Chapter 19:

The Point of No Return (Epilogue)

White Parasite

A few months later, Will's funeral happened. Meghan had no words or tears to offer her boyfriend, just solemn condolences. So did everyone else.

"I'm alright," she kept mumbling to herself.

'I'm alright.' That was how everyone was after that incident on the outskirts of the city.

Christie's eyes were red and puffy, but that wasn't because of Will - it was Luna. La Luna may have stuffed up their lives to the point of no return, but Christie had still lived and worked with the fox for two years.

Just before Christie's first orb collection mission, Luna had confessed to her that it was an entity - not quite a god, but close enough. An entity made from people's goodwill, which meant that since many people's goodwill had been broken at once, it was enough to undo Luna and everything it had done.

It had wanted to understand humans and their need for separations, to the point where when it disappeared, it had learnt to identify as female.

'I'm alright.' Presumably the group from the other dimension had gone back, but since no powers existed, there was no way or need to communicate anymore.

Presumably, those teens of Step Up were out of jobs (for the moment) and normal lives. As much as those government-hired guys could get of "normal lives", anyway.

'I'm alright.' Hazuki and Toshifumi had reluctantly moved back into their parents' house, leaving behind their insular past in that suffocatingly small apartment. They no longer had to rely on Meghan for their money, but their identity documents were reflecting who they were two years ago and not who they were now.

...That meant going back to school for both of them. Hazuki didn't look forward to that, but the police had decided to leave a training spot aside for him. Meanwhile, Toshifumi went back to his second year of university and, for some reason that no one could comprehend, became quite popular.
Christie was not alright, though.

She dropped out of high school and hitchhiked all over the world, having been abandoned by her parents as soon as her identity documents had vanished. Hazuki only saw her once every few years now.

However, every time she came back, she seemed to get better.

The forum that had been set up for magician and anchor communication no longer existed - it was highly likely Luna had made that appear too, but Christie kept quiet about it whenever she came back.

Nothing had been the same since Luna had arrived, and nothing was ever the same again...

...but that was how life worked, right?

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