Chapter 1:

Only my voice

Rain and happiness? (concept)

8 P.M

In a half-destroyed apartment after they finished the mission...

Rain waves to Satorou...

"I bring your supplies part tomorrow,i go home it's late"

Says while looking with a restless smile at Rain...

"Don't worry she will be alright for sure,but just bring some pills tomorrow to treat her, the cut I made her was quite rough,i will just make sure she does not swallow her blood"

Satorou looks at the girl,she is slightly bleeding from her mouth

"You know,i call a group to bring you the supplies,don't worry they work always at night!And you not going to tell me no,because it's for her own good!"

Rain looks at him with neutral expression,and then she looks back at the girl

"You know,i wanted to bring my supplies part by my self,I didn't want to bother you, but if you do me that favor I would appreciate it"

"Don't act polite with me,you can ask me whatever you want!"

Says Satorou with joy

"Ok then you can go tell them now"

"Ok...But i didn't say to act that freely with me... (Now she's giving me orders haha...)"

Rain goes outside the door of her apartment and waves for the 2nd time at Satorou while yawning

"(I can't sleep i have to wait for the supplies)"

"(Well let's put her to rest)"

The door slams and the lock closes...

"Uh???Is she awake???Wait, no no no no,i thought you were tired open the door!"

Rain waits for an answer...

"(Wait i forgot,i had to cut her vocal cords...)"

"Hey if you can hear me,please open the door,it's so cold outside,we .. we found you in extremely low temperatures,i just...I have rescued you,so please open the door."

A very loud silence,we hear only the wind,after 10 seconds of silence...

"Hello??? (Don't tell me it was just the wind?No no,then who locked the door).Well can i co..."

We hear a sound of a magazine getting inside a weapon,then a we ear a loud shot and the bullet goes through the door just near Rain thigh almost grazing her


Rain take cover with a wall behind,then we hear another 3 shots,all these shots going through the door then hitting a wall that's close to the apartment

We hear a loud silence for more than 5 min

"(Is she out of bullets?Hopefully i have all my bullets with me,but my weapon is inside unloaded, i don't remember having any extra magazine inside my apartment)"

Rain looks at a toolbox near the door she goes silently towards

"(I think i left inside a crowbar,the door is only made with forged plastic,so i think i can force the door)"

Rain silently puts the crowbar at a spot in the door,while preparing her self

"(Ok i still don't know if she haves some bullets left,just hope she rates,i think her german gun had a max magazine for 12 or 18 bullets,if she used 4 she haves probably 14 left before reloading. Ugh i had to take the weapon with me instead letting it inside her backpack)"

Rain prepares herself to use all her strength to push the crowbar so she can force the door


Rain successfully force the door,she looks at the hall and sees the tired girl crying of fear while sitting against the wall pointing her with the gun

"Don't shot plea..."

The girls finger push the trigger,the bullet hit Rain,it does not penetrate but grazes Rain's leg a lot.


We hear the trigger being pulled several times...

"Now you out of bullets ?!?!"

Rain runs towards her,picks the weapon and throws it

The girl is crying of fear,Rain makes eye contact with the other girl,Rain looks to the other girl,she has heterochromia eyes,the right eye is deep and blue and her left eye is green and dark.

"So you are really an albino?I've never seen an alb..." 

The girl gets up and runs clumsily towards a room to hide.

"(Well i think i can let her take a breath,even if she tries to escape she can't,she's so tired,just hope the supplies come)"

Rain goes into her her kitchen, she takes a cold box placed in an air leak and takes some chicken thighs.

She starts cooking...

1h34 later


It's heard someone knocking the door 3 times

Rain take her pistol SFP9 while approaching the door

"Who is it?"

"Open we brought you your supplies"

Says a young man

"We don't want to disturb, we will leave it next to the door"

Says a girl...

"What are you saying,I'm thirsty let's take a break please. Hey let us in we brought you the supplies...!"

"Not my fault if you lost your bottle in the way,sorry my buddy is an asshole"

Rain opens the door and carefully look at them,a tall girl near 170cm,and a young man,he is like me in height

"You can take a water bottle from the supply box..."

Says Rain...

"Thanks ,you rock!"

"Sorry i think you can't take a break inside,because I have a guest...But you can have this instead"

Rain brings something in smalls aluminium boxes

"It's some chicken with potatoes,it's still hot,you can eat it in the way"

"Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience"

"No,i'm who should ask thank you,i really needed the supplies.(As i see the girl is so polite but doesn't bother to insult is buddy,instead him,he is so unpolished..."

"Thanks for the bottle of water, bye!"

"Bye and thanks the ugly and tall guy for my part"

"No problem,but i have a question if it doesn't bother,why is your leg bleeding"

"(I forgot to threat my wound)Oh nothing to worry,i'll forgot to put my gun in safe..."

"Ok well no problem,bye"

The tall girl waves and leaves with his buddy

Rain takes the supply box inside the apartment and looks the door with key instead only the safety

"Hey white hair girl are you awake?"

"Well i made some food if you want,but first i must heal you,i did it fast when you were unconscious because you almost choke with you own blood"

Rain approaches the door where the albino girl has hidden

"I'm opening the door!"

While she shouts slightly...

Rain opens the door,she tries to find the albino girl,then she sees a spot behind her closet,Rain approaches and she sees the albino girl covered with Rain clothing,she breathes"

"Are you sleeping...Wait my clothing...(It's now full of blood...Well at least i think i can heal her now at least,i just put her some anesthesia and make her eat a sleeping pill)"

Rain goes into the supply box and takes out some medical tools and pills...Then she goes another time to the room

"Well how can i make you take the pill..." 

Rain looks at her lips, while she lifts her fonger and touch her lips... 

"ok prepare yourself..." 

Says with a slightly evil smile

2 min later

The girl awakes after Rain forces her swallowing the pill... 

"Stop moving it's for your own good!"

The albino girl hides in another room after Rain tried to make her take the pill by making her swallow the pill instantly by approaching the pill into the throat with her finger... 

"(I know wsta sensation, surely she felt like throwing up... Ugh...Well i think there is no option i only had one...)"

Rain opens the door of her other room throws and throws something


A gas starts to spread into the room,Rain closes the room so she can't escape

"(I'm sorry for you but you still bleeding)"

After 4 minutes she opens the door and the kitchen window so the gaz spreads

"Uh?Look at you now you can't mov...

Rain looks at her face,the albino looks tired and her face is red of tears while she breaths softly

"Now we would say i'm a bully...With her perfect and cute face"

Rain puts her some anesthesia and starts to cut the final parts she didn't cut with a special tool that allows her to cut by looking with a small screen the inside to her mouth

She puts some latex gloves then starts sewing where she cut her vocal cords and puts a product to stop the bleeding

"(Since when i knew about this world of healing people,well thanks to her i remember that i was good into this.)"

Rain starts to put her medical stuff inside the box and throws her latex gloves to a paper bin

"(Normally it has a 40 min effect and it took me like half an hour plus the 4 min to make her sleep she will be awake in 6 min)"

Rain opens the saucepan and serves the hot food in the plate,suddenly something 'pops' into her head

"(Wait she can't really eat food,or at least normal food,i have to make her a soup)"

She rans into the supply box and start to find what food it's inside

"(Vegetables...No i don't have blender,please something that we doesn't need to blend...)"

Rain throws accidentally a box with a cereal size,she approaches while she is walking on her own legs.

"Instant Ha-Ri-Ra,is this a soup?Well of i see it's in powder,you know i better open it and try,she'll be awake soon"

Rain puts the harira inside the boiling water she prepared before?

"(It smells so good!!It was like soup.But wait..)

She puts the soup covering the hole of the air leak

"(That air leak saved a lot of my food more than one time,just like a fridge...)"

Rain goes and open the door where the other girl was inside

"Hey it's time for you to eat someth... Uhhh?!?!? What are you doing with my ...!!!!"