Chapter 6:


Cinder Roots - A Treant's Tale

Smelling the smoke coming out of his hands, he lunged forward. The advance was so fast that most of the soldiers didn’t get any time to react. He tried to kick the red-robed man, but as he was one of the first that saw him coming, he jumped back, flying a few meters in the air. Instead, he grabbed the nearest soldier by the torso with one of his hands, crushing all its bones in a single, strong crush, while hammering another with a closed fist at the same time.

Most of them retreated a few steps, panic surging in their eyes. One, apparently the group’s leader, drew his sword. He struck his blade at his lower thigh, chipping the wood that made up his body. It hurt, but his natural defence held up the major chunk of damage.



Defiance in his face, the leader started making a motion with his blade. Before the man could finish the sword skill, he threw the burning body he held straight at his opponent’s face. The leader skillfully evaded, advancing again with the sword over his shoulder.

“Sendormist! Do a Fire Ray, I’ll finish him off!” The man said, his lips twitching with fury.

I can understand what he says... But now is not the time to think about this. Putting his fists up in a blocking stance, he awaited for the impact.

The red-robed man, hearing the call, closed together his fists behind his back, before doing a forward hand motion. A fire ray came out of his now open palms in his direction. It was fast hitting his chest with a blast.

Fire damage received was reduced

HP 150/200

Confusion was plastered on their faces as he began to recover from the spell. Out of the eleven, only a few enemies remained. With their morale shattered by the sudden surprise attack, most ran away. Analyze.

Dracian Sergeant

A squad commander enlisted by Dracia’s army

Level 3

Race Human

HP 90/150

Name Sendormist

Level 5

Race Human

Class Fire Mage

HP 110/110

Human… My friend was a human.

Using this unexpected outcome to his favor, he started to punch the leader’s body with his burning fists. The man was too close for a successful dodge. His enemy tumbled as the impact of his fists crushed the man's armor, breaking a beautiful hippogriff symbol.

The pure weight behind his fists were enough to make a small crater as he slammed the body, punching and punching without a pause. The man was already dead when he stopped.

He looked back to the small campfire. The red-robed man had left, along with the rest of other soldiers, vanishing into the night.

Kneeling down at the wet grass, a guttural scream of pain left his mouth. I… I’ve done it.

The feeling of emptiness was still inside his chest. He felt tired. I need to move on. He looked over at the morning sun. It was gorgeous. Yes, that’s right! I can explore the world now! I can… He held his head in his hands for a few minutes.

He put those thoughts away, realizing that a few new information screens appeared. Focus! I need to focus.

You’ve defeated an enemy with a higher level than you! +500 XP

You’ve defeated an enemy! +100 XP

You’ve defeated a non-kindled enemy! +5 XP

XP 855/500

Congratulations! You’ve leveled up!

XP to next level - 605/500

Your skill - Lesser Burning Hands - Leveled Up!

Lesser Burning Hands evolved into - Burning Hands -

Congratulations! You’ve earned the achievement “Night Terror”

Night Terror

By using the night as your cover, you’ve made a higher leveled enemy run away in terror. Opponents are more likely to fear you

You have 5 unspent status points. Do you wish to allocate?

What I should invest in? Maybe constitution? I know I was lucky to only lose 50 HP during that fight. They looked honestly surprised after I survived that Fire Ray. I guess I’m lucky I’ve got some fire resistance. This gave me a second opportunity to do a surprise strike at them, but what really gave me the upper hand was my strength, I’m sure of it. He decided.

+ 5 Strength

Now, what about my Burning Hands leveling up? He activated the skill a second time. It feels way hotter! Doing a few jabs in the air, he felt his wooden lips curl up into a smile. Yeah, I’ve got nothing to gain by just feeling sorry about myself. His confidence now restored, he looked up at the sky. The sun appeared on the horizon, illuminating the bodies that were on the ground.

He looked over his shoulder and saw a small village. Huh, didn’t notice that there. Following the path that led to the village, burnt houses began to cover his vision. Now I’m sure I really was lucky to have that fire resistance heh? He felt the wind on his back. I guess my friend lived here before… Before those other humans attacked. Why? Why they attacked? He pondered on this fact. Sure, I killed some of them, but it was justified, right? I’d never attack other trees, or treants for that matter… I think? I... I don’t understand.

The concept of killing was too new for him. He sat down and looked up at the sky again. This I understand. The sun’s warm light heated him.

“Hello there.”

He almost jumped as he heard someone speak. He turned only to find a human looking at him. Its grey hair was filled with all types of leaves. It was small. He knew humans were small creatures, taking by example the soldiers he fought, but this one was even smaller.

“I was wondering when you’d wake up. Name’s Anna”

Immediately getting his fists up in a battle stance, he Analyzed.

Name Anna

Level 13

Race Human

Class Elder Druid