Chapter 1:

Volume 1 Prologue

The Academy With A Blood Magician (HIATUS)

It was like a battlefield in the castle, there was glowing blood across the floors and the halls were smeared with black sparkling dust.

The young elf girl's eyes were in shock as she took notice of her mother, with a book in her hand as she said her next spell, "IMPETUS sanguinem TRANSFERENDIS (Blood Fury Transfer)!!!" As she dated the spell, the hero in front of her eyes got blood straight inside his body.

The hero's eyes went red, he started foaming at the mouth and screaming in excruciating pain. He then spat blood out of his mouth as he then fell to the ground, dead.

The mother closed her book as she went over to her daughter and said, "Sweetie, listen, as you get older, you're going to have to be like thi-"

"NO!" The elf girl yelled as she pushed her mother away from her, "I-I can't do it! I HATE BEING AN ELF WITH BLOOD MAGIC!" She then noticed the door as she ran over to it, and ran far away from her castle, she didn't want to take the role as an blood elf princess, she wanted to do her own thing.

Rosaria, the blood elf, as she got older, decided to teach herself how to use blood magic for good use, and so she did. But at Ennacia Academy, students still feared for her blood magic use, and she usually ignored them.

That is, until. . .