The Academy With A Blood Magician (HIATUS)

Ennacia Academy, an academy made up of swordsmanship, mages, elves, and other beings as well as magic.

17 year old Daiki Hirotamo has been sent to this school, gets the type of magic he never wanted: Blood Magic, and it's all thanks to his little sister. Everyone's afraid of him for this magic, being the most strongest and even dangerous magic.

But luckily, someone will help him, a beautiful female elf named Rosaria, and one who specializes in blood magic that'll help him use it for good.

But with that, he also gets a harem of girls and gets caught between some sexual situations as well.

And it's only the start. . .

UpdatedMar 04, 2017
Writing StatusOngoing
Word Count243
Featured fan art of this novel.