Chapter 2:

A New Life

He Now Belongs To The Mafia

Naku watched as the man signed many papers. When he was done he turned and looked at Naku. Now that he was up close Naku could make out his features. He was tall with black hair and Golden Amber coloured eyes. Naku couldn't help but blush at how attractive he was. The man ran his hand slowly down Naku's side and then slipped his hand into Naku's trousers  caressing his hips lovingly.

Naku slightly jumped at the touch. He wasn't used to someone touching him there. But he kind of liked the made him feel good there. The man smirked at seeing the face Naku was making. "When you come home with me I can do that again if you'd like...I could also do much more." He said in a low sexy voice.

Naku only nodded his head. "You can call me Yamazaki. Come." Yamazaki turned and started walking, Naku followed.

~Time Skip~

It was a few hours before they made it to their location. It was a large mansion. When they made it inside Naku was suprised to see three other men standing there waiting. Just like Yamazaki, they were all attractive and looked around the same age as him. "Meet my brothers, they are your owners also, as well as a part of my Mafia."

Naku actually wasn't suprised at all that they were a part of a Mafia, he had a feeling they weren't ordinary people anyway. "I am Yori." One of the brothers spoke. He had brown hair and dark brown eyes. "I'm Sunao." Another brother said. He had green eyes and shoulder length messy hair. "And I'm Usami." The last brother finally spoke. He looked to be the youngest of the brothers but still older than Naku.

Naku was lucky he had a good memory so remembering their names was easy for him. "Come with me, I'll show you to your room." Sunao said in a do as I say voice. He roughly grabbed Naku's arm. "Hmmm? Oh it seems like Sunao is already ready to have some fun with the brat?" Usami said with a smirk. "I wonder what hes planning." "It doesn't matter what I'm going to do to him." Sunao replied. And then he dissapeared down the hall with Naku.

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