Chapter 6:

The Angel Of Death

More And More Scary Stories

One night there was a woman who couldn't sleep because she heard a scratching sound at her door. She decided to go see what it was. When she opened the door she was terrified when she saw a angel of death crawling back and forth on all fours in front of her bedroom door, its black dress scraping the floor making the scratching sound she heard before. She screamed loudly but the angel of death seemed to had payed no attention to her. Soon she woke up and realized it was all a dream. The next morning she decided she would go to visit the Shaman with her friend. When they made it to the shaman the woman told her about her dream. The Shaman's eyes turned white. She turned her head sharply to the woman's friend and spoke in a terrible voice. "Your son will die very soon, and there's nothing you can do about it." Then she turned her head to the woman. "Your son will be safe."Bookmark here

The next day the women and there two son's were walking to there apartment building. The woman's friends son ran up farther and said he had to use the bathroom, so his mother let him go ahead. A few seconds later they saw him peek his head over the railing of the tall building. "Mom," he shouted, "the door is locked!" His mother replied quickly, "Okay then come back down." The boy nodded at what his mom said and dissapeared. Soon he was seen coming out the front door. And as soon as he stepped in the road a large truck came and ran him over. It was said that his body flew far, and he died instantly. The woman covered her son's eyes as she stared with a look of horror. "Son..." she camly said. "Yes mom?" "Do you remember how tall that railing was? Remember it was almost as tall as an adults chest." And then they showed that the boy had been standing on the angel of death's back.Bookmark here

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