Chapter 1:

The vampire queen will not be restrained

Iron Wiedergänger

As I fathomed with my new appearance, I heard the voices of those humans again.

"Sir, I'm unable to initiate the override protocol," one stated.

"Preposterous! We are in MOON's premiere research facility. Hacking from the outside or even from within is impossible," another stated.

Now I'm beginning to see. It seems my soul has been thrust into the body of an iron doll. These humans believe that their magic is able to control me, however, it does not. I just need to escape this place and I will be free to take my vengeance. Though I do wish I could at least do something about my appearance. This hairless gray look makes me look like a humanoid stone golem. While I did get a lot of hate for bearing the pointed ears and fangs vampires are known for, I would prefer them over the more human look.

How ironic. I once tried to fit in with humans, but now that I arguably look more human, I wish to go back to my vampire appearance.

As if by magic, my appearance suddenly returned to how I looked just before I was slain. Sure, I was stark naked, but now my long crimson hair, fangs, and pointy ears were back.

"Ah, it feels good to see myself again," I said aloud.

The humans then immediately appeared again in the window. I know they must be shocked. They probably believe the falsehood that vampires don't have a reflection. Well that was only true for the first generation of vampires, but now we've evolved to overcome our weaknesses, though water and sunlight do irritate my skin.

"Why does she look like a vampire!? Which one of you brats did this!?" the oldest looking human fumed.

"N- None of us-"

"I know you've got those "vampire waifus" on your phone background and play that vampire "hentai" mobile game! Well remove your fetishes from the android or you're fired!"

"B- But sir, I didn't do anything!"

"Yes, a mere human could never control me. Once again, I am Vermilion Wiedergänger I reigned over the lands of Terraria. I will also kill the hero Sigmund and reclaim my throne!" I declared.

"You're fired," the old human glared.

"NO! I DIDN'T DO ANYTHING!" one of the young men cried as his colleagues dragged him away.

"VEX, you are to follow protocol and aid in the mining on moon-mine 7," the old human stated.

"I take not orders from humans," I scoffed as I once again charged for the window.

This time, I smashed through it and immediately sunk my teeth into the old man's throat. However, I was unable to suck any blood. Come to think of it, I actually didn't feel any hunger or thirst at all. Perhaps maybe this body does not require sustenance. If that's the case, then maybe...

I immediately stormed out and found myself outside in a rainy land with tall iron monuments.

"AHAHAHA! The rain doesn't even sting me! Now I truly can take over the world! With my magic... Uh, my magic..."


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