Chapter 4:


Face Me Online

"You sick or something?" she queried me, pulling off the face mask to discover what had happened to me. My eyes were downcast, but I said nothing as I braced for her response... "Oh man I'm gonna give whoever's responsible for this a piece of my mind-" she rambled on without pausing for breath. She pinched my cheek just as she got to the word 'mind', only to discover the face wouldn't come off."What kind of sick joke is this?"

"Harrison says it's a ghost," I finally managed to add, massaging my cheek with my hand. "A vengeful one."

"I wouldn't trust that guy," she started, before screaming, "Carlos!" (her brother's name) in anger, looking about only to find the brother had gone while she had been talking.

Well, I guess I was wrong about Harrison and Brooke being friends, then.
Unable to resist the lure of my phone, I grabbed it that night and searched through the gallery. Then again, by that point in time, I supposed if I'd looked at Harrison's picture to get his face, the only way to revert the process would be to look at a picture of myself, right?

Only problem? I had pictures of lots of things, but not myself or my face. I wasn't very big on selfies.

"Did you really think it was that easy? You have to get rid of me first," hissed a feminine voice in my ear. It sounded very distant, almost like it was a phone call from far away.

'Damnit, ghost. What do I have to do now? Some midsummer ritual or something?', I thought as I massaged my temples, hoping the voice would disappear. However, there was a sinking feeling in my heart this was the maiden of the internet I was communicating with here.

"No." The disembodied voice seemed to come from a spot much closer than fact, it seemed to be coming from next to me! As if to confirm this guess, there was a soft bang on the table, as if someone had slammed their fist there. "I won't leave until you've gotten rid of all the people I've stolen faces from. You know what I mean by that, right?" A cool breeze picked up, even though it was warm outside, and tickled my cheek...almost like the maiden was there, breathing on my face.

She wanted all her victims dead?

Surely there was some way to get rid of this ghost without resorting to murder?