are given names because of how strong they are, when you compare them to the mass produced ones who are made from kaijus who weren't given a name. Name Aiases are one of a kind, created to be extremely lethal in battle against kaijus, requiring pilots to have an even higher level of tolerance for ori energy compared to a normal pilot.

Looking at the room some more, I was in an elaborately decorated crib with the maid to my right and also in an luxuriously decorated room in a Victorian or fantasy-like room.

It confirms my suspicions, I got reincarnated as a baby and one that is probably from the upper-class or maybe a noble. 

I'm guessing or I’m hoping for this to be like those fantasy games that I was obsessed with playing during whatever free time I could get. Maybe I'll get to see my sister or everyone else again.

Guess I have to wait till I actually do something in this body.

Ataga Corliss