Chapter 4:

The Crepe goddess

Escape Witch

Yuni gasped as she recognized the restaurant Madoka brought her to.

"Ryokoma!? I've been a loyal customer ever since they opened!" Yuni shouted.

"Us too, though Mado-chan's the number one customer," Emeri explained as she began putting on a mask and sunglasses.

"Yep! They call me the crepe goddess here!" Madoka proclaimed.

"YOU'RE the crepe goddess!? I heard she was a cute girl that could devour a mountain of crepes in seconds, but I never saw her since she came in the mornings while I came in the afternoons," Yuni stated.

"Well time to get a firsthand look at the Crepe goddess in action.

As the three walked in, a woman with orange hair and green highlights, clad in a chef's uniform and a knit wool hat, smiled as she recognized them.

"Well here's an interesting grouping. Our mighty crepe goddess and Emeri along with Yuni," the woman chuckled.

The woman was 26-year old Rika Komachi, one of the head chefs and managers of Ryokoma.

"So you three want your usuals?" Rika asked.

"Yes!!!" the three enthusiastically stated.

As the three sat down, Rika patted Yuni on the shoulder.

"Glad to see you getting back on your feet," she smiled.

"Get this Rika, the clown tried to fool me with THIS!" Madoka fumed as she slammed Jester's flyer on the table.

""General Masaru's Crepe corps Grand opening"!? The hell!?" Rika fumed as she crumpled up the flyer.

She then blinked and immediately un-crumpled the flyer in order to take some pictures of it's front and back.

"Put out a notice on social media that this is a scam, and NOW I can get rid of it," Rika huffed as she re-crumpled the flyer and tossed it over a trash bin.

The crumpled flyer was then suddenly shredded to microscopic bits as Rika sheathed her cooking knife and headed into the kitchen.

"Rika really is good with knives," Madoka smiled.

"Didn't she used to be an assassin?" Yuni asked.

"Y- Yeah, though now she's a full-time chef. Still has her edge though," Emeri stated.


"Here we are. One Unadon for Emeri, One oder of Col Masaru's chicken for Yuni, and for the crepe goddess..."


Yuni's eyes bulged at the massive mountain of crepes before her.

"Well enjoy," Rika smiled as she went to her usual spot in the restaurant and sat down.

"Rika, the place just opened, you can't go on break yet," a woman with short chartreuse hair glared as she poked her head out of the kitchen.

"I'm not taking a break, I'm just paying respects to our beloved crepe goddess," Rika chuckled as she reclined in her rocking chair and watched as Madoka devoured the crepes.

"*Burp* Well scuse me. Guess I finished first. So how about you two?" Madoka asked.

"Eat more slowly," Emeri grumbled as she calmly ate her unadon.

"H- How did you eat that so fast!?" Yuni shuddered as she nervously grabbed a piece of chicken.

"Ha, ha! Blown away by the crepe goddess?" Rika chuckled as she got up and strolled over.

"That's not even the start of it."

"Ya know, the funny thing is is that the two of you both had your first meals here on the same day, also the reason we have these dishes in the first place."

"Wait really!?"

"Yeah. I remember it like it was yesterday. In the afternoon, Yuni and her family all came for a splurgefest on food. Yuni wanted some convenience store chicken, so Masaru whipped up Col Masaru's chicken and she became a daily customer since. Later that night, Madoka and her mom arrived for dinner. Madoka was so small and cute and quickly ate through our sweets menu, then after Mimi served em a delicious Kringle, Madoka asked for a Kringle crepe. It was so good she ended up falling asleep peacefully after finishing it. Then a few minutes after they left, Madoka returned for more crepes. We depleted our whole stock to fill her stomach. Then, she immediately got kidnapped."

"That was the first time that clown kidnapped me too," Madoka stated.

"You were so pissed off when I arrived to save you."

"Well yeah, you were needlessly putting yourself in danger when I could easily get out on my own."

"Yeah, yeah, but I didn't know how good you really were back then. Though how bout we just say we saved each other when we escaped."

"I could have navigated the mine field while carrying you."

"Ha, still that sweet bratty child you were back then," Rika smiled as she patted Madoka's head.

"My boobs got bigger than your though," Madoka pouted.

"You'll always be our crepe goddess here at Ryokoma though," Rika smiled.

"Hey Madoka n' Emeri, when did you two become friends with Yuni?" a woman with platinum blonde hair and massive breasts asked as she headed to the back.

"Oh hi Mimi, clocking in?" Yuni asked.

"You bet," the woman replied as she headed to the back to change into her uniform.

"Mimi's actually our distant cousin by blood," Emeri explained.

"Really?" Yuni asked.

"Yeah, the Ginkawa family has many branch families, a lot of em are based in Scandinavia. Mimi's from one of them, but lives in the mansion with us."


After finishing, the three headed upstairs to the arcade.

"Guess I'd better tell you two something about Emeri. Back when we first opened the gym and arcade, Emeri was so worn out from her parent's spartan jock workout that I carried her here. She quickly became hooked on the motorcycle game and began wearing a helmet soon after," Rika stated as she walked in.

"Ugh, why did you have to remind me of that hellish workout. Well, I guess I do have fond memories of racing against you, though didn't you get in trouble?" Emeri asked.

"Geh! Cheeky little brat. Yeah I did. Had to do unpaid overtime for all the time I spent babysitting you. Well, it was worth it," Rika smiled as she walked away.


After enjoying themselves in the arcade, the girls began to leave.

"Reika would be proud to see you back on your feet," Rika smiled.

"It's rare to hear you talk about her in a positive light," Yuni noted.

"I still think she's the most unreliable woman in the world. You have any idea how many people she's told me to "look after"? You, Serika, now I guess maybe Bianka too."

"You know those two?"

"Wait, are those those cops from the other day?" Madoka asked.

"Yeah, Serika's the one with the long green hair. She acts tough and has a foul mouth, but deep down she just wants love and care. Wish that unreliable bitch kept her on as a second partner, *sigh* well I guess I can kind of understand why she didn't want to drag Serika into anymore danger, but it could have improved her relationship with Yuni."

"We've never really gotten along, heck I remember when we first got in a shouting match here while we were still in school," Yuni stated.

"Heh, just a shouting match? You two were yanking each other's hair out and made a mess. I was so pissed I made you two mop the floors and clean the bathrooms."

"Ugh, I was trying to forget that part."

"Heh, Serika always gets red in the face when I bring it up. I'd try and reconcile with her, maybe explain everything that happened."

"Sorry, the details are classified. I promised Sensei in her final moments."

"*Sigh* Unreliable to the bitter end. If that bitch wasn't already dead I'd kick her ass. Well, your to-go crepes are finished," Rika smiled as Mimi emerged from the kitchen carrying boxes of crepes.

"You ordered MORE!?" Yuni gaped in shock.

"Hey, I'm a big girl now," Madoka grinned as she jiggled her breasts.

"You did that on purpose," Yuni glared.

After loading the crepes into a black sedan driven by one of the Ginkawa's servants, Madoka and Emeri hopped in and waved goodbye. Yuni then walked back to her place to enjoy the rest of her day off.


As nightfall hit, Serika strolled into Ryokoma.

"Takoyaki and matcha soda...honey pancakes too," Serika grumbled as she headed up to the restraunt's second floor seating to sit in her usual spot.

"Still a loner?" Rika asked as she brought some water.

"The dumb superintendent suggested a kook from HQ named Kaori to be my partner, but after she uttered one kooky sentence, I said I'd be working alone."

"Kook? Oh, her. Not a bad idea, I'd stay far away from her and look for someone else a new partner."

"But there's no one else. Bianka technically doesn't have a partner, but whenever Mochi swings by the station she instantly partners up with her.  That and ever since Sensei died, she's kind of been a little distant with me."

"What about Yuni?"

"HELL FUCKING NO! I can't stand that twintailed bitch!"

"This is why I told Reika to make you two get along. Unreliable as always."

"Heh, Sensei really didn't get along with you either," Serika chuckled.

"So how much did she tell you about me?"

"The full bio."

"That bitch. I hate how she's smug and smart, but also very unreliable."

"Though she wasn't as unreliable as you rant about."

"Yeah, I know. When she was reliable, she was a great ally and friend. It's also thanks to her that I can chat with and cook for you."

"Yeah, I owe everything to Sensei," Serika somberly smiled.

"Well brighten up girl, you're food will be arriving shortly," Rika grinned as she waltzed over to the dumbwaiter and grabbed Serika's order.

"Pipin hot takoyaki, a matcha soda, and some honey pancakes for dinner. Chopsticks included," Rika grinned as she set the meal down.

"I know not to grab it with my hands. I only did it back then cause I thought you ate it with your hands like sushi," Serika grumbled as she ate.

"Heh, you've really grown since then. Reika would be proud to see you living on your own two feet."

"Shut up... guess you're right. Sensei, hope you don't mind me eating your meal again," Serika tearfully smiled as she finished the takoyaki and began eating the pancakes."

"Just like on the day you first came here," Rika happily thought.


Yuni changed into her pajamas and laid down on her bed staring at her phone. She was in a group chat with Madoka and Emeri and chatting with them about various things.

“Hey Yuni, don’t you think Emeri should do a face reveal?” Madoka asked.

“Mado-chan! I’ve told you, that’s only as a last resort,” Emeri replied.

“What do you mean?” Yuni asked.

“If my identity gets revealed to the police or leaked, I’ll do a face reveal in order to make it harder for Illumous to get rid of me."

“You know about Illumous!?”

“Yeah, I’ve hacked and exposed some of their members online. Plus, I’m technically part of the Ginkawa family by blood. My mother and Mado-chan’s mother are biological sisters even though my mother disowned herself from the family."

“Emeri’s mother is my aunt. Though I don’t know why Emeri doesn’t have silver hair considering her mother had it,” Madoka stated.

“It’s called a recessive gene, my eyes and hair come from my father. My younger sister has red hair too, heck my mother's been dying her hair red ever since she disowned herself.”

“But your dad is bald.”

“He had hair in his youth.”

Yuni giggled as she watched the banter, it felt nice to have friends. Though tomorrow, she was heading back to work, a place where she didn’t have anyone she was on good terms with besides Mutsumi.

“I hope I don’t get yelled at and treated horribly tomorrow," Yuni thought.

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