Chapter 49:

Rescue Unit

I’m Taking Revenge for My Murdered Classmates Using Weapons Made from Their Souls

“I think we ought to create a rescue unit.”

It was Shoko, the leader of “Uzattoki,” who suggested this.

We’d gathered in front of the cave to discuss our plans moving forward. The ten of us sat in a circle surrounding a large stone table.

“Since this doesn’t concern me, I’ll sit this one out.”

Charlotte sat in the shade of a tree a few feet away from us. Although our discussion had nothing to do with her, it seemed like she still wanted to hear what we had to say.

“It’s clear what Tsukasa and the main unit’s course of action is. They’ll keep pushing on, no matter how many people end up getting hurt in the process. I, for one, want to save as many of our classmates as possible.”

Tsuyoshi grit his teeth at Shoko’s words.

I was sure he regretted taking Tsukasa’s bait and going off to face the harpies with just the five of them.

“Sure, it might be safer if we stay here by the river. But we won’t be able to help the others if we lag too far behind the main unit. I think we should decide who’ll remain here and who’ll be a part of the rescue team.”

“Nuh-uh. That’s way too scary. I’m not going anywhere.”

The first to speak up was Chika.

“Same. Can’t be bothered to move. I’m staying too.”

Naturally, Saburo also expressed his desire to stay.

“I’m going. I got some unfinished business with that bastard, Tsukasa.”

Tsuyoshi clenched his fists and trembled with anger.

One by one, each of us made our stance known.

“Hmm, ideally, I’d like us to split up evenly. We want to keep this campsite as our base, after all.”

“Besides, we have Pochisuke and Tamami to think of.”

Itsuko abruptly mumbled cryptically.

“‘Pochisuke? Tamami?’ Who’s that?”

“Oh, the lizardmen we caught. They regenerate super fast, and the wounds Chika transferred from Kyoya and Hironobu have almost healed. We can totally treat more people!”

“Y-you named them?”

“Yup! They kinda grow on you, don’t you think?”

You’re not supposed to get attached to them! I thought exasperatingly but decided to keep my thoughts to myself.

“You’re not going, are you, Ryo?”

Shizuka asked.

I was sure she’d choose to stay behind.

Before going to the lizardmen’s cave, when Saburo said he was staying here, I’d made up my mind to remain with our group.

I no longer felt that way.

My feelings had changed since Shoko and I went to rescue Section Four.

“I want to help if it means more of us get to survive.”

Shizuka looked down with a sad look on her face after hearing my decision.

“Can I ask you something?”

Kyoya, the calm adviser of the teenage gang members, spoke for the first time.

“Do we make it ’til the end in your prophecies, Mirai?”

Mirai shook her head.

“Most of us probably won’t survive. Saving the others might just mean extending their lives for a bit longer. If you think there’s no point doing that, it’s best you don’t join the rescue unit.”

It was a grim statement.

“By the way, Itsuko’s died five times so far. If I hadn’t intervened, she would’ve been bitten by the lizardmen this morning while trying to feed them. I don’t think saving her was pointless, though.”

“No way! For real?! Was it because I tried to remove their muzzles? Thanks for stopping me, Mirai!”

...Itsuko. You really should be more careful.

“Everyone dies. I think what’s important is how you live out your life.”

Kyoya said nothing in reply.

That day, the ten of us split off into two separate groups.