Chapter 2:

Uh, don't you need some clothes?

Iron Wiedergänger

HOW!? Is this entire country a giant magic sealing area!? My magic is second to none! I can sense my own mana though, yet I'm the only one with mana. I will have to evaluate that. Though why are humans gazing at me oddly? Some of the males are even blushing and giving me lustful looks. Well, I am demonically beautiful. Especially now that I can take my original form once more.

Yes, my splendid body is on full display for all to see it's beauty...


Ugh, this is the worst! Now everyone has seen everything. The humiliation! I must procure garments immediately!

As I looked for garments, I felt my body and discovered something... disturbing. Upon groping my own breasts, a simulation along with erotic thoughts overtook my mind for a brief moment. In that moment, I learned of the erotic capabilities my new body possesses... Perhaps I will need to kill that human for placing such a curse on me.

Though first, I must procure garments, and what do you know, a display featuring a dress in my style. As I smashed the glass and snatched the red frilly dress, I was confronted by some men in blue uniforms.

"HEY! You can't just shoplift! Also you're nude! That's a crime too! We're taking you in!" one of them shouted.

Hoh? So are they the guards of this land? Well, I bow to no one.

"Heed my words foolish mortals! I am Vermilion Wiedergänger , the vampire queen!  You shan't best me, and I am taking this dress so I may wear it in style as I take over the world!" I declared.

I gave the fools no time to gawk as I let loose a mighty kick. To my shock, one of them countered easily.

"So this is the escaped android. Well, good thing she's weak."

"WEAK!? I will engulf you in a black hole! Consumer of worlds o' darkest of holes, Consume all I smite as well as all light. Tear up the land and return it to void, GARGANTUAN BLACK HOLE!"

The two guards immediately went pale with fear.

"Emergency! A black hole is encroaching Take shelter immediately!" a voice rang out. 


"Tch, of all the times. I lost track of time. Well, if she's just going to laugh like a lunatic, I say leave her," one guard groaned as he ran away.

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