Chapter 1:

Excuse me?

as long as its you and me

I looked up at the sky and sighed, the sun was setting giving the sky a shade of red and orange, it was truly beautiful. I hugged my plush close to my chest and smiled, "If only you were here to see this amazing sunset". I closed my eyes and hummed, it's what we would usually do when we would see a sunset. Frowning, I let the tears fall down to my cheeks, I wiped them away quickly. They're not here anymore, forget about them. I looked away from the scenery and decided to head to bed, it was gonna be a brand new day tomorrow, better get a good sleep.

"Cause I don't know you..but I'd like to get to know you if you know what I mean" I sang happily as I walked to the train station. Humming the rest I gripped my bag and looked into it trying to find my student guide, "Hm..thats odd..where is it?" I asked myself.

I felt a tap on my shoulder, I looked over and stared, a guy stood there, his caramel-colored hair and grey-blue eyes stood out to me, he was tall and slim yet I can tell he worked out a bit, he wore a different uniform to mine. "I think you dropped this" he said handing me my student guide, gosh his voice was calm and soft. I smiled and grabbed it, "Thank you so much! uh..what's your name?" I asked and thanked him at the same time. "Oh! uh the names Aiden, you're welcome!" he said before walking off. I noticed a few things fell from his bag, picking them up I decided ill try to give them to him.

I waited at the train station for Aiden, he seemed kind and loving, plus he dropped his planner and schedule. I saw him come out and ran up to him, "Aiden! wait!". His head turned to look at me as he stopped walking, "Oh hey!" he greeted. Panting I handed his stuff, "These fell out of your bag..". He took them and smiled, "Thanks, I've been looking for these". I smiled at him, "You're welcome! I wanted to pay you back for giving me my guide, my treat". He looked at me surprised, "Oh um..". I looked up at him with puppy eyes, "Please?" I begged. He nodded and smiled.

"I only agreed to make you happy" Aiden said in a matter of fact tone as he handed me my bubble tea. I giggled and sipped some of it, "I wanted to ask something". He sat down and looked at me with his grey-blue orbs, "Go ahead". I tightened my grip on my bubble tea cup, "N-Nevermind". Aiden let out a soft chuckle, "You remind me of someone". I perked up and looked at him, "I-I do?" I asked curiously. Aiden nodded, I sipped my bubble tea intensely. He makes me feel so weird, just like them. He ran his hand through his caramel-colored hair, I looked away blushing a bit. "Do you have a job?" he asked, I looked over and smiled, "Yeah, I work here". He grabbed his cup of tea blowing on it before taking a sip, "I work at a cafe as well". Staring at him, I realized he might be them, the way the sun shines in his hair looks beautiful. I shake my head, "How much do you earn?" I asked. "Not much" he says taking another sip. I noticed how his eyes have been staring at me, I blushed and squeezed my cup a bit tighter. "Oh wait-" he said reaching over removing a strand of hair from my face putting it behind my ear, "Much better" he smiled. Giving one more squeeze my cup exploded getting me soaked in its liquid, I was a blushing mess, physical contact is something that makes me turn red and nervous. "Oh! dang it...I'm sorry how can I make it up to you?" he began reaching over cleaning my face with a napkin, finding out it was worthless anyway he grabbed my wrist and left some money on the table, "Where do you live? ill take you home". 

Drip. Drop. Drip. It started to rain outside, Aiden kept on apologizing. "I'm sorry! I didn't have control of myself, it's such a habit, I'm sorry!" he said. I let out a soft laugh, "It's ok, you could've told me..". I hugged my pillow, He stood up and smoothed out his uniform, "I gotta go, I'm gonna miss karaoke night with my friends". I stood up, "I'll follow you out" I said with a smile. I grabbed my umbrella and handed it to him at the door, "Here, so you don't get soaked". He took it examining the writing on it, "Thanks...uh..". I smiled, "Piper, My name is Piper". He opened it and walked off, I really wanna talk to him more, but how? I sighed and began to walk back inside, Wait..I could just get his number! I turned back and ran towards him" Wait Aiden!" I yelled. He stopped and looked back, "Can I have your number? so I can talk to you?" I asked nervously. He smiled and wrote down his number handing it to me, I took it and hugged it close, "Call me anytime Piper" he said before walking away.

Ana Fowl
Rebby Sakamaki