Chapter 2:

Chapter 2: Spoken Into Existence

Can I Even Trust The Level System?

I have no clue what any of this means. How come I get an ability and it just starts out of nowhere. Isn’t there some ability description I can pull up like in a video game?



Fine, let's just activate this stupid ability. Not like this god would have given me anything good.




Name: Rin Hori

Title: God's Gamble

Class: None

Stats: (HP: 0 +5) (Attack: 0 +3) (Defense: 0 +1) (Magical Potency: 0 +16) (Magical Control: 0 +14)

Abilities: Reflective Base, (Copied Abilities: Appraising Eye)

I take it all back. This ability that you've given me is amazing. The sad part is that it seems to keep my base stats but adds their stat distribution to my stats. So whatever stats she had that I didn't 'unlock' are related to some sort of magic. Since they all pooled together towards my potency and control. It also seems to copy their abilities but since I have no ability description I'm not so sure. What if she has more abilities and I was only able to copy the one?

Which is just another question about my ability that I can add to the list. Though it doesn't seem to be a pressing issue for me right now.


Yeah I guess I will. Since I don't know how long it lasts or if it has a cool down. Since the screen feels so reminiscent of a video game I don't want to assume it won't treat things like one.

"Rin, you good?" Shin asked.

"Yeah, just trying to figure out how my ability works."

"Is it something interesting?" Said Shin, as he walked over to me.

"That's what I'm trying to figure out. Can you do me a favor and put your hand on my shoulder?" I asked.

"Yeah but what for?" Shin asked, putting his hand on my shoulder anyway.

"Hmm. That didn't work this time. What if I do this."

I placed my hand on Shin's shoulder and waited for a second. There didn't seem to be a screen popping up saying I've progressed on the quest. What if I do this.





"Anything work?" He asked.

"Yeah. It's a good ability but it seems a little weird on the rules of how it should be used." I responded taking my hand off his shoulder.

"I get it. Sucks that there isn't an ability description attached to it."

That's even more interesting. It looks like Shin's ability also didn't come with a description. I wonder if it's going to be like that for all abilities in the future or just for some. And if it's only some abilities does that mean we were given some rare or strong abilities.

I would probably be so much more worried if I wasn't having so much fun figuring everything out.

"So what'd Ms. Gold and the others decide." I asked noticing the huddle they created.

"They still haven't decided anything. A lot of them are arguing if we should just stay here or explore." Shin explained.

"Let's stop being ignorant! There's no merit to us staying in one spot when we don't even know where this spot is!" Said another student.

Looks like someone already snapped. Realistically you can't be too mad at him for snapping but doing so doesn't help anyone. It’s only going to make things worse.

"Shiro! Calm down man, yelling isn't going to do anyone any good right now." I said, trying to calm things down.

"I understand that Rin. But you should have also gauged this situation and realized that we aren't on earth anymore. We fell from the sky, were shown screens with our full names on it, have statistics and abilities like in a game. We have no understanding of our current circumstances." Shiro said, adjusting his glasses as he spoke.

He has always been a pain back in our old world but this is just taking it to a new level. Skinny Shiro, with short black hair, and glasses is causing us trouble. I wanted fun not a hassle.

"Yeah, I already know as much. But there isn't anything we can say or do to force anyone to do anything." I responded.

"There is something we can do. We can have Shin command everyone to move so we can explore the area." Shiro said pointing at him.

"Fuck you man. I'm not going to use my power to force anyone to do anything." Shin responded looking ready to punch him.

"It's a shame that you were given such a power." Shiro said as if he was deserving of it.

"Oh I'm going to kick your ass man." Shin said rolling up his sleeves.

"Both of you calm down. If I'm right in assuming the three of us all agree it would be smart to explore the area for a bit and get some information. While a few would rather stay here. If we split up and choose a direction while everyone else stays it should work. It gives us a spot to come back to after looking around." I suggested as I put myself in between them.

"I'll admit it's an intelligent decision." Shiro said adjusting his glasses.

"Boys I don't think we should be going anywhere. It would be better if we all sat here and waited for the authorities to come and find us." Ms. Gold suggested.

"What an idiotic woman. I'll walk this way and be back by sundown. I recommend you two do the same." Shiro said before storming off into the forest.

"I'm sorry Ms. Gold but I think that this is the best idea. Shin and I will also take a look around. I recommend you watch everyone here and maybe look for some fire wood and food in the area." I said.

I decided not to wait around for her to give me a counter argument since it will only slow us down. I hate to admit it but Shiro had the right idea but god, I hate him. He like takes the worst parts of me and amplifies them in ways I didn't know was possible.

However, I have my own ulterior motives for wanting to leave the others and look around. Firstly I wanted to if there was a certain range for my targets once they have been selected or if I always had to make contact with them. Secondly since there is magic in this world I thought it would be a waste if I didn't try to figure out how that worked here.

Reflect Charlotte Gold.

Name: Rin Hori

Title: God's Gamble

Class: None

Stats: (HP: 0 +5) (Attack: 0 +3) (Defense: 0 +1) (Magical Potency: 0 +16) (Magical Control: 0 +14)

Abilities: Reflective Base, (Copied Abilities: Appraising Eye)

Perfect! So that means that as long as the ability saves them as a possible target for Reflective Base, I can copy their stats and powers. Regardless of how far we are from each other meaning this thing is awesome.

Now I wonder what this Appraising Eye does. I wonder if it will just act like an appraisal function like I've seen in some light novels.

I blinked while thinking about the ability and it seemed to activate. Everything around me that I could easily see had a faint blue outline to it. And if I focused my eyes on it it opened up a description of the item. Like the trees would give me the name of it and some random fun facts about it. Even the durability of the tree before it would be knocked over. Which made it really easy to tell if some herbs and berries were poisonous. Though after a while it starts to make my head hurt. Which I couldn't tell if it was from some sort of MP system or if it just strained my brain focusing on items this much. The ability is useful but I think I'll stick to only using it if I need it.

It's weird that I've been walking around for what feels like an hour or so and I haven't found much. There didn't seem to be much in the sense of animals other than some birds and rabbits. But that was realistically it. Everything else was just overgrown plants that seemed to take over everything.

I'm really hoping that this means that there isn't some crazy predator that I need to worry about.

Huh? There's something wrapped around this tree branch. Adventurer's Marker? Thank you Appraising Eye because now I know that there are humans that come through this area.

Hold on actually. If adventurers come through this area then that means that there is something worth hunting for money. Meaning that if they came through here recently and left before we got here. Doesn't that mean we could get caught in some weird respawn rate?

Exactly as I had that thought beams of purple light appeared around me. As wolves started to spawn in around me completely surrounding me. Using the ability I copied I was able to find out that they were called Silver Fang Wolves. Which apparently had the unique skill Poison Bite. Such reassuring information.