Chapter 52:

Volume 2: Chapter 4: Can a Devil Heal the Heart of the Betrayed? - Part 7


Lying on the bed, I wondered if maybe it would be better for me to end my own life. I had always known that I wasn’t needed, that my existence caused pain and suffering to others, but until Gabriel attempted to kill me, I never realized just how unneeded I was. My life meant nothing. It meant less than nothing. It wasn’t even just that the world would continue without me. It was that the world was better off without me.Bookmark here

As I lay there, staring at the ceiling, a horrid smell made my nose twitch. It made me think of rotten eggs, sulfur, and dog crap blended together. I don’t think I’d ever smelled something quite this awful.Bookmark here

I needed a moment to realize that the scent was coming from me. I frowned. That shouldn’t have been possible. I took a bath just yesterday. Yet as the stench persisted, I decided to take a shower.Bookmark here

The bathroom was a fully equipped traditional bath, with a showerhead hanging from the wall next to it. An inbuilt stool allowed me to sit while I cleaned himself. There was even a shelf beneath the showerhead that contained cleaning products such as soap, shampoo, and conditioner.Bookmark here

I turned the bath on and cranked the heater up. As I got ready to turn on the showerhead, the door to my bathroom jingled, which made me jerk around and almost fall off my stool, and then a click echoed around the room. Bookmark here

I looked toward the bathroom door in panic just as it opened.Bookmark here

It was Alicia. She wore nothing but a towel—a too small towel that barely hid her magnificent breasts from view. They spilled out from the sides. Her pink nipples were peeking out from behind the towel, as though playing hide and seek.Bookmark here

As she stood there, her crimson locks of hair styled up in a messy ponytail to reveal her slender neck, cheeks steadily growing darker, I felt a sense of deja vu. I could have sworn this had happened at least once already.Bookmark here

Oh. Wait. It had happened once already.Bookmark here

“A—Jacob!” Alicia took a step into the room. The move spurned me into action. As she shut the door behind her, locking it, I scrambled to my feet and grabbed a towel, wrapping it around my waist.Bookmark here

“W-wait! Alicia! What are you doing in here?! This is my bathroom!”Bookmark here

The redness staining Alicia’s cheeks spread to the rest of her face and began crawling down her neck. “I-I-I-I know that!”Bookmark here

“Then why are you in here?! And what happened to the door?! I could’ve sworn I locked it!”Bookmark here

“M-Matilda gave me the k-k-key!”Bookmark here

Alicia looked as nervous as I felt. The color of her blush, which had now gone down to her chest and become a vibrant glow, her eyes practically swirling inside of her head, her entire countenance made me wonder if she wasn’t sick. I thought she might pitch forward and pass out. Bookmark here

She didn’t pass out, however, instead taking several deep breaths as if she was trying to keep from panicking—or fainting.Bookmark here

“I-I’ve decided to wash your back for you!”Bookmark here

“Don’t decide something like that on your own! I never asked you to wash my back!”
“D-d-d-don’t argue with me! I’ve decided that I’m going to wash your back, so I am going to wash your back!”Bookmark here

“I don’t need someone else to wash my back! I can do that my own!”Bookmark here

“S-s-s-stop being so stubborn!”Bookmark here

I’m not sure what had come over Alicia, but she marched right up to me and tried to make me sit down. When I resisted, she grabbed my towel and yanked, as though doing so would force me to listen to her.Bookmark here

I struggled. Of course I fought back. My heart was slamming in my ribs like a foot kicking against the inside of my body. I could barely even think straight. I’m pretty sure I was running on instinct the whole time she fought to make me sit on the stool.Bookmark here

“L-l-l-look, just let me d-d-d-do this for you!”Bookmark here

“Absolutely not!”Bookmark here

“Let! Me! Wash! Your! Back!”Bookmark here

“I! Said! No! Have you lost your mind?!”Bookmark here

Alicia was stronger than she looked, which I soon realized as she and I fought over my towel. I wasn’t sure if she was trying to yank it off, if she thought stealing it would somehow make me listen to her, or if she had some reason for this that I couldn’t fathom. All I knew was the feeling of my muscles straining against hers. All I felt was the rising sense of panic as she continued to fight me.Bookmark here

Alicia had long since let go of her own towel. I don’t think she realized it herself, but her twins were bouncing around, free from the only fabric that had been hiding them.Bookmark here

It was distracting, so much more distracting than I could have imagined. Alicia’s magnificent boobs bounced up and down, left and right. Sweat and steam dripped down her skin. They created glossy trails that highlighted the womanly lines of her hips and bust.Bookmark here

It took every ounce of willpower I had not to get a boner. I think it helped that I was also on the verge of having my dignity stolen from me. Knowing that my modesty was on the line gave me the strength to ignore the sight of those amazing boobs.Bookmark here

Unfortunately, something had to give. It wasn’t me. It also wasn’t Alicia. It was the towel.Bookmark here

The sound of tearing echoed around the room. Alicia and I stared at the towel pieces in our hands. We looked at each other, our wide eyes reflected in the others pupils, and then we looked down, at my now not-towel-covered body.Bookmark here

We looked back up at each other.Bookmark here

Our screams echoed around the entire mansion.Bookmark here

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