Chapter 1:

Panic in the Realm of Azilus


After the end of the Great War, peace was once again restored to the world.
The Humankind worked together and rebuilt their homelands once again.
Thankfully there were other surviving humans who had taken shelter in different areas and survived miraculously.

Meanwhile, the remaining Six heroes then lead their people. They then separated from one another and started to lead the people back to their homelands. They once again restored fallen cities and kingdoms. The heroes after restoring cities would then appoint a new royal family, giving rise to new kingdoms.

Meanwhile, most people settled down around the sanctuary of Deloris. Which soon became a large city which later became a holy pilgrimage site. Soon the city became a new nation, now known as the Delorian Empire.

The scar of the great war has long since healed past the 9000 years. Although, Humankind had now excelled in the art of war and combat alike. Right now they were more than ready to take down any Demon King and his army if they tried to invade the mortal realm.

But they would have not anticipated the former demon king would be coming back after 9000 years. Not to mention the former demon king now would have a body like the mortal humans, even harder to figure it out.

Although Kenneth would have a human body and his magical mana sealed;
Will the former Demon King, Kenneth Icarus Negrowrath Gracious pose any threat to humankind?

Would Kenneth try to get revenge?
Or did Kenneth’s defeat by the Seven heavenly Virtues give a new meaning to his way of life?


July 5th,
AD 590.

A very ominous aura had surrounded the skies, the animals and birds were quite restless. Birds soared the sky rushing from place to place without a destination in their mind. Wolves howled in the middle of the day for no reason.

Even the domestic animals around the village acted all crazy for some reason.

The people noticed something bad was about to occur.

Usually, the animals act in strange ways whenever a great calamity was about to occur. Animals often tend to predict natural disasters like upcoming storms or Earthquakes before they could actually occur.

But this time it was different.
Usually, animals get restless where a storm or earthquake was about to occur. Meanwhile, earthquakes and storms happen in only a particular region.

This time, the animals and birds around the world were restless at the same time.
This was indeed pretty strange even for the top mage scholars were baffled.

The only such event ever recorded was the time when the demon king’s army had entered the mortal realm.


A man dressed in a long white robe wearing a silly-looking red hat seemed to be in a rush. He carried a scroll in his hand which seemed quite important.

He rushed through the long hallway while trying not to trip over his robes while walking.

“Lord Yustius? I got an urgent report.” cried out the strange guy in a silly hat.

He then opens a heavy door and charged in.

To the man’s surprise, there stood a young man who laid on the bed was surrounded by young girls in skimpy clothes. The man was in his pajamas and was shirtless as the girls fawned around in his arms.

The man in a silly hat was surprised and averted his eyes in shyness.

“What is this, scholar Ropa? You have no decency to knock.” said the young man.

The guy in the silly hat was named Ropa, who was a scholar.
The white robes and red hats were a standard uniform that scholars wore in the Delorian Empire.

Scholar Ropa bowed his head,
“I am really sorry my lord. But this is a very urgent matter that I must report myself.”

The young man on the bed was Lord Yustius.

Yustius chuckled,
“Report can wait. Wanna join in the fun, Ropa?” he then turned to his girls, “Show Mr. Ropa a good time, will you?”

The girls got out of bed and started fawning over the old man Scholar Ropa.
Ropa got quite flustered as the girls touch his face and body.

Yustius laughed from his bed as he saw flustered Ropa with a red face.

But suddenly Ropa snapped out of it and shoved the girls aside.
“Please forgive me, girls.”

Yustius eyebrows twitched,
“Hey now. That’s not how you treat such delicate and lovely ladies.”

Ropa stepped forward and got on his knees.
“Forgive my rudeness but please read this report.” cried out Ropa as he stretched the scroll in his hand while being seated on his knee.

Yustius let out a sigh.
One of the girls took the scroll from Ropa and brought it to Yustius.

“What a shame, Scholar Ropa. You could have had a really good time with these girls and finally get rid of your virginity,” replied Yustius with a smug look.

Ropa although maintained a stern look as he seriously glared at the scroll.

Yustius was quite taken back with the reaction,
“So let’s see what got you so riled up today.” saying so Yustius opened the scroll.

It took about a brief minute until Yustius could go through the contents in the scroll.
Yustius calm look distorted and his eyes widened.

He looks at Scholar Ropa,
“Are you sure what it says here, is really true?”

Scholar Ropa removed his hat,
“Sir, I swear on my headmaster’s life. The contents of this letter are the whole truth. We got confirmation from every other scholar from other kingdoms as well.”

Yustius then got up from his bed,
“Well things are getting interesting huh,” said Yustius as a wide smile appeared on his face,
“I was rather bored anyway, but I guess now I could finally have some action.”

Yustius Graze is the hero of Abstinence representing One of the Seven Heavenly Virtues.


July 5th
AD 590.

Around noon, the animals and birds became quite restless all around the world for apparently no reason. This riled up the scholarly community that studies animals and birds. They signaled that another demon army might raid the mortal realm known by the human as Azilus.

The kingdoms warned each other and fortified their defenses, ready to launch a counterattack even on the slightest note of invasion.

Although there seemed to be nothing out of the ordinary other than animals howling and panic all over the world.

Just when a solar eclipse occurred that overshadowed Nefelhiem, Restolia, Morgud, and some parts of the Delorian empire were also affected.

The solar eclipse lasted about approx three minutes before the eclipse passed on.

As soon as the eclipse passed by the animals were back to normalcy. And nothing out of ordinary happened that day.

The kingdom still kept a standby just in case but they waited an entire day nothing had happened. There was no demon army insight.

Although, the peculiar solar eclipse was quite mysterious.
The solar eclipse wasn’t normal because the moon was not in the alignment to create this eclipse. The astronomers were baffled and scratched their minds and theorized that some meteor might be the cause of such an eclipse.

Although, the scale at which the eclipse occurred suggested that a meteor would be as big a planet to create such a wide-scale eclipse. This meteor might be even bigger than our moon itself. Although such a large scale meteor was in no way would have gone unnoticed by the highly skilled astronomers.

But the eclipse also increased the natural mana that disrupted the magical beasts living in the affected region. Other than that there was nothing out of unordinary that had happened.

This strange anomaly was then just shrugged off like a strange event, eventually just to be forgotten.

But during that eclipse, a strange naked man fell from the sky and crash-landed through the roof of a church in a remote village in the Kingdom of Nefelhiem.