Chapter 0:

Prologue- The saga of Seven Heavenly Virtues



“Long ago, there once existed a tyrannical demon king who ruled the underworld with an iron fist. After conquering and making the demons to do his bidding, he set his eyes on the quest to conquer the mortal realm.

The cruel demon king unleashed his bloodthirsty demons on the mortal world where they massacred millions of human beings. They killed and feasted on the flesh of humans and their hunger knew no bounds.

For centuries the humans lived a peaceful life and their art of war had been dulled. The army of footsoldier and mages couldn’t defeat the demons to who the demon king had bestowed his power.

Kingdom after kingdom fell like a deck of cards, just like that.

Human beings were now mere prey and the demons quickly became the top of the food chain.

The demon king stationed at his castle watch and enjoyed the pitiful state of human beings as his minions ravaged the mortal realm.

On the brink of extinction, the remaining humans gathered at the sanctuary of Deloris. This was a shrine build on the top of the mountain which also became the place where the humans took their final stand.

The survivors belonged to different kingdoms or what remained of it.

The demon army had started to lay a siege around the sanctuary and tried to ram down the gates.

It seemed that they could do nothing and just wait to meet their untimely death at the hands of those demons.

The only thing they could do was pray and hope for a miracle.

Just when the sanctuary lit up alight brightly.

A tall divine figure appeared with a pair of large light wings that glowed brightly.

The divine entity said the gods had taken pity and send him to aid the humans. It said he was one of the archangels who came to lend humankind the strength of the gods to fight back the demons and defeat the tyrannical demon king.

The archangel then picked 7 human beings and bestowed them the power of the seven archangels each. The archangel pronounced these seven heroes to be the seven heavenly virtues and tasked them to end the reign of the evil tyrannical demon king.

The archangel then disappeared shortly after.

The morale of humankind was returned to full throttle. The seven heroes then started to lead a counter-attack against the demons.

The heroes gifted with divine powers slaughtered the demons in a blink of an eye. In a minute the demons that laid siege were laid to rest and the siege was thwarted.

Now the seven heroes lead the charge and started going offensive against the demons. The only way to end the war was to cut the root of the problem.

So they marched onward pushing and slaughtering demons and entering the underworld from where the demons came.

The demon king seeing suddenly 7 humans with powerful divine power was quite surprised. He unleashed 100 thousand demon army upon the heroes. Although the seven heavenly virtues turned the demons into mincemeat.

The heroes battled and marched for 5 days non stop before reaching the footsteps of the demon king’s castle.

There the demon king’s seven powerful generals awaited to welcome the heroes.
These seven generals were the seven deadly sins the complete opposites.

Once again the seven heavenly virtues clashed with the seven deadly sins and a fierce battle took place once again.

This fight went on for 3 days and 3 nights without either side ready to take a defeat.

Despite the seven heroes were at quite a disadvantage as the seven sins.

On the 4th night, finally, the seven heavenly virtues managed to get victory over the seven deadly sins proving the good always triumphs evil.

At last, the cunning demon king finally got off his throne and stepped on the battlefield. The demon king was eagerly watching the heroes and studied their abilities and fighting techniques all this time. Not to mention the heroes were heavily injured during the fight with the sins.

Although the heroes had no time to think about their injuries or the exhaustion as the adrenaline-filled their mind with rage as they saw the demon king. They carried the burden and the anger of the millions of humans who met their untimely death on their shoulders.

There was no room to take rest, it was either to fight or die.

The seven heroes then once again engaged in the fierce battle with the demon king. The fatigue had weakened their body but the only thing they were still fighting on was pure adrenaline and the emotions of rage in order to avenge the deaths of millions of human beings.

Although, the cold-hearted demon king had studied their fight and figured out heroes fighting patterns and skills. He easily dodged their attacks and counter-attacked. After playing with heroes for some time, he started to unrevealed his true power and began an onslaught over the poor fatigued heroes.

The seven heroes became mere playthings of the demon king before his powers. He wasn’t the demon king for nothing.

The demon kings attacked with powerful spells in his arsenals and tested them on heroes for the mere fun of it. He was using enough powerful spells that would not kill the heroes while keeping them barely alive.

The glimmer of hope started to dim and the heroes were also at the mercy of the demon king.

Just when the first hero and the eldest hero who was chosen by the archangel, made a dangerous decision. He challenged the demon king on a game of strength where the two will take turns in hitting one another with their most powerful strike until one of them dies. He also made an oath that no heroes will intervene in this game until the two contestants are still alive.

The demon king was rather amused by this surprising game that the eldest hero put on. He accepted in one condition that he would be the first one to make the first strike. The eldest hero accepted and stood tall in front of the demon king.

The demon king gathered his evil miasma and gathered his mana in his hands as he laughed. The eldest heroes stood proudly with his arms crossed and his eyes shut calmly.

The six heroes on her knees watched this impatiently but couldn’t intervene because of the oath. They gritted their teeth and blood flow through their mouth as they watched helplessly.

The demon king unleashed his attack without any shred of mercy. The strong blast engulfed the eldest hero and the loud blast was strong enough even to shatter the portion of the castle walls. Pile of rocks and rubble flew all over and a strong gust of wind pushed the six heroes back.

The demon king laughed as he proudly boasting about his power.

Soon the dust settled in and they could see the eldest hero who was still alive but with just one leg and one arm. He also had a hole in his abdomen and had lost one of his kidneys.

The demon king was surprised to see that he was still alive and standing.

But soon the eldest hero fell on his knee coughing blood. The six heroes rushed to his aid but he screamed,

“Don’t dare to sully my name, great heroes. I might have lost two limbs and some organs but, as long as I can breathe I can still fight. Try to intervene and I shall raise my blade against you heroes.”

Saying so the eldest hero once again got up on his one leg with the help of his sword.

The demon king laughed with contempt at the pitiable state of the eldest hero.

He opened his arm telling him to do his worst with a smug smile.

The eldest hero started to leap forward with his one leg and sword in his arm. The sword started to glow brightly all of a sudden. The eldest hero used a forbidden technique and gave a devastating blow to the demon king. The eldest hero’s body disintegrated with that same strike giving the heroes an opening.

As soon as the eldest hero disintegrated the remaining six heroes hurled and attacked the demon king. Baffled demon king couldn’t recuperate from the eldest hero’s strike and neither could he withstand the onslaught of the six heroes with their rage and mixed emotions.

The eldest hero not only created an opportunity for the other heroes, but he also gave the six heroes time to get some rest while playing the game. This was enough to turn the tables.

The demon king was finally defeated and laid to rest. The remaining six heroes brought back the remains of the eldest hero to the mortal realm. The emotions were all over the place, they were happy because of the victory and sad for the great losses that had occurred.

The six heroes then started helping humankind to rebuild back what they had lost. After a few years, it was found that a new seventh heavenly virtues hero was reborn into the world. He was the reincarnation of the eldest hero. The six heroes rejoiced this moment and also came to know that the seven heavenly virtues power will remain even after the passing of the heroes, to stabilize peace in this mortal realm.

Thus the saga of the seven heavenly virtues has been passed down for centuries and millennia to come.

The saga of the Seven Heavenly Virtues


A tall mysterious shady person wearing black robes standing in a dim room. The floor was covered with mist thick enough that one can’t even see his feet.

The mysterious person held a scythe in one hand, and anyone can tell it was no human being. His hand was made of bones without a speck of flesh.

On the other hand, he had the book opened with the title ‘Saga of the Seven Heavenly Virtues’.

He shut the book with his bony fingers and in that very moment, the book disappeared in a poof in thin air.

“So what do you think of this amazing tale about the Seven Heavenly Virtues, Kenneth?” asked the mysterious creature in a deep tone.

In front of him was a man tied up in chains. His both arms were tied to two iron pillars beside him and his legs were locked in the ground with a mysterious yellow glowing boulder.

The man was bare naked and covered in cuts and bruises all over his body.

He hung his head down and didn’t respond to the creature’s question. He sat on his knees motionlessly.

The creature got closer to the man tied in the chains,
“Or should I call you, the former demon king?”

The man finally raised his head and looked dead in the eye,

“Is this some new hobby you picked Azrael? Reading bedtime stories, really?” replied the man in chains, Kenneth.

Kenneth let out a sigh and raised his head.

“So you are here then I should presume that Nine thousand years of waiting is finally over, huh?” he asked with a grin.