Chapter 5:


Cinder Roots - A Treant's Tale

The Treant slowed his thundering movements. I know I’m getting close, I can sense them through the earth, he thought, I need to prepare myself before I do anything. This is a new body for me, I must know my own shortcomings.Bookmark here

He gazed upon the changed status.Bookmark here

Strength 15Bookmark here

Dexterity 5Bookmark here

Constitution 10Bookmark here

Intelligence 10Bookmark here

Wisdom 5Bookmark here

Charm 5 (+5)Bookmark here

A rumbling noise sounded throughout the forest. So my base value is 50, right? Plus the 5 I received from my race, I’ve got 55 total.Bookmark here

A long bar appeared on the corner of his vision.Bookmark here

HP 200/200Bookmark here

200? I don’t know if this is good. What does it mean? He tried to Analyze the stat.Bookmark here

Health PointsBookmark here

Measure of the amount of damage a being may receive before dying. 100 HP is the base for all living things, Kindled or not. Can be increased by getting more Constitution. Every Constitution point equals 10 HP.Bookmark here

So by this definition my HP was 400 before. I won’t complain. I’m more balanced in almost every aspect now, and I can’t deny I love my new strength value. It really complements my Burning Hands spell. No matter, this isn’t why I’m here. My friend. I need to find whatever or whoever did that do my friend.Bookmark here

He started walking again; the trees shaking whenever he touched them. I'm lucky that is dark out here, he realized. The only lights in the forest were his flaming eyes, as the moon’s light was getting blocked by the enormous tree’s canopy. They were much bigger than him. He was a good three meters tall, but the older trees that blocked his path dwarfed him. I’ll try to talk to them later.Bookmark here

After a few good minutes of walking, the rain stopped as he saw an opening in the trees. He crouched and stood still, activating his False Shift skill. He could hear someone talking but wasn’t able to define any words. He needed to get closer. I guess stealth won’t work judging by my eyes, so I have to get any advantages possible before going there. This is for her. He knew inside that his actions were also for himself.Bookmark here

His Rooted Down ability activated, he could now tell how many were there. Eleven.Bookmark here

He started running, his stomps making the ground shake. The golden-leafed Treant activated his Burning Hands spell. He saw them. They were resting outside a burnt village, most wearing armor, but one of them was just with a red robe. That one must be important. He focused on him.Bookmark here

They were resting on the outskirts of Pern. Guess it isn’t Pern anymore, eh? He thought. The main party returned to Varania’s siege, but some got left behind to guarantee that, if any settlers who weren’t present on the attack returned, were killed.Bookmark here

The soldier was short, and a little on the pudgy side. He recently got himself married, but he couldn’t even enjoy this fact. His father-in-law insisted that he needed to enlist on Dracia’s army new campaign. “It'll be good. Maybe they will even reward you! Not everyone gets such a golden opportunity to become a Kindled!” His father-in-law had said. Yeah, I've got myself kindled alright. It isn't worth it. I just wanna make sum babies with my wife. I hate this forest, he thought. He got lucky that his now father-in-law allowed him to live after getting his daughter pregnant without marrying her first, so he couldn’t refuse. The old man is hoping that I get myself killed.Bookmark here

“Ohhh, you saw that grandma? She killed four of us before we dropped her!” One of the other soldiers said.Bookmark here

“Nah mate, Rogers told me she turned into a buncha leaves”Bookmark here

“And I say Rogers is full of crap!” He said while spitting in the fire.Bookmark here

"Please, stay quiet, I’m trying to concentrate here! And stop spitting at my beautiful flame," the fire mage Sendormist said.Bookmark here

Weird guy. Why is he always staring at the fire?Bookmark here

“Fuckin mages,” the soldier muttered as he spitted again.Bookmark here

“He's right, shut the hell up,” his Sergeant commanded.Bookmark here

“Aight boss…”Bookmark here

Everyone’s restless today… Even I feel something… Something in my bones, like… Like someone’s watching us. He thought of the villagers. Maybe their spirits are watching us right now, cursing and damning our souls.Bookmark here

He felt a shiver on his spine as he heard a stomp.Bookmark here

“What on the damned earth is this noise?” He said, before turning his head and seeing this giant, hulking mass of wood coming after them. It was fast. It was so fast that every step the monster took looked almost like a leap.Bookmark here

You are afflicted with the - Fear - statusBookmark here

He immediately noticed that the tree monster hands were burning, the living fire entering every crevice its reach would allow, looking like burning charcoal. But what really terrified him was its eyes, looking straight at them like it was going to devour anything that stood on its path. He felt his pants getting wet.Bookmark here

The affliction status - Fear - evolved to - Terror -Bookmark here

He was right. The spirits summoned a monster to kill them.Bookmark here

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