Chapter 1:

Chapter 1: Never Wish For Anything

Can I Even Trust The Level System?

College is the worst. I’ve been going to college for a few months now and its been nothing but boring. For years I had dreamed about an amazing and fantastic life. One that was fun and never boring. Though that dream had died the second I started college. Showing me just what I had to expect once I graduated.

Though you could say that a portion of it being boring was my fault. That I wouldn’t argue with because it’s true. I slept in on orientation and missed the whole thing. Causing me to start my first semester with zero college friends. After that I didn’t sign up for any clubs because I couldn’t be bothered with the hassle of club activities. Then to make things even worse for myself. I have yet to show up to a single class on time making every teacher hate me. So yeah, I’m not doing myself any favors.

Though can you blame me? College killed my dream for an ideal life that wasn’t boring. I think that’s reason enough for this behavior.

“Tsk, Mr. Hori we have already gone through three months of classes. Could you at least find energy to show up to my class on time?” Said the professor as I walked in late.

I am literally the only person on campus who would show up to this Philosophy class late. Since our professor looks like a character in a dating sim. Along with being foreign, she is gorgeous, with a build perfect for the male fantasy. And with blonde hair and blue eyes that are rare to find here. She also wears these glasses that tie this whole innocent but sexy appeal all together.

“The classroom is a space for those with the intention to learn. So if I were to show up when I finally intend to learn then I can never be late.” I said putting my hands up and shaking my head.

“I didn’t ask for you to give me a snarky remark all I asked was for you to show up on time for once. Now just sit down so we can continue with class.” She responded before turning back to the board.

I walked as far back into the classroom I could go and sat beside Shin. Who for some reason found it necessary to give me a dad’s look of disapproval.

Shin is my only friend simply because we went to high school together. Not only that but he did everything to make sure he got accepted to the same college as me. Though if he spent a fraction of that effort towards other people he would be popular. He’s tall with some nice white hair. On top of that he takes care of his body too. A shame he’s single.

“What?” I whispered to him.

“What the hell is wrong with you?” He whispered back.

“Bro where do I even start?”

“Bitch I’m being serious. Why do you keep giving Ms. Gold a hard time man? She’s the most popular professor on campus.” He said getting really close to my face.

“And, why should I care? If you think she’s hot go ask her out then. Her popularity is not my problem.” I said pushing his face back.

“And that right there is the issue man. Because it should be. Every single guy that goes here would ask her out. Then there’s you, who couldn’t care if she showed an ounce of interest in you.”

Did I also mention that this is his personality. If he could learn to not be himself he could land himself a goddess for a girlfriend.

“Shin and Rin. Do you two boys have something to add to the works of Socrates or Marcus Aurelius? Or are the two of you discussing something else in which you feel the need to whisper in my class?” Ms. Gold said pulling everyone’s attention to us.

“No ma’am. Rin and I apologize for being a distraction, please continue.” Shin said bowing his head to the point that it’s on the table.

“What I would give for something more interesting.” I said to myself.

“Excuse me? Did you say something Mr. Hori?” She said.

“No ma’am. Please continue comparing the Roman and Greek Philosophers.” I responded leaning back in my seat.

BRZZT my phone vibrates.

“So you want a new life huh?” Read a text message.

What the? It’s probably some scam trying to sell me some life changing drug or something. But might as well mess around with a scammer than pay attention right now.

“If you had the power to give me a new life then yeah I would take it.” I messaged back.

“Really? That was pretty up front. What kinda life would you wanna like then?” He asked.

For a scammer it doesn’t feel like he’s trying to sell me something. It’s kind of unsettling but I don’t see any harm in entertaining him for a bit.

“No one usually cares to ask that question. Probably something like the games and comics I used to enjoy as a kid if I could be greedy.” I responded.

“What about that reality made you choose it?” He asked almost instantly.

“I guess it’s something every guy, or at least I dreamed about as a kid. Having cool powers that made you practically untouchable. Waging wars against monsters and looking cool while doing it. Then coming back home to the beautiful princess that was all yours. It’s a dream that dies when you get older so I think that’s why I chose it.”

“If I offered that life to you would you take it?” He asked with the text bubble much larger than the others.

“Don’t know. I would probably think there was some catch to it.”

“I can give you that life in a world of magic, knights, kingdoms with beautiful women. The only catch is that you would have to be the kingdom’s hero and slay some monsters that are giving me trouble.” He said leaving me with a smile.

“If that’s all then I would say we have a deal.”

“Cool. But there’s no changing your mind now.”

Almost instantly after I finished reading that text my phone turned off. I assumed that I just forgot to charge it and it died. Then I got more worried when the lights turned off and the floor started to glow. People started to scream and panic as confusion ran rampant through my classmates and I. As the floor got brighter chairs and tables started to float in the air. Then shortly after we all started to slowly float up to the ceiling. Part of me believed that I fell asleep in class and that I was dreaming this whole thing. And the other part was screaming at me that I was stupid enough to make this deal with some random person who sent me a text. However, I knew that it was all my fault when everyone had their back glued to the ceiling and the floor started to split open. As if they were gates to another realm. Which was what I knew they were when I could see clouds and fields where the classroom floor was.

Once the gate to the new world had been fully open we had been let go. To fully plunge into the world of magic and swords like I had agreed. As we fell from the sky and were barreling towards the ground at alarming speeds a screen appeared in front of my eyes.

The screen displayed text saying:

Welcome Rin Hori to one of my favorite worlds! I know this may be asking a lot since you’re falling from my sky but make sure you pay attention to the text on your screen. I have chosen you and your class to play the role of heroes in my world. Partly for my own entertainment but I also have a rat problem. My world has been thrown out of balance and now there are too many evil forces compared to the good. So please balance the scales then we can talk about sending you back home. However, I look forward to meeting you the most Rin. The man willing to make a deal with a god of this realm.

Name: Rin Hori

Title: God’s Gamble

Class: None

Stats: (HP: 0) (Attack: 0) (Defense: 0) (Magical Potency: 0) (Magical Control: 0)

Abilities: Reflective Base.

The screen closed right as we were about to hit the ground. But before anyone made contact with the ground the same light that was in the classroom shined and stopped us from making a splat against the grass. Hovering us about a foot of the ground before letting go and plopping us on the ground.

Everyone was silent as we sat on the grass until Sakura started screaming hysterically jolting everyone into a panic. Sakura definitely was the type to lose her mind first from this type of experience. Being the shy, soft spoken type sure has it’s draw backs I guess. Though it was one hell of a sight to see her pink pig-tails swing back and forth from her panic.

“Hey! Every let’s try to calm down and assess the situation! We need to make sure who’s here and if everyone is okay.” Ms. Gold shouted trying to get everyone’s attention.

It was smart of her to try and do this off the bat before anyone started to do anything stupid. But her voice didn’t reach anyone aside from Shin and I. The shock from falling from the sky made the rest of the class nearly unresponsive to her voice.

“HEY!” Shouted Shin surprisingly making them snap out of it.

“what the hell?” I said.

“Don’t stop, keep telling them what to do.” Ms. Gold said.

“IS EVERYONE SAFE?” Shin said commanding a response.

“Yes!” People shouted back one after the other.

“Yo, Shin how are you doing that?” I asked, turning to face him.

“You aren’t going to believe this but a screen popped up in front of my face. And gave me some weird stat screen and a list of abilities. One of them was General’s Voice which I think is what got them to listen.” He responded with a face that looked like he got a high off of using that ability.

“You also got a screen?” Sakura asked sheepishly.

“Yeah I also got a screen.” Jumped in another student.


“Me too.”

What the hell is going on right now? Everyone had a screen pop up and showed them their stats and abilities. Does that mean that they also got that welcome message from a god? I could ask but I feel like that could do more harm than good if I was the only one that saw it.

We took some time to have Shin do a roll call and we were able to learn that all twelve of us were here including the professor. Which was reassuring for everyone else but for me it was confusing. If I was the one who made the deal with him why was everyone else brought along with me? Is it about balancing the scales thing that he mentioned? If that’s the reason then that means that whatever the enemy for me is, they don’t think I can win alone.

“Shin. You don’t need to answer but what are your stats?” I asked.

“Shit I don’t really remember. Maybe I can pull it up if I say ‘Stat Window’. WOW, I have a few zeros but my biggest stat right now is five in Intellect.” He said looking amazed by the window.

“Intellect?” I said aloud.

“Yeah, why?”

“I don’t have that as a possible stat.” I responded.

“Me neither.” Ms. Gold added.

“I don’t have that one but I have a seven in speed.” Sakura said like she was scared to even join the conversation.

We all went around saying what stat categories we had and which was the highest. Surprisingly enough the only stat we all shared was HP which made sense. But it was still confusing because even the number of stat categories we all had were different. I had my five categories which seemed to be around average. But then there was Shin with the lowest amount with two and that’s including HP. While Ms. Gold was at the highest with twelve categories and having a stat called Ability Scale which had thirteen points already in it.

“So Rin, what’s your highest stat?” Shin asked.

“N.. Nothing.” I responded.


“All of my stats are at zero.” I said looking at everyone.

“That’s fine. Right guys? That just means we are going to have to keep a closer eye on you.” Ms. Gold said putting her hand on my shoulder to reassure me.