Chapter 5:

The woman in the White Dress

More And More Scary Stories

One day an officer got a call from a man who worked at a store. The man said that he had been behind the counter waiting for a costomer when a lady walked in. He said the lady was very beautiful with long black hair and she was wearing a pure white dress. The woman asked the man if she could speak with his manager and he said yes. So he left the counter and went to the back door. When the man came back with his manager he said the lady was no where to be seen, and all of the money in the register had been stolen so he imidiatly called the officer. So the officer and some other officers all split up to look for her. After driving for a while the officer saw a woman in a white dress walking the opposite way and he accidentally passed her so he turned around his car and stopped next to her. Then he kindly said, "ma'am I'm going to need to ask you to get in the car for me." The woman did as she was told but didn't look at the man. As they were driving back to the station the officer tried to ask the woman questions like "why did you still the money" and "where did you hide it" but the woman did not reply, she seemed to only be focasing her gaze on the same spot the whole time so the officer decided not to ask anymore questions. When they got to the station the woman was questioned by other officers. Then the woman made an offer. "If you let me stay in the cell for one night I will return all of the money I stole." The woman insisted since she had no where else to go. Eventually the officers agreed and allowed her into the cell. The next morning an officer came to unlock the cell when he screamed in horror at what he saw. The lady's roomate was pinned on the wall with nails and his face was bloody and scrated terribly. And on the wall were the words "I Am Returning My Debt" in blood. And in the roomates pockets was all of the money, and the lady in the white dress was no where to be found.Bookmark here

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