Chapter 1:

Golden Pair

Golden Souls

Author's note:

Hi!! RAY here, when I came up with this story, this chapter was not a part of it, I had no plans for Romance, but later I thought that it'd make it better, and thus, this chapter was created.

I'm really excited to write this, in fact, this is the first time I'm writing a novel, I hope that y'all will like it, please comment your opinions.

This story is set in Japan, but I'm not gonna follow the usual Japanese way of dialogue/talking, I mean Japanese usually call each other by their last names and use honorifics (like -chan, -senpai, -sensei, -Kun, -san, and many more).

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She wandered erratically on the nearly empty right-wing of the fifth floor of Chiba General Hospital, the floor reserved for emergencies.

She stopped as she saw a blue-haired boy, who looked about her age, eight. She stared at the boy for a while, then she ran towards the boy, as he stood still looking out of the window. She then hugged him from behind purely out of instincts.

"What's your name?" she asked as she held him around her hands tightly.

"I'm Haru Masuda. And you?"

"I'm Serena Ito," she whispered.

Though her hug was warm and comforting to an already depressed Haru, he wondered why a stranger would hug him, "Why are you hugging me?" he asked.

She realized that she hugged him from behind and she turned rose-red as she released him. "I'm sorry."

When she released him, Haru felt that she was indeed special and distinct, he felt this way even though he hadn't seen her face yet. He probably waited for her to come into his life without even knowing, he certainly knew that she was a benevolent person. "No problem," Haru said in response to Serena, "I sense a unique aura from you."

"Aura? What does that mean?" she asked as she stared at Haru who looked phenomenally cool as the rays of the evening golden sun shined upon him through the window.

Haru turned around revealing his face to Serena. Serena started to stare at Haru's ocean blue eyes, he smiled at her, his smile was a seraphic one.

"Uh, I don't know how to describe it, but if I had to use a color to describe people, I'd use Grey or Blue for almost everyone, but for you, it's Golden," Haru said.

"Why Golden?"

"I don't know, sixth sense!"

"I sense something different from you too, and it puts me to ease," she said as she smiled. "And I guess, I would use Golden for you too."

"Anyways, why are you here?"

"My dad had a little accident on the highway."

"I'm sorry," Haru said.

"Hey, it's a little one, we found a blood donor in time," Serena said.

"That's great."

"There were too many people on the left wing to visit my dad, I get nervous when I'm with strangers, and I didn't feel like staying in my room either, so I kinda escaped from there."

"You sure are not nervous around me," Haru said, "you don't hug people when you're nervous around them, right?"

"I'm rather comfortable around you," Serena said, "and I think I want you to be my boyfriend."

"Huh? What are you telling? I'm only eight."

"I'm eight too!! When's your birthday?"

"March 26th."

"Mine's March 28th, I guess that makes our wedding day March 27th," Serena said, she looked at Haru's eyes and smiled.

"What are you talking about?"

"C'mon! I thought you felt the same way as I did."

"Why do you want me so bad?"

"Well, there are two reasons, the first one, my elder brother has a girlfriend and also my parents are probably fine with me having one," Serena said, "the second reason is that I love you."

"Love me! Why?"

"Because I feel a connection between us, I wandered here like I was looking for something, and I was looking for you."

Haru looked at Serena in the eyes and smiled. "I guess I do feel a connection between us, to be honest, I think I was waiting for you."

"What brings you here?" Serena asked.

"My sister should be born soon, maybe tomorrow, but looks like it's not a normal delivery, my mother's in the ICU."

"I'm sure everything will be alright."

"Yeah, these doctors here are skilled," he said, not looking up the floor.

"Is something wrong?"

"My dad left after lunch telling me he wouldn't be back till evening, he looked really worried," Haru said, "my mom's been alone in the ICU since morning."

Serena gripped Haru's hands and sprinted to her room in the left-wing of the floor. The room was more lavish than the one Haru and his dad were provided with, this one had a TV and a console so that Serena could pass time while she was left alone in the room.

In the Chiba General Hospital, at a costly price, families were provided with rooms for families to stay in when the patient is in the ICU and other hospital rooms where they are treated, generally only the rich used them. Curious, Haru wondered why she was left all alone. Why her mother wasn't there in the room provided for their family?

"You're thinking why I'm alone in this big room, right?

"Yeah, and do you read minds?"

"My mother's with my dad in the treatment room, he had a severe blood loss," Serena said.

"And I do read minds, actually only yours," Serena whispered in his ears as she brushed past Haru to take the controller for the game.

Haru was not sure if she was serious, he was bewildered. How could Serena read his mind? Does she know his mind? Or was he just easy to understand for her?

"You're easy to read, at least for me," Serena said, handing the controller she was holding to Haru. She took another controller for herself, she noticed that Haru wasn't feeling so great, he was staring at his hands, his eyes looked down. "You're gonna get nothing from being upset, everything will be alright, I promise that, and now let's play a game."

"Alright, what are we playing?"

"Dragon Time, it's a USB flash drive game, meaning you can connect the USB to the TV and the controller and you can directly start playing them."

Haru noticed that Serena had already connected the USB to the TV, she probably connected it even before she brought him here. They started playing, and they'd played for three hours straight without noticing the time.

There was a knock at the door and the door slowly opened, it was a woman who looked like she was in her mid-thirties and had facial features very similar to that of Serena's.

"Serena, who's the cute boy?" the woman asked.

"Welcome back mother, he's Haru, my boyfriend."

"Boyfriend?" Haru mumbled with a perplexed look.

"Darling, do you not love me?" Serena asked, looking at the floor.

"Serena, I do love you, I'm sure of it." Haru instantly declared, his words caused both Serena and her mother to smile.

"Very cute, you two are," Mrs. Ito said, "what's your name? I'm Hitomi Ito."

"I'm Haru Masuda."

Mrs. Ito was anxious, it was about half an hour past eight in the night, she was wondering where Haru's parents were.

"Where are your parents?" Mrs. Ito asked.

"Well, my mother's pregnant and she's in the ICU, they wouldn't allow me in there, and my dad left in the afternoon telling there was an emergency."

Hitomi was concerned, "Did your father tell you to stay somewhere or something?"

"My dad did tell a hospital attendant to look after me, the attendant said I could go anywhere on this floor as long as I'm not causing trouble."

"But when your dad comes back wouldn't he be worried that you're missing?"

"Don't worry, I do have a phone he'd call me when he's back," Haru said as he patted on the left pocket of his black trousers which had the phone."

"Okay, then," Hitomi said, "Everyone has left, Serena, let's go visit your dad and introduce your boyfriend."

Haru turned beet red upon hearing the word "boyfriend".

"Let's go visit my dad, Haru," Serena said.

Haru nodded and Serena held his hand and led him to her father's room along with her mother. Haru was taken to a hospital room which was more like a hotel suite, it was as lavish as the room which was given to Hitomi and Serena. Serena kind of expected Haru to be surprised at the lavishness of her father's hospital room but little did she know that Haru was wealthy as well and he wouldn't be stunned by these little things.

"Who's the little man?" Mr. Ito asked as he lifted his back to sit on the bed he earlier was lying on.

Serena wrapped her arms around Haru and said, "he's the love of my life."

"Are you sure about that?" Mr. Ito asked.

"Yeah, dad."

"Have you heard of Hito Group?" Mr. Ito asked looking at Haru.


"I'm Hikaru Ito, the president of Hito Group. Being with my daughter can be pretty rough," he said in a demanding tone. Hikaru could see the affection his daughter had for the boy and it was pretty clear to him that they both deeply liked each other just by taking a short glimpse at them.

"Yeah, I know, I've heard of Hikaru Ito, you are the second richest person in Japan, right?"

"Yeah, that's me," Hikaru grinned like a Cheshire cat, "anyways, what's your name?"

"I'm Haru Masuda."

"Masuda, huh?" Hikaru said while being hit with nostalgia upon hearing Haru's surname.

"Hikaru, are you remembering Asahi?" Hitomi asked.

"Wouldn't it be funny if he said his dad was Asahi?" Hikaru said jokingly.

"My dad's name is Asahi," Haru said with a demanding look.

"You're kidding!!!" Hikaru and Hitomi said at once.

"Of course I'm not."

Haru's phone rang, it was his father, Haru picked it up, his father worriedly asked, "Haru, where are you? Are you okay?"

"I'm alright dad, I'm in the left-wing," Haru said. Serena whispered to Haru, "If you're going to go back, can you ask your father if I can come with you?"

"Dad, can I introduce my friend to you?" Haru asked. His dad replied, "Yeah, sure, come back to our room quickly."

"Okay, I have to go back to my dad, can Serena come with me?" Haru asked looking at Hitomi's eyes.

"Yeah, sure, but I'll join you both."

Haru, Serena, and Hitomi went to Haru and his father's room in the right-wing, leaving Hikaru behind in his hospital room. The room's door was open and Asahi was standing in front of the door waiting for his son to come back, Asahi was a tall raven-haired man, Asahi got a little startled at the sight of Hitomi, she sure did look familiar to Asahi's eyes. Hitomi was shocked too at the sight of Asahi.


"Asahi!!! You idiot!!!" Hitomi exclaimed.

"How have you been?"

Haru and Serena were confused at this and looked at each other in the eyes. Hitomi turned to Haru and said, "Your dad's an idiot, he had us so worried for ages."

"Dad, what did you do?" Haru asked, his eyes were shooting daggers at Asahi.

"I didn't do anything."

"Exactly, you couldn't write us back, we wrote hundreds of letters, hundreds of emails, we got not one response, we were so worried about you."

"Excuse me, but I and Haru are completely clueless, you got some explaining to do," Serena said.

"Yeah, he sure has lots of explaining to do, well, I have known Asahi and Hikaru for as long as I can remember, we were great friends, during our second year in high school, Asahi left Osaka and never contacted us again." Hitomi shed a tear looking at Asahi, "Idiot, you had us seriously worried, why wouldn't you contact us?"

"Well, Hitomi," Asahi looked at the floor, right after that his eyes were filled with tears, few drops of the tears fell on the floor. "It was just two days after we reached Tokyo, she left the world and made me an orphan, my mental state was a mess, I couldn't bring myself to talk to anyone."

Hitomi embraced Asahi. "We never knew that, but we knew there was something wrong, I'm sorry."

"Mom," Serena shouted, glaring at Hitomi.

Hitomi frightened by Serena, shoved Asahi who was being held by her. "What happened, dear?"

"You can't hug Haru's dad like that, Daddy wouldn't like it."

"Serena, there was nothing wrong in that, and Daddy wouldn't be angry about that," Hitomi said.

"Whatever the case, I'd hate any girl who'd hug my Haru."

Stunned by what Serena said, Asahi flinched a step back. "My Haru?"

"That's right father, he's my boyfriend," Serena said.

Bewildered at what he had just heard, did she call me father? Asahi questioned himself. "What? My son's just a kid. Even if you're Hitomi's daughter, I can't allow it, he's emotionally fragile" he turned to Hitomi, "say something to your daughter."

"There's no way I'd separate them, Serena's generally scared of people but she took a liking to someone, I can't say "no" to her, especially when she's making my dream come true."

"Wha...what?" Asahi sighed, "maybe, you're right, Haru's kinda like that too, he has no real friends, all of them just use him and they don't care about him at all, and unlike them, Haru is kind to everyone."

"Thanks for understanding, Asahi, I'm really glad it's your son that she chose."

"Haru, are you sure about this?" Asahi whined.

"I'm sure that I love Serena," Haru said. Haru's statement took Serena's breath away, Serena caressed Haru's back in awe. Looking at them Asahi had to admit that they were cute.

Asahi already knew that Hikaru and Hitomi were married, after all his best friend, Hikaru, was the second richest in the country and was very famous, Hikaru was also a prize for the paparazzi for being a young billionaire. "How's Hikaru?" Asahi asked.

"He had a little accident earlier, but he's alright."

"He's here? Then let's go meet him," Asahi sounded very excited to meet his pal.

"Mom, while you have your little reunion, me and Haru are will finish the game we started, is that alright?"

"Yeah, sure," Hitomi said.

Haru and Serena went on to play, and Hitomi took Asahi to Hikaru's hospital room. Hikaru was completely dumbfounded at the sight of Asahi.

"Asahi, how are you?" Hikaru asked.

"I'm good," Asahi broke down, he went on to hug Hikaru who was sitting on the bed. "I'm sorry for not responding."

"It's okay, Asahi, but what happened?"

"I wasn't myself after my mother died, I went crazy, a lady named Haruno took me in her orphanage, she and my wife saved me from my trauma."

"Glad that you're doing alright now," Hikaru said.

"Asahi, I heard from Haru that your wife is pregnant."

"Yeah, earlier the doctor told me that my baby girl is due tomorrow."

Asahi's phone which was in silent mode vibrated, he got a call from the doctor who was in charge of Maya, Asahi's wife, the doctor told him to come by the ICU as soon as possible.

"It was the doctor, he asked me to see him, I'm going to go with Haru."

"I'll come along with you," Hitomi said.

"I would like to go with ya but I can't walk right now."

Outside the ICU, looking at Hitomi and Serena, the doctor asked, "who are they?"

"They are friends."

"I'm his kid's girlfriend," Serena said proudly, putting her hands on her hips. Usually, Serena wouldn't do something like that, she was scared of strangers, this was the result of feeling high thanks to being next to Haru.

"Huh? Okay," the doctor said, left confused. "Mr. Masuda, both your wife and the baby seems to be better, you're kid will mostly be born by midnight."

"Thank goodness," Asahi squealed in relief, covering his face with both his hands.

"Haru, I'm so excited to meet our sister," Serena said, wrapping her arms around Haru's shoulders.

"Our sister??? Right!!!" Asahi said with a little chuckle.

At the late-night of twelfth July, the Masuda family welcomed a baby girl, Ren Masuda. "She's adorable," Haru squealed looking at his newborn sister who was sleeping on a crib.

"Well, she's our sister Haru!!! She's cute like you!!!"

"Lord, should we get this golden pair?" a masculine voice whispered, hiding along with his lord in a little distance from the ICU, staying unnoticed.

"It's good that they've met, but we can't have them yet, they are too young."

"But we need them, right?"

"As I said, we are not having them now, we will get them a few years later, they might become the greatest of all, let's get going now."

"Haru, Imma miss you, keep texting me, we'll be in different time zones but I promise I'll respond to you in less than a minute," a sixteen-year-old Serena said staring at Haru's blue eyes as they stood outside the Tokyo International Airport.

"C'mon Serena! You're just on a professional trip, it's barely for a month."

"But you won't be with me, that too for a month."

"Take care, Rina," Haru said as he caressed Serena's head.

"Ahem! But we have to hurry up and leave," Serena's manager said.

Serena and Haru waved goodbye to each other as she left for her plane scheduled to go to Lisbon, Portugal.

To be continued.....(in chapter 2)


Golden Souls

Golden Souls