Chapter 0:

The vampire queen is reborn as a robot

Iron Wiedergänger

My name is Vermillion Wiedergänger. I, for the moment, reign over the lands as the vampire queen. I say for the moment because I am about to be slain by the hero's party. Damn them. They don't understand the hell I went through being born a half-vampire. Though I doubt they would sympathize. I too have killed many for selfish reasons. Well, it seems this is the end.


Much to my shock, I found myself arousing from sleep and in an unfamiliar place. Perhaps this is hell, yet something feels odd. My body feels both responsive and restrictive. Though more shockingly, there are humans garbed in strange attire gazing at me from behind a window.

"It seems she has gained personality. VEX, calculate Pi," one of the humans asked.

Pie? Is that a-


To my shock, my mouth begun moving on its own and uttering a numerical sequence. Am I under some spell!? Impossible, my magic reigned supreme. Yes, my magic. Now that I think about it, I can't sense any mana, nor do I feel any coursing through me. Nonetheless, I began an incantation in my mind and was able to break free of the curse. The humans all stared in shock as I glared at them.

"Where am I? You stand before Vermilion Wiedergänger, the vampire queen!" I proclaimed.

"Vampire!? Did one of you program the robot to be a chuuni!?" one of the humans glared.

Chuuni? Whatever does that mean? Well, it matters not. I shall be feasting on the blood of these fools. I immediately charged for the window, but found it did not shatter or even crack when I ran into it. Suddenly, the humans vanished though a new one appeared. It was a hairless woman. She looked more like a life-size doll than a human. Perhaps a mage was- No, NO NO NO NO NO! IS THIS ME!? WHAT HAPPENED!?

The year is now 2127. Humans have now colonized the moon and have made contact with other life forms. The production of androids has also increased. The government organization, MOON, is currently the forefront of android research and production. However, one thing no one could have predicted was that the vampire queen from another world would be reincarnated as an android. This is the tale of Vermilion and her new life as an android. Oh, and she'll also attempt to take over the world.... again.

Mario Nakano 64