Chapter 59:

Homura Kisaragi

I’m Taking Revenge for My Murdered Classmates Using Weapons Made from Their Souls

“Eiko! GET DOWN!!”

I brandished my sword, stumbling now and then in the desert sand. The softball field was nothing compared to this treacherous foothold.

Regardless, I couldn’t afford to miss. My companions would die unless I kept throwing strikes.

I threw the ball of fire in my right hand with all my might, and it whizzed dangerously close to Eiko’s head.

Ka-blam! The fireball struck the monster in its face and pulverized it. I remembered Eiko calling this creature made out of sand a golem.

“My bad! Thanks, Homura!”

Eiko and I, who specialized in long-range attacks, would be at a considerable disadvantage if we allowed the golems to get close to us.

However, these creatures could take a lot of damage. They were a menace to our group, which lacked close-range combatants.

“Yikes, I can’t charm them since they don’t have any eyes.”

Moreover, we couldn’t rely on Ai’s skill.

“Can I leave since I can’t do anything?”

If I’d known that, I wouldn’t have brought Ai with us. Kanako and Fumika’s skills were no use either and only served as a diversion at most.

“Eiko! Hang in there just a bit longer!”

“Dammit. Wouldya say we’re in the bottom of the ninth inning now, Homura Kisaragi?”

There were still hordes of golems milling about. More like we’d just finished the bottom of the first inning.

Still, we had no choice but to keep going. One of us had to do it.

I just hated the fact that things were going Tsukasa’s way.

When I get back, I’d like to have a word, no, sock him one instead.

“There’s a desert on the other side of this ravine with multiple monsters at its entrance. I’d like your unit to act as the spearhead.”

Tsukasa had summoned me to his office.

Since he didn’t use his General skill to command me, I didn’t reply with the usual “sir, yes, sir.”

“Why aren’t you using your skill?”

“I figured you’d accept without me having to use it, SSG Homura Kisaragi.”

“As if! You’re going to sacrifice us, just like you did with Section Four. What makes you think I’d accept your request?”

“I see. Very well.”

Tsukasa raised his right hand, and Yuichi, who had been standing next to him, saluted in reply.

“Bring me SSG Yachiyo Kisaragi, the commanding officer of Section Three. I’ll assign this task to her unit.”

“Why you...!”

“If I’m not mistaken, Sergeant Seno is also in that unit. I believe Sergeant Yazawa has a crush on her, doesn’t he? I’d ask for his opinion too if I were you.”

There was no need for that. Eiko would, without a doubt, volunteer to lead the way. The same could be said for me.

“You’re going to die a slow and painful death, Tsukasa.”

“I know. I’ve made peace with my fate.”

I’m fighting to protect my sister, and Eiko, for the person he loves. We can’t afford to lose.

Even if the opponent has an insurmountable lead, we can’t give up until the very end.

“Let’s go, Eiko! Shut them out!”


Hundreds of fireballs and arrows of light rained upon the golems.

Despite our efforts, the creatures showed no signs of stopping.