Chapter 0:

The Mirror In My Bathroom

Alice In TēmaLand!

I lay on the bed sound asleep. In my dream I am walking in a forest and I see a little squirrel but...something is wrong. The squirrel is PURPLE! I slowly walk over to it and stare. "Are you alright Mr. Squirrel?" I ask slowly. The squirrel stares at me with a terrified exspression. "Ack! Leave me be!" He shouts and before I know it, hes gone. I hear knocking on my bedroom door and then my sisters voice.

"Get up Alice, mother wants us to come for dinner." I get up just as told as my sister leaves my room. I let out a sigh before heading to my closet and taking out something to wear. I then head to my personal bathroom and change. When I'm finished I grab my hair brush and brush my blonde hair while looking in the mirror. For some reason ever since I was little I always loved to look into this mirror.

I guess the reason I liked it so much was because of the design. On the eges of the mirror were carved pictures of all kinds of fairy tales. I've always loved fairy mother used to tell me them all the time before she married my step father. My step father is a horrible cruel man, but my mother loves him. Ever since he became a part of our family everything has changed.

I finish brushing my hair and then I reach for the ribbon I always where, but instead my hand touches the cold sink. I look down and see the same purple squirrel that I saw in my dream, he was holding my ribbon. I remember in my dream that he talked, but surely he can't talk in real life right? "Give that back!" I shout at him. The squirrel only sticks out his tongue before running to the mirror. He looked back at me one last time before leaping into the mirror.

I stood there shocked at what I just saw. "How!? " Was all I could manage to say. I slowly brought my hand up to the glass of the mirror and touched it slowly. The glass rippled as my fingers went through it. I quickly pulled my hands back. What was I to do? Do I go inside? Or do I stay? I then thought about the squirrel and my ribbon. I needed that ribbon because it was a gift from my father before he had passed, and also I wanted to get back at that squirrel for what he had done.

So I've decided. I braced myself before entering the mirror.

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