Chapter 5:


Face Me Online

Soon enough, university began. Suddenly the amount of work to keep up with made me forget about the ghost, and because it was an IT degree, I spent many late hours at the computer.

Two months after I conversed with the maiden, she came back just as I was working on some code. Her voice seemed closer but as her cold hand grabbed me by the shoulder, it suddenly struck me that she now had a physical presence - and body - even though she didn't have a proper appearance like Harrison had shown me. I tried to brush her hand off, only to stare at my reflection in the monitor.

Ignoring her had made my face normal again.

I spun around to where I thought she was and demanded of her, "Why haven't you left yet?"

Her disembodied grin appeared in the middle of the room (her teeth were perfect, despite ghosts' lack of dental health).

"Isn't it obvious?"

Her smile turned away from me so that it became a line, and disappeared like it was no big deal.

That ghost! Riling me up like no tomorrow! What was I to her? Some vehicle to get back at the living, right?

Unlike her, I had no deep-seated grudge against others. Just a terrible way of communicating with those "others" in real life. that I thought of it though, wasn't that what ghosts normally did? Live off people's fears and insecurities? Dangit. The only solution I could think of to vanquish her once and for all was to go back to Brooke, if not Harrison.
I slammed the phone on to the table - not hard enough for it to crack, but enough for it to make a loud thud on the wood - gritting my teeth all the while.

Brooke had suddenly been sent out of town for her job, while Harrison was on a uni camp...

Guess it was time for me to do some research of my own, then. No way was I going to call in some extermination team.