Chapter 1:

More scary than zombies!

The Virus

The sound I heard was I think of a utensil falling, it came from the kitchen. I stood up from bed and started heading towards the kitchen. As I reached it, I was half sleepy and half scared.

"What?!" I screamed as I saw the kitchen.

Everything was fallen off on the ground. As I was processing the scenery I had in front of my eyes. I felt that somebody was behind me. As I turned, I saw a man, I didn't show his face but before I could react out of  nowhere somebody punched in my face.

I can't remember anything after that.

But as I woke up, I saw the time was 11:24 a.m. I ran out of my apartment in fear and went to my friend's apartment. I went to Arnav's apartment. As his mother opened the door, she saw the fear on my face and asked me what happened.

"Is Arnav home, Aunty?" I asked her.

"No, he had gone to play, with Piyush, in Saksham's apartment." She replied.

"Ok, thanks." I said.

"It's okay. Did something happened, you look worried?" She asked in confusion.

I Ignored her question and rushed towards the elevator. As I entered the elevator and pressed the floor number 9 button, the elevator started moving, every second seemed like an hour. But the elevator suddenly came to a stop between floor no. 8 and 9. I was stuck and the worst part was that I was all alone in the elevator.

"Why is this happening to me?" I asked myself.

I couldn't do anything, I even left my phone in my apartment. I started crying and cried for almost half an hour. The fear ate me. I got unconscious. When I woke up, I was still lying in the elevator but the door was open and I was finally on the ninth floor.

I stood up and ran towards Saksham's apartment.

I rang the doorbell, just after 2 seconds I rang it again.

"Who's there!?" A familiar voice shouted. It was Saksham's.

"It is me, Parth. Please open the door." I said.

"Wait bro, right now I am playing a battle royale. Piyush, can you open the door?" Saksham asked Piyush, eyes probably still on the game.

"Can't you see I am eating right now? I will open after finishing my snack." Piyush said.

Wait! I had not told you about Piyush. The only one thing you need to remember about him is that don't make him mad. I am serious.

Once, we were playing ludo. I won and he lost. I don't know what came to his mind but he picked up a scissor and started heading towards me. That was way more scarier than my nightmares. Saksham and Arnav had to control him.

Now, when Piyush rejected opening the door, Saksham asked Arnav.

"He is in the bathroom at the moment." Piyush said.

I was still waiting outside. I don't know why but it felt cold around me. I was shivering.

Then, they both started to fight because of that Saksham lost in the game. Hence, annoyed, Saksham opened the door.

I dashed in the apartment as soon as the door was opened. They saw my pale face.

"What happened bro?!" Saksham asked.

I told them everything.

We decided to go in my apartment to check. Then, Arnav came out of the bathroom. Piyush grabbed his hand and dragged him with us.