Chapter 2:

Karaoke with me?

as long as its you and me

I tied my apron and continued baking the 6 cupcakes. The cafe's business has been slow lately, I sigh and continue baking. Glancing at my phone I wonder what Aiden's up to. I shake my head, No I have to focus! A part of me wanted to hear his voice again, but the other said I shouldn't bother him. I stop and reach over to my phone but stop halfway, I shouldn't...he'll think I'm annoying. I sigh and shake my head, I have to focus, for real.

The door chimed, I looked over and noticed Aiden and a few people walk in. Aiden looked at me and smiled waving a bit, I smile and wave back. Aiden and his group sat down at a table, they were laughing and talking happily. I don't have many friends but I could tell they were close. Grabbing a few menus and my notepad and pen I walked over, I could already feel my palms sweating, gosh, I was nervous. They all stopped and stared at me, I nervously handed the menus, "H-How's everyone t-this n-night?" I asked. They smiled and took them, hearing a few 'great' or 'nice' come out from them. Aiden smiled, "It's going great, how's your night Piper?". "G-Great.." I stutter out and walk back to continue baking.

"Excuse me! we are ready to order miss!" a female voice said, I perk up and rush over. "I'd like to order..the strawberry tart...and a small herb tea" the female voice said. "Riley, are you sure you don't want anything else? you're a twig" a male voice said. "I agree with Orson.." Aiden perked up out of nowhere. "I'm sure, plus we wasted our money on karaoke right?" Riley said, the girl next to her nodded, "Yeah, we've got to stop doing that you know.." she giggled. Orson laughed along, "Yeah you're right Kyna". Aiden looked at me, "Sorry, we'll all have the chocolate tarts and muffins with some milk". I nodded and wrote the orders down before rushing back.

I sighed and watched them chatter happily, I wish I had friends like that. I couldn't help but stare at Aiden, I mean, who wouldn't want to touch his caramel-colored hair and stare at his grey-blue eyes. I sigh in delight, he looked over and smiled mouthing a 'thanks'. I blush and look away. 

Most of Aiden's friends left waiting for him outside, Aiden walked up to me with the check, "The food was delicious, thanks". I smile and take it, "Y-You're welcome!". He chuckled, it was soothing and well nice to hear. A hint of blush rose to my cheeks, "Oh yeah! I wanted to know if you wanted to go do karaoke with me some time?" Aiden suggested. I nod, "S-Sure! sounds like fun!". He smiled, "See you soon, Piper" he walked off leaving, the door chimed again. I smile knowing I'll get to see him again, not only that but hang out with him!

Ana Fowl
Rebby Sakamaki