Chapter 2:

Another Problem

The Virus

Now, all of us stood right in front of my apartment.

"You were right. It does feel cold." Saksham said and Piyush nodded, agreeing with the statement.

"What 'bout cold?" Arnav asked, still confused by the situation. We didn't tell him because we thought to make Arnav the scapegoat (Balli ka bakra). We told him to go inside and we will follow him.

He agreed, still unaware of the situation.

After we searched the whole apartment but nothing odd was found. Even the kitchen, that was a mess last night, was fine.

Then, after assuring me they left the apartment, but I was still getting an eerie feeling so I decided to not live in the apartment another second, especially when I am all alone. I went to the playground and started roaming here and there. I didn't even lifted my head up because I felt that somebody was watching me from apartment's balcony. 

Suddenly, I bumped into someone, I fell on the ground, when I looked above to see the person's face. I recognised it, it was Hardik.

"Bro, carefully." He said while giving me a hand to stand up.

We both decided to go to my apartment and play games. I was still scared but forgot about it while having fun. When we got bored, we started watching TV. 

Suddenly, we heard people shouting outside but we ignored it as watching TV was more important to us. Then, shouting turned into screaming.

"Why are people screaming like this?" Hardik asked in curiosity.

"Seems like some popular celebrity came." I guessed, while still giving my whole attention to the TV. I know it was a horrible guess. And the irony of the situation was that we were watching a zombie apocalypse movie.

"No, it doesn't sound like the screams of happiness." Hardik said.

But neither of us stood up and checked due to laziness.

As the screaming continued, Hardik and I felt the hustle in the hallway outside my apartment. Then, we heard the sound of two gunshots.

Finally, we decided to look. We went to the balcony and peeked down on the ground.

"What?!?" We both screamed.

People were running from people that were covered in blood and running in abnormal way. Some people were eating other people while they shouted for help. There was blood everywhere, security guards were shooting the abnormal ones. We were stoned due to the sight we were seeing.

Suddenly, there was a blast in the main city, which brought us back to the real life.

We both stared at each other and said in unison,"Zombie apocalypse!".

"They are real zombies, wh-what do we do now?" I asked.

Hardik was about to say something but didn't said a word.

"Wait, is the door of my apartment locked?" I asked, hesitated, as I don't remember locking the door myself.

"How would I know?" Hardik said.

We both went in the apartment. I picked up a hammer and Hardik picked up a kitchen knife.

We saw that the door was open and there was a zombie there.

As I saw in the movies, I aimed the hammer at it's head hoping it would cause it's death but I missed, horribly.

The zombie saw us, and started running towards us. We went in the balcony again and closed the door. The door didn't had a lock but we knew that it can't open it.

"Damn it, damn it, damn it, damn it, da-" I was letting my anger out when Hardik interrupted,"Can you shut up?"

"Why should I shut up?" I asked.

"So, you won't call other zombies." He said, now in somewhat angry mood.

"Does it matter? We are already dead. The only thing we have is a knife and a zombie right here." I said while pointing at the zombie.

"We don't even have food and water. Do you think we can survive this?" I asked.

Before Hardik could say something, I answered my own question,"No. No, we can't."

We both didn't talked to each other after that. The moon rose. I looked at the time, it was 11:20 p.m almost.

We both were shivering from cold. The zombie was still trying to break the glass door.

"Don't you get tired? Don't you lose hope?" I asked the zombie. I laughed feebly at the fact that the zombie was that determined. I was so thirsty, I was never that thirsty in my entire lifetime. I tried to sleep.

I opened my eyes and what I saw shocked me to my core. I saw, I don't know how to describe that place, it was totally empty and dark, like some kind of void.

Then, I saw a figure, after looking through the darkness more clearly, I saw a figure of a man,he was smiling, his height was just a bit taller than me and his body was built like me. Before I said something, he started running towards me. I became afraid, somehow it became the scariest thing I have ever seen, scared for my life I started running too.

I ran in total fear, adrenaline rushed in my body, I didn't wanted to stop or take a look around. It was just like that he was right behind me and the moment I slow down I will be killed on the spot. The place was never ending or changing, as if we were running on same place at one spot. After some time, my feelings towards the figure changed, anger struck me. I wanted to kill the figure. It, somehow, annoyed me. I was thinking about it when I saw a knife floating in front of me. Don't ask me why, I also don't know what was happening. I grabbed the knife and turned around to kill the figure but then, I woke up and realised it was a dream.

Then, there was, suddenly, a body falling down passing our balcony in front of my eyes. I peeked out of the balcony and saw a lady zombie dead on the ground, head exploded from the impact, red everywhere. As I looked above to look who pushed it, I saw a man, looking down on me. I signalled him for some water but he ignored me and went away. I was so disappointed, I wished for him to be dead. 

I turned around and saw the same figure from my dream, inside the apartment. I got furious. I grabbed Hardik's knife and opened the door. The zombie came but, out of instinct, I swung my hand and inserted the knife into it's head. It died. At that time, it was like I was being controlled or manipulated but as I pulled the knife out to kill the figure, it vanished into thin air.

It took me a moment to realise what happened, but I went and closed the apartment's door and drank some water. I also gave a glass to Hardik after waking him up.

"Bro, how did you kill it?" Hardik asked me.

Then, I explained him everything that had happened. He didn't said a word after hearing my story and we decided to go to sleep.

But, I couldn't sleep just after what I saw and did. Suddenly, a thought striked me. "Is the ghost helping me?"

I questioned myself because he was the one who made me kill the zombie.

No, not there. Even before that, last night, if it hadn't scared me. I would had never went to the ground and met Hardik and if Hardik didn't came with me, I would had never had that knife and would be dead by that time. I was beginning to get to the root of this but then I fell asleep.