Chapter 1:

The Auction

He Now Belongs To The Mafia

Naku watched as different men in suits came into the room and started putting stamps on everyone's wrist. When one of them came to him he did not try to fight because he knew it would be useless. As soon as the man walked away Naku looked down at his wrist and saw the number 27.Bookmark here

A few minutes later after everyone was assighned a number, a short lady with glasses started calling them one by one out of the room and onto stage. The rules were that if you weren't chosen by anyone then you would be put straight to death. Naku shivered at the thought. Just then he heard his number being called. He quickly went to the door. The short lady brought him up to the short steps. He braced himself before walking onto the stage.Bookmark here

There were bright lights so his vision was a little blurry so he relied on his hearing. He could hear many people shouting out offers, they kept getting higher and higher. That's when someone gave a number that he didn't believe he was worth. "50,000."Bookmark here

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