Chapter 4:


Cinder Roots - A Treant's Tale

Something’s wrong, the ash-like tree thought. His friend was lying down on the grass near him. Its presence was getting smaller, fading. It needs my help! Each passing second getting dimmer and dimmer. How can I? How… This is it, I have to move, I can’t just watch my friend disappear.Bookmark here

He pushed, almost like a bird trying to get out of an egg. Cmon, I can do this, I need to do this! My whole life was preparing me for this moment! I just need to… Move!Bookmark here

He heard something snapping.Bookmark here

Major change imminent. Starting transformation processBookmark here

...Bookmark here

...Bookmark here

...Bookmark here

Congratulations! By using your pure determination, you have forced an evolutionBookmark here

Warning - Evolutions are rare events that can change your entire being. Reevaluation of base stats startedBookmark here

Name NamelessBookmark here

Level 1Bookmark here

Race Cinderborn TreantBookmark here

ClassBookmark here

Unavailable (Unlocked at Level 5)Bookmark here

Cinderborn TreantBookmark here

This Treant, once a tree, received the blessing of fire, permeating it with curiosity. Treants are a race of tree-shepherds, that care and protect their lesser cousinsBookmark here

+5 Charm addedBookmark here

Affinity with Fire addedBookmark here

Loads of information screens appeared in his mind. He didn’t care. Right now his focus was on the body he saw. Yes, saw, he could see now. The world was still dark, but he could define shapes. The body on the ground was that of a young-looking creature.Bookmark here

He tried moving his roots, only to find they weren't roots anymore. With some difficulty, he managed to move without falling flat on his face.Bookmark here

Approaching as fast as he could without stumbling over, he now saw blood covering the ground, creating a trail that leaded out of his glave.Bookmark here

I… I took too long. My friend is gone.Bookmark here

The Treant didn’t understand what he felt. He was just empty. The giant felt the falling rain. I dreamed of this… But… But I’ve failed.Bookmark here

He grabbed the body, carrying it like it was the most delicate thing in the world. Don’t worry, I will make sure you have your rest. He placed it alongside a great oak. He picked tiny flowers with his big trunk-like hands and adorned his friend's cold body. Rain clouded his yellow eyes. I will discover what happened to you, he promised.Bookmark here

The blood trail his friend left was slowly fading, getting cleaned by the falling rain. I need to be quick. He looked at his new body. He was similar to the tree he once was. His skin was made from the same ash-like bark. Massive arms and legs powered him. Yellow and black moss covered the lower part of his face, mimicking a beard. He still had the same golden leafs, but his canopy was smaller, more concentrated. His eyes were like a golden, almost orange, flame. He shifted his attention to the information screens that had appeared.Bookmark here

Congratulations! You've earned the achievement “Fireborn I”Bookmark here

Fireborn IBookmark here

Have the status “Affinity with Fire” active. Grants basic fire spells and average fire resistanceBookmark here

Congratulations! You've earned the achievement “Evolver”Bookmark here

EvolverBookmark here

You've forced an evolution. Evolution is its own rewardBookmark here

Skills and SpellsBookmark here

False ShiftBookmark here

While the Treant remains motionless, it is indistinguishable from a normal treeBookmark here

Tree Talk (Racial skill)Bookmark here

Treats have a natural capability to speak to and understand normal trees, if they feel like talkingBookmark here

Rooted Down (Racial skill)Bookmark here

While in a rooted state, Treants can feel the earth, noticing events happening a great distance away.Bookmark here

Lesser Burning HandsBookmark here

Lesser version of a basic fire spell that coats the caster hands in fire. Only harmful for other entitiesBookmark here

Fire-ShapingBookmark here

Fire spell that allows the caster to create and shape fire at his willBookmark here

AnalyzeBookmark here

Kindled basic skill. Grants basic information about living beings or static objectsBookmark here

Yeah, this will be handy, he thought while following the blood trail. A mixture of anger and sadness filling his eyes.Bookmark here

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