Chapter 3:


as long as its you and me

Humming I brush my hair, today was the day, I would hang out with Aiden, and his friends too, but mostly Aiden. I look over at the outfit I picked out, a pink sweater and a white shirt and skirt with a black bow, I made sure to take a shower before leaving. After all, I might make new friends! I smile at the thought of hanging out with a group of friends, we would hang out and talk and be happy. I stopped and put my brush down taking a mint and walking out with my bag, earlier I checked the weather, it might rain soon but I forgot I gave my umbrella to Aiden. I walked to the place Aiden told me to meet up. Looking around I notice one of his friends, I smile and walk up to him, "Hello" I greeted. He looked over and smiled, "Heya, you're the friend Aiden talked about yeah?" he asked, I nodded. He took out his hand, "Pleasure to meet you Piper, I'm Orson", I took it shaking it, "You too". Orson had blond hair and deep green eyes, he was quite tall too but just a bit, he wore a jacket and a v-neck t-shirt and a pair of jeans with boots. I noticed he was staring too much, "I-Is there something wrong?" I ask. He shook his head, "Nah it's nothing...just wondering something..". 

I sat down on a bench and waited, Orson looked over and smiled, "Are you perhaps in a relationship?" he asked. I looked back and shook my head blushing quite a bit, "Oh? but you seem like you are in one, I are quite adorable.." he said. I felt my blush deepen, "N-No...I..j-just.." I stop and look away. He got closer to me and grasped my wrist, I looked at him, "W-what are you..?". He put a finger on my lips, "I'm not gonna hurt you..". My eyes widened, a set of unsettling memories came back.

"L-Let g-go!" I said struggling from his grip. "Piper was it? I'm not gonna do anything" he said leaning in his lips close to mine. A book smacked his head and we both looked over, he let go, "Ow, what the hell Gabe?!" Orson yelled. "She said let go, you have to respect others Orson, she doesn't want anything with don't want Aiden knowing right?" he said. Orson scooted away and sulked muttering how he's no fun. The figure named Gabe sat between us reading his book, "How long have you been waiting?" he asked. I perked up and fidgeted with my fingers, "A-Ah well um...a f-few m-minutes...", my stomach grumbled, that's right I forgot to eat today, I was so excited to see him again, "s-sorry.." I muttered. Gabe looked at me and nodded as in 'its-ok' before standing up leaving his book behind. I looked over and picked it up reading the title, 'The Stars and us'. I opened it reading the first few chapters before it got snatched away, "Don't read that..." I looked up and noticed Gabe. "Here, take this," he said handing me a scone, I took it and stared up at him, "your stomach grumbled so I figured you were hungry" he said eating his scone. I blushed and ate some, my eyes widen as I smiled, "This i-is r-really good!" I exclaimed. "Is it now? lemme try" he said leaning in taking a bite out of mine, I blushed at the sudden closeness. He went back and nodded, "You're right..". I finished eating mine and fidgeted, he could've asked for a bite.

"Sorry we're late...Riley got in some trouble" Aiden said panting, Riley giggled, "Yeah sorry.. hehe". "Anyways we are all friends here right? you guys met Piper right? shes the one who served us at the cafe!" Aiden said pointing at me. I blushed and smiled, Riley gasped and hugged me, "Oh youre so lucky to have me as a friend! we can do anything together! with Kyna too!". I hugged back slowly and nodded, "Let's all exchange phone numbers yeah?" Kyna suggested, everybody but Gabe nodded, "Not me" Gabe said continuing to read. Kyna sighed, "Same old Gabe, doesn't trust anyone new..". We exchanged phone numbers and smiled following Aiden to our destination.

Ana Fowl
Rebby Sakamaki