Chapter 60:

Volume 2: Chapter 5: A Festival of Confrontation - Part 7


Matilda had located Yūgure. The young nekomata had been lying in a small crater, her body covered in burns. She was fortunate. The burns, while painful, were mild, all things considered.

She would live.

Matilda stood several meters from where the battle was happening. With her place on top of a hill overlooking the battlefield, she had a bird’s eye view. Matilda was sitting. Yūgure was fast asleep. The girl’s head was resting on her lap, and she idly stroked the nekomata’s hair while thinking that Lord Jacob would have been better suited for this position.

“It looks like things about to get serious,” Azazel said.

The fallen angel stood beside her. Matilda frowned at his presence. She wanted to tell him to fuck off, but she couldn’t. He was the leader of the fallen angels, their Governor General.

Devils were not at war with the angels and fallen right now, and a fragile peace, a temporary truce of sorts, had lasted between them for the past few centuries. They were at a stalemate. Matilda didn’t want to ruin that stalemate by telling him to suck a dick.

“I believe this matter has been serious since they started fighting,” Matilda said. “Are you sure we should not step in and help? Gabriel is a powerful opponent. She is even stronger than Belial.”

Alicia had told Matilda about their battle with Belial. She and Jacob had barely been able to win. Now Jacob was fighting against someone even stronger, even better. This wasn’t the kind of battle that he could win with luck.

Azazel snorted. “Oh, yee of little faith, sit back and watch. Jacob isn’t going to lose to Gabriel.”

“How can you be so sure?” Matilda asked with a frown.

Azazel’s face warped into an enigmatic smile. “Why don’t you just sit there and find out?”

With those mysterious words, Azazel went back to staring at the battle. Matilda frowned at him. Then she, too, focused on the upcoming fight again.

'Fucker,' she thought to herself.

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