Chapter 0:


Rain and happiness? (concept)

                                Chapter 1: Rain

I live in a old rusty container.

As always i wake up late,near to 8 A.M

Normally i just stay home, if i have enough food,but today some rats have eaten my box bread.

I took my backpack,it has inside a Luger P08,a German pistol never used,it was in an abandoned museum in Yamato.

I never used a weapon,but i think i know how it works i only bring my pistol just in case,also i only have 5 bullets. 

I have also a small stove and combat knife to hunt small animals,but i usually prefer to just loot in stores,because it's hard to hunt.

I opened the rusty door from the container,it made a lot of noise,but i didn't care.

The last person i have seen was 2 months ago,he was like a militar.

He didn't kill me,even if looked at each other,normally they kill other people to steal their loot.

But that's not the real problem,what i'm really worried about is if i can find food today. 

"Well it's time to go out!" i said for myself with a loud voice,like if i want to motivate a group...

After 4 hours of search

I didn't found anything,so i decided to walk more,my body was heavy for the fatigue,but i had to eat something.

I decided to walk for more than 2 hours,it was already to late to return home 

Finally found some canned food,they were expired for almost than 6 months.

I was with a sad looking because i was really hungry

"Who cares, i'm eating it!!!!!!"

"Please canned food be meat,be meat!"

 I said with a tone of excitement and nerves.

Oh it wasn't,it was a cocktail fruits can,i really wanted something that can warm my belly,but once i open the can i have to finish it.

I smelled the can,it had a slightly bad smell,probably because it was expired,but i didn't really care.

I puked

"Uh,Uh,Uh" I couldn't breath well,my eyes were so heavy,i really repented myself to eat expired food.

10 minutes later

With a tired looking and weak body i decided to sleep in a small store nearby,i couldn't even walk.

"Uh,were is my blanket?" I said with a weak voice

I forgot my blanket,it was very cold,i tried to cover my self with my backpack...

Next day 4 A.M

In a very cold atmosphere,raining and 

"I can't sleep,it's very cold,someone please help me,uhh"

I said with a weak and depressive voice

I couldn't breath,i didn't know if it was because i was sick or for the cold air.

This happened to me because i'm a antisocial i never wanted to cooperate with someone.

"A lot of people created groups,after the the ugly creatures appeared ,if i just talked with someone i... I just... I just ,i ..."   

I said crying with my mouth almost closed,for me i was talking but there was no sound for my part

My throat froze, i can't talk.

My tears hurt me,i feel that i cry blood.

Well if i think dying is better than eating canned food for all my whole life...

In another place nearby at 3:30 P.M

"Just in case unlock the safe from your gun"

 Said an armed man with an high tone


Says a girl with complaints

"You should be happy instead only saying ok, thanks to me you are not risking your life"

The girl just stays silent

"Don't worry we didn't see any cute person" 

"What do you mean?" 

Asked him disinterestedly

"Are you interested???"


With a forced smile

"(Now i can breath,he talk and ask to much but i don't want to answer)" 

After the armed guy talks for 1 hour while walking,they take a breath

"Just 1 more hour of patrol and way home!" 

"How can you talk that perfectly after talking to much..."

"Well i never told this to anyone but i sang opera" 

Answering the obvious question that was not literal...


"Ugh...What a boring girl..."

"Well what did you bring to eat?"

"Some sort of alien food"

"You still eating what they give us to eat?You have to be healthy!"

"I don't really care it's still food"

The girl answers while chewing the food.

"(This girl is not very womanly)"

The man while looking at her chewing with the mouth open

30 minutes after the break at 16 P.M


The girl starts to get cold while walking and hugging herself

"One hour left,don't worry but i can't lend you my jacket"

Says the man with humor like he tried to make a joke

"I think it's better to work alon..."

"Wait,verify another time if your weapon is unlocked,i see blood in this old store"

Says the armed guy,his behavior changed immediately

"Stay nearby little girl i go first"

The girl reacts with a dumb looking at what he said

"Little girl he says... I can use a weapon..." 


"It's safe look at this"

"What it is?"

We can see a girl with a lot of blood that if coming from her mouth

"A girl seems to have choked on her own blood"


"She died due to cold,i don't see any bullet or deep wound"

Said the man while breathing heavily

"She isn't dead,and we better take out the stove,you breath like a pig"

Says while looking at the unconscious  girl

"Ok but what do you mean she isn't dead?"

Asks while turning on the stove

"She is breathing weakly"

She says while checking her respiration 

"Can we save her or not?"

She asks to the armed man

"If you can save her in this 30 minutes that we have left ok..."

Says the armed man half confused after looking at the bad state of the unconscious girl

"Pass me her backpack,that's in your left"

"I never knew that side of you"

He says with a smiling look while passing her the backpack of the unconscious girl

"Ok she have's a portable camping stove,a knife and...,a german gun?!?"

"Why are you surprised? Those guns were sold to the russians ,but russians gifted them to Japan"

"I thought Japan wasn't friend with Russia ..."

"Well the 3rd world only lasted 6 months,that's because a team of Russians and Japanese cooperated to create the perfect man"

"What do you mean?"

"There's a lot of versions,but i think my version is the real one,the Russians and Japanese scientists decided to give to some persons a supposed virus that can give us strength and precision but instead they accidentally created a virus that generates random unknown cells,Russia gifted the old unused weapons to Japan as small apology"

"So that's why the population has highly diminished?"

The girl asks with interest

"Probably,for sure they told you after washing your brain that is just a normal virus that caused all the earth decrease,but then 'How the creatures appeared?' for sure did you ask yourself this"

"I think i trust your version,i thought before you were just a machine to annoy me"

Says the girl with a little smile

"Well i'm not sure if it's the real version but well i'm happy you liked it"

The unconscious start to puke blood heavily

"What do i do?!?"

Says nervous the armed guy

"Wait i think she haves something on her throat,water,give me water to see what does she have!"


The girl puts water on her mouth while she puts the flash from her phone

"Her throat was completely frozen,but the stove heat made her breath warm air..."

"And then why she is puking blood?!?!"

"I said her throat was completely frozen then instantly warmed!You know?Better let's save her,by cutting her vocal cords,because they're already fucked up"

"Are you crazy?!You were studying the doctorate in the past or what???"

Says the armed guy while moving away 

"I don't know what i'v done in my past,well she will probably never going to talk again,because i'm saving her throat with just some tiny emergency scissors"

"Crazy girl...!"

Says while looking away the "homemade" operation

"After i start to save her, my name is Rain, well at least the name i named myself" 

"You finally told me your name...Well then you can call me now Satorou instead of 'you' or 'hey' " 

"Why do you say 'finally'? We literally got together in a mission for the first time, i didn't even know you" 

Says while cutting her vocal cords with no fear

"she scares me, I didn't anesthetize her and she doesn't even move from the pain" 

"Rain, is she even breathing? “

" Yes, that's why i'm scared, wait can you take her hat off, it's getting already warm with the stove,so more heat doesn't help"

She says while concentrating on cutting the vocal cords

"No problem" 

He takes her hat off, the thin white hair of the unconscious shows up

"She is beautiful,don't tell me she is an albino?"

Rain moves her hair aside with her other free hand while surprised

"How can her hair be that thin, if she seems defeated..." 

"Rain i'm impressed that you can talk and work at the same time, for sure you have done this in the past" 

"Probally, but i still don't understand why they made me forgot this..." 

"i think they washed the brain to people that had trauma past, because those creatures killed a lot of famillies, for example for me they didn't wash my brain" 

"Well i think i'm done with her" 

While Rain saves into her backpack her first aid utensils she wipes her sweat with the girls blood

"She scares me with that blood from her mouth..." 

"Don't your name mean a behaved person?" 

"Well I've never seen to much blood in my life" 

"Can your carry her ?" 

"Yeah but let's better clean her,and also the floor, this pieces of her meat scares me" 

"It's not said 'meat'..."