Chapter 1:

That's why I hate High school

If I was Famous (Vol 1)

I'm Sho Tanaka, a third-year high school student. High school:- prime time of one's youth. During this, all types of new emotions start residing in teenagers. Some pursue their dreams, some go after their love, and some just enjoy their moments with their friends. After all, this is the last time they can truly enjoy themselves before going to a busy life. This is the only time in a person's life when they're carefree and tense together. They say, these are flavours of youth, Which someone like me can never understand. If people around me are shining due to the radiance of youth, then, I'm their shadow.

I'm in my third year of high school. I come to school, attend lectures and go home. During my first year, I hoped someone would come and talk to me. That's in the past, now I don't even talk to my classmates. To be precise I gave up on it getting any better. On my first day, I tried to get the contact info of everyone in the class. But most of them brushed me off and others replied for a few days but started ignoring my messages later. I texted them a few times but I felt like I was bothering them. So I stopped when they stopped replying. I know the problem was with me, I texted them hoping that they would talk to me when I went to school and didn't try to make any effort to talk to them. Slowly, everyone was in their separate groups and I was all alone. Thus, I decided and tried to isolate myself as much as possible. I intentionally skipped all the events where I needed to interact with someone. I did everything I could during my first two years and now I feel sick just thinking about the things I did. So I'm alone now, I spent two years alone, so doing that again, won't matter.

Thinking about this stuff I reached the school. I see all the new faces in my class. It's better than having someone I knew and making things awkward, I thought.

"Wow, we are in the same class this time."

"This year's gonna be fun."

Two girls were talking to each other happily about being in the same class when a third girl entered the class. She saw both of them and shouted,

"Mao, Umi!!..." 

"...oh, Yuki!" (Mao)

"We all are in the same class!" ( Umi)

"This year will be my best high school year." (Yuki)

All of them were celebrating their reunion, collision, get-together... what should I say?

'What? Is this a movie or something?' I thought.

Who would be whose friend was already decided, because everyone knew at least someone in the class. As for me, I already decided to not get in touch with anyone and it's not like I can even if I tried. This is the last year, so I shouldn't worry and pass by without making any fuss about it.

"What club are you in?"

"Track and field"

"Oh, that explains your muscle build"


"Come on, guys. You're embarrassing me."

"Look Kudo's face is turning red."

"Hey, what are you? A maiden in love?"

"Hey, Stop it." (Embarrassed tone)

Everyone started laughing. Soon the teacher arrived and everyone went back to their seats. After everyone settled down, the teacher continued,

"Alright class settle down... I'm Yukita Maru. Some of you already know me. I'll be your homeroom teacher this year."

Yukita Maru, the youngest teacher in our school, who is in her 20s and unmarried... What? How do I know that? She was my history teacher during my first year. I was sure she didn't even remember me. Even though I went through all the trouble of becoming every teacher's favourite student. My plan was simple if teachers like me, they will talk about me and then other students will have the urge to know me. But it failed, teachers never had an interest in me, they always asked the popular kids to do their work and I was always left behind. What's the difference between me and them? I still wonder.

"Tanaka-... Tana-... ka... Tanka."


While I was spacing out, the teacher called me. I stood up and in confusion stared at the teacher. Everyone was also looking at me,


'What did I do?'

"Introduce yourself..." Teacher said.

'Oh, that's what this is about.'

"My name is Tanaka Sho. You all can call me Sho or Tanaka, whatever you like."

'It's not like anyone will talk to me.'

I sat down without thinking much. Even the teacher was a little surprised by my introduction like she didn't expect this.

I sat down quietly and started looking outside the window. The teacher took a little pause and continued to the next student's introduction. I drowned in my thoughts once again and introductions were over in no time. I do not know if it's a good thing or bad, but I think I look intimidating when I don't speak, or maybe I'm overthinking it. There's no way of knowing if it's true or not. It doesn't matter either way. I'm not proud of it but it makes me live in peace because no one bothers me. Like they say,' If you know the joy of being alone, nothing can shatter you.'

After introductions, it was time to choose the class representatives, in short, CRs. Becoming CR is another way to gain fame among students. CRs play an important role in managing a smooth relationship between students and teachers. It's not that I did not try to become one during my first two years. Becoming a CR is another challenge and I utterly failed to do that.

'I only had one vote for me that was also my own.' *silent sob*

So I don't need to bother with it. Since I already know the results. I let out a sigh while thinking of the old times. I can't care less who becomes the CR.

"Do we have any nominees? We need one boy and one girl for the task."

Everyone was trying to avoid the eyes of the teacher. I can't blame them it was a job full of responsibilities and like them, I didn't want to get involved in it either.

'So, take this job already, someone!'

"Anyone?" The teacher asked while trying to maintain a smile.

"I want to do it."

I heard a female voice and through the corner of my eyes, I searched for the source of voice. The class was full of murmurs Because the one who said those words were none other than 'Hanako Yoshida', the goddess in flesh herself or as they say. Warm, hazel eyes that crinkle at the corners when she smiles. Messy, sun-kissed brown hair usually styled in a loose bun or ponytail. Petite built with an infectious, bubbly energy. There is no one more popular than her.

"Okay, Any-"

The teacher was about to say something but the class burst into noises.

"I can do it."

"I want to be CR."

"If she will be the Female CR then I can be the male CR."

"In your dreams, you will..."



The job that no one was willing to take is now the most demanding. What is this? Yoshida effect? While the class was in chaos I looked at Yoshida who was still standing. She peeked at me. When she noticed I was looking at her she started looking forward again. I also stopped looking at her.

'What was that?... I'm probably imagining things.'

I sat with my hand supporting my chin and let out a yawn. The teacher was confused about what she was supposed to do now. While I was resting my face, the teacher looked at me and then towards the class again. That caught me off guard.

'Is she angry that I'm relaxed in all this mess? '

"Okay, Okay. Quiet down... We won't go anywhere like this. First, tell me who wants to be CR one by one."

Mostly every boy wanted to be CR except those who had a girlfriend or going out with someone. But those were very few. Because most of the boys wanted to be CR, we couldn't settle this by voting. So the teacher came up with another method. I don't know the name of this method but I call it "Pick the slip method". The student's name is written on the slips, the teacher picks up the slip to ensure fairness, and the student whose name is listed on the slip will become CR. This is simple enough.

The teacher mixed slips and picked one slip from it. Everyone's eyes were locked on that slip of paper. The teacher opened the slip, looked at everyone, and stopped her glances at me. We were looking directly at each other. I checked my uniform and my surroundings to make sure she was looking at me. But she was, she was looking at me.

"...Tanaka will be the male class representative."

The class was shocked, but I was even more shocked. The only thing that came to mind was 'How!?...' I didn't give my name there. So how's there a slip of my name? Did someone give my name to play a prank on me?... Many questions and doubts came to my mind. The teacher looked a little uneasy.

'What? You weren't expecting me to be CR. Well, Guess what? Neither was I.'

I stood up to clearly say that there was something wrong with the slip and I didn't give my name.

"I didn't..."

When I stood up, everyone started clapping and I couldn't complete my sentence. I sat down without saying anything. I lost my chance to say. I looked at Yoshida and she pumped her fist.

'What are you happy about?'

"So, that's done. Is there any other candidate for female CR?"

No one else stood up.

"So it's decided, Yoshida will be the female CR. "

Everyone in the class clapped for us. I was still confused about how this even happened and becoming CR along with Yoshida gave me some negative attention from all the boys.

'I'm Screwed.'

"Alright, both CRs take from here."

Since I already tried to become a CR once, I studied things they usually do. So, doing the stuff won't be an issue. I didn't become one before, which is another thing. Me and Yoshida both came forward and stood in front of everyone in the class.

"Now then all that's left is to choose three event managers." the teacher said, "I'll leave this to you two now."

She smiled at me and sat on the chair which was on the side of the class. The teacher didn't leave the class but was there sitting, maybe to confirm if this would work out or not. I can't blame her, I don't look like someone good with this kind of work. But Guess what, I'm good, very good to be honest.

'I don't know why this is happening. The one who did this to me is probably laughing right now. So just watch me. I'll show you that you chose the wrong guy to mess with.'

I thought if I'm already in this mess then why not do everything properly?

"Alright everyone, we only need three students to fill in the position. So, let's do it quickly."

I said so, but no one seemed to be interested in it. Yoshida looked a little worried. I won't give up that easily.

"While we are at it, let me tell you some perks of becoming an event manager." Saying that I got everyone's attention, "...Have you ever felt like the class events till now weren't very awesome like there's something more you could have done to completely turn the dynamics of the event? If yes, then this is where you step in, you can make the event you dreamt of come true."

Everyone was blankly staring at me as if what I was talking about,

"... Guys this is our last year as a high school student. Don't you want to make it fun?"

While I was explaining how good this job is, I was also observing everyone. That's when I noticed, a girl who looked a little anxious. She was looking at her desk while raising her hand below her head and no one was able to notice it.

"Looks like we got our first person..." I pointed at her. Following the direction that I was pointing everyone noticed her.

'What was her name?'

Now, I wish I paid attention to those introductions earlier. I was confused about what to call her

".. so-"

"Airi Sato. Right?... great to have you on board." Yoshida wrote her name on black Board to make it official.

'Thanks, Yoshida.'

Thanks to Yoshida I didn't screw up.

"Okay, Now two more to go... Continuing its perks, not only you can get free food at the events you organize but also get discounts on the tickets to events that the school organises. That's not all, organising these events can help you make connections with people outside the school that can help you even after you graduate. If you're thinking of a college scholarship, it can help boost your resume as well..."

Someone raised his hand, Hiro Nakamura. How do I know his name? I mean, who wouldn't know him? He's always ranked first not only in his class but in his entire year. Someone whose name is always on the top, no way I'm gonna forget him. He has a lean build with simple, well-kept clothes that prioritize practicality over fashion. Kind eyes that convey intelligence and determination behind thin-rimmed glasses.

"So, Hiro Nakamura, it is..."

While I was writing his name on the blackboard. Suddenly Yoshida spoke,

"Ohk with this all the positions are filled..."

I turned back to see who was the last member. He had Warm, expressive eyes that conveyed a mix of curiosity and amusement, and crinkling at the corners when he smiled. A disarmingly genuine smile that can melt even the most guarded facades.

'Who is he? '

Yoshida wrote his name.

'Kai Chen... '

The teacher clapped her hands once and stood up.

"This concludes today's homeroom Class. If you have any doubts you can talk with CRs... Good luck, guys."

With that, the teacher left the classroom. I was also about to go back to my seat when Yoshida stopped me,

"Um... Sho."



I glanced at her. She wasn't looking directly at me. Her bangs covered her eyes. So I was unable to tell where exactly she was looking.

"... Yes?"

"Like we both are CRs now so..." I was wondering what was she getting at, "... Can we exchange our contacts... For work that is!"

So, that's what it's all about. Well of course, since we are both in this together, there's no harm in exchanging our contacts. Instead, this is good, we can communicate easily this way.

" Yeah, sure. "

" Huh? "

'What do you mean 'huh? '. You said to do it '

"what? "

" Ahh... Nothing."

This time she was looking directly at me. We exchanged our contacts. I saw her display profile (dp). A selfie with a cat. I couldn't tell who was more cute, she or the cat. I had my family photo as my DP. Although it was from when I was five years old. To be honest, I didn't have any decent photos to put on as DP. So this has been my DP for a while now. I didn't have anyone other than my family member's contacts. I put my phone in my pocket and left for my seat.

"OK then."


She didn't reply, she was just standing there looking at her phone. I saw her ears turned red, it made me look away. For some reason, I felt guilty looking at them.

'I saw something I shouldn't have.'

I ignored that and went back to my seat. After a while, she snapped out of her phone, looked around and went back to her seat as well.

Becoming a CR was not something I was expecting on my very first day. These kinds of unexpected events are the reason why I hate high school.

'I want to go home.'

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