Aias: from a world of kaijus to a world of fantasy and magic

Nearing the end of the 3rd Kaiju war, Alina, who was piloting an Aias, a giant robot that was made to fight Kaijus, died in a mission that put an end to the war. She was reincarnated as a noble's daughter in a world of fantasy and magic. However, on her 10th birthday, the age where nobles show signs of awakening their magical powers, it was found that Alina didn't have magical powers at all. This led her to be a black stain in her family and was moved to a remote mansion outside the eyes of other nobles. In the end, she decided to escape and become an adventurer, using her skill as a pilot and knowledge of her past life in her new life as an adventurer.

UpdatedJul 14, 2024
Writing StatusOngoing
Word Count69,216
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