Chapter 15:

Vol. 2 Ch. 6 Weird Eyes


Chapter 3Bookmark here

Weird EyesBookmark here

"What are you saying?! I decline! I won't put the princess in danger!"Bookmark here

"Just like I thought, my Yuusha has a mental disorder."Bookmark here

"Onii-chan! I'm scared!"Bookmark here

I patted Heallie on the head while she shouted.Bookmark here

This princess has a foul mouth. Did her 'pure princess' act finally wear off and the 'her' right now is the real her?Bookmark here

"Ummm....Sir...Yuusha?"Bookmark here

"Pallie, just call me Nameless. You're one of the people who I consider respectable, so please call me Nameless."Bookmark here

"Nameless, why would you suggest that? Seems that you have a plan... But sorry, I won't put the princess life in danger so we decline"Bookmark here

"I don't have a plan yet, but we can do it."Bookmark here

I looked at Pallie seriously.Bookmark here

"So you're saying, the Princess, and her royal knight can't even pay back someone who almost died saving them?"Bookmark here

"Bu-but still!"Bookmark here

"So how will you repay me for saving your lives?"Bookmark here

"U-Ummm..."Bookmark here

Pallie put her hand on her chin and closed her eyes, after a few seconds she opened them again.Bookmark here

"I will be your slave my entire life!"Bookmark here

A slave huh?Bookmark here

"Hooo? So you think just you being a slave will compensate for the value of a princess' life?"Bookmark here

"Please... I just don't want to put my princess in danger."Bookmark here

Pallie as a slave... thats something good.Bookmark here

If I have her, I can hunt monsters easily, and also, she can help me with my jobs.Bookmark here

"Hmmmm..."Bookmark here

"Onii-chan! If you're mean to Pallie, then I won't call you Onii-chan anymore!"Bookmark here

"Noooooo! Anything but that!"Bookmark here

"So you're taking up my offer."Bookmark here

"*sigh* if you really don't want to... then you can become my slave."Bookmark here

"What?! You're going to take my Royal Knight away from me?"Bookmark here

"Hmmm? You want to be slaves with her?"Bookmark here

"Wha?!"Bookmark here

"Cry-sama, it's okay... it's for your honor and your safety..."Bookmark here

"Wait, Pallie, before you become my slave, you need to answer at least one of my 10 questions correctly to prove yourself worthy, don't worry, it's all about the Moon Kingdom."Bookmark here

"A test? Fine... I accept!"Bookmark here

After 10 questions, Pallie dropped down on all fours.Bookmark here

"I-I didn't know that I know nothing about our own kingdom..."Bookmark here

"Hmpf, so now you see your worth."Bookmark here

"But still! Please!"Bookmark here

Pallie bent down on her knees, put her hands together, then looked at me with her glowing blue eyes that looked like an animal that wanted something and almost crying.Bookmark here

Heallie let go of me and stepped backed.Bookmark here

"From now on, I will call you Yuu-chan again..."Bookmark here

"Noooo! Pallie! Stand up!"Bookmark here

"Yuu-chan."Bookmark here

"Nooooo!"Bookmark here

What should I do? Should I just give up on killing the Giga Bear? but, getting Pallie as a slave would gain me more benefits than killing the Giga Bear, the adventurers can just kill it for us. Bookmark here

But the most important thing is... making Heallie call me 'Onii-chan' again.Bookmark here

What is happening to me? I'm becoming weirder and weirder.Bookmark here

"Okay then... Heallie-chan! I want you to decide for us!"Bookmark here

"Hmmmm... then let's kill the Giga bear!"Bookmark here

""Heallie?!""Bookmark here

"I love you Heallie-chan!"Bookmark here

"I think if it's Yuu-chan, he can do it! He did run away from it even though he is not an adventurer..."Bookmark here

"Nooo! Please call me Onii-chan!"Bookmark here

I sure am acting so out of character with Heallie, but for some reason, I don't regret it.Bookmark here

"If we defeat the Giga Bear without anyone dying, I will call you Onii-chan again."Bookmark here

"Yeaaaah!!!!"Bookmark here

"Heallie! Do you really think that we can defeat that!"Bookmark here

"We can! I trust him!"Bookmark here

"....Fine then, let's do it."Bookmark here

"Cry-sama!"Bookmark here

"Pallie, it's three to one, you have no choice..."Bookmark here

"Ugh...."Bookmark here

I moved close to Pallie.Bookmark here

"Don't worry, I'll still make you my slave if we don't beat it."Bookmark here

"Haaaa?!"Bookmark here

I ignored Pallie and started to talk about how I will sneak out of the walls.Bookmark here

"So, as I have explained... I need to sneak out, and there is one way to do it."Bookmark here

"How?"Bookmark here

I got my jacket and wrapped it around my face, using it as a scarf to cover most of my face and my eyes.Bookmark here

I equipped my equipment which was the belt and everything in it and the spider strings.Bookmark here

I didn't want to do the attire that I had when I shot the arrow at Celeste. That attire might be remembered by these guards and they might arrest me.Bookmark here

"If we go like this, they will think that I'm part of the party, since Quina's security sucks, they always only check one member."Bookmark here

"What a carefree town this is..."Bookmark here

After Pallie's response, we went to the guards.Bookmark here

"It's you Moonclan trio again... what's this? There's one more?"Bookmark here

"Yes... You better be quick... this person has a short temper, and if you annoy him, we won't be able to control him and he will ravage you're whole family."Bookmark here

"O-O-Okay!"Bookmark here

After princess' lies, the guards quickly checked the Princess' level again, and then let us through.Bookmark here

"Cry-sama! That was good acting!"Bookmark here

"Cry-chan! You should participate in plays!"Bookmark here

"As expected to a top class corrupt royalty..."Bookmark here

"Hey!!!"Bookmark here

We walked until the guards couldn't see us.Bookmark here

"Okay his is a good place, let's rest here for a bit."Bookmark here

As we sat down, I brought out my pen and paper and gave it to them.Bookmark here

"Okay, the three of you... Right your skills there, and your classes as well"Bookmark here

"""Okay."""Bookmark here

I already have a vague idea of what their classes can do, but I want to make sure.Bookmark here

"Okay let me have that."Bookmark here

I looked at the sheet of paperBookmark here

Pallie <Swordsman>Bookmark here

<Taunt Lv 10>
<Bulwark Lv 3>Bookmark here

Cry <Magician>Bookmark here

<Flame Bolt Lv 5>
<Flame Blast Lv 9>Bookmark here

Heallie-chan <Priest>Bookmark here

<Heal Lv 5>
<Mana Lv5>
<Sacred Sacrifice Lv. 2>Bookmark here

"Heallie, although I probably know, what's <Mana>"Bookmark here

"It increases your current mana!"Bookmark here

Why the hell is recovering mana called <Mana> shouldn't recovering health be also called <Health>?Bookmark here

"How long do they cast?"Bookmark here

"I can release it any time, but the longer I cast it, the greater the heal or mana recovered."Bookmark here

"How about <Sacred Sacrifice>?"Bookmark here

"It increases my current mana, but when I use it, I can't use skills for the next 5 seconds, as well as increase the cooldown time of skills with cooldown by 5 seconds."

"Do you have skills with cooldown?"Bookmark here

"None!"Bookmark here

"Okay then.... Princess, what is stronger? Flame bolt Lv 5 or Flame blast Lv 9"Bookmark here

"Flame Bolt can hit up to 10 enemies... the magic automatically locks on them. Flame Blast has stronger power but also has longer casting time and higher mana cost."Bookmark here

"Can you show me <Flame blast?>"Bookmark here

"Okay."Bookmark here

The princess pointed her staff at a location, her wand glowed, and a magic circle appeared on it.Bookmark here

After casting she shouted.Bookmark here

"<Flame blast>!"Bookmark here

An Explosion occurred on the magic circle.Bookmark here

"Hmmm.. about 10 seconds huh... How many times can you cast it with your mana?"Bookmark here

"About 5 times..." Bookmark here

"Okay, in this battle, you will only use Flame blast, and also... don't ever cancel it whatever happens, got it? Just trust us."Bookmark here

"Yes."Bookmark here

"Okay, Pallie, I already know what taunt is, but what is bulwark?"Bookmark here

"It's a skill that doubles my defense, but I'm not able to move when I do it and also, I can't attack because I'm using the shield with two hands."Bookmark here

"How many hits can you take from Giga Bear when you use <Bulwark>?"Bookmark here

"Maybe 2, and I will die on the second hit."Bookmark here

"Hmmm.... if the princess uses her <Flame Blast> does a monster target turn to her even after you use <Taunt>?"Bookmark here

"It doesn't, I need to adjust its level to Lv 6"Bookmark here

"Okay, in this battle, you are only allowed to use <Taunt> to the point where when the princess uses her magic, she would gain all the hate."Bookmark here

"Why?"Bookmark here

"Just trust me."Bookmark here

".... Okay."Bookmark here

"Okay then... now for our movement..."Bookmark here

I discussed it with them the strategy and they agreed.Bookmark here

"Will this really work out?"Bookmark here

"Trust me! If it doesn't you guys can run and leave me!"Bookmark here

"What?! We won't do that to you Yuu-chan!"Bookmark here

"Don't worry, I'm doing this so that you can call me Onii-chan again!"Bookmark here

"Yuu-chan...for me..."Bookmark here

By this time, I already forgot that the reason why I want to kill the Giga Bear and just wanted her to call me Onii-chan... What was my original reason anyway?Bookmark here

"Stay here and recover your Mana, play tic-tac toe or something if you get bored, I will go prepare first."Bookmark here

"""Yes."""Bookmark here

I went to a part of the forest where there are only a few monsters. Bookmark here

I made sure that there the Giga Bear is not around first, then cleared up the few monsters.Bookmark here

I set up dense string walls using two sided Stringed Nails.Bookmark here

After I finished preparing I went to search for the Giga Bear.Bookmark here

"Found you."Bookmark here

It was sleeping under a tree.Bookmark here

I went back to the three, and the killed monsters along the way.Bookmark here

When I got back, they were playing tic-tac-toe.Bookmark here

"Okay, I win!"Bookmark here

"Cry-chan! That's not fair!"Bookmark here

"Hahahaha! The princess always win!"Bookmark here

I saw them and the princess placed an X outside of the board.Bookmark here

"What a way to abuse power, as expected of a corrupt politician."Bookmark here

"Wha?! When did you get here?!"Bookmark here

I was only joking when I called her corrupt before, but for some reason I can see that in the future.Bookmark here

"Okay, now follow me."Bookmark here

We went to the area where I placed the string walls.Bookmark here

"Pallie, this is the bears location, you know what to do right?"Bookmark here

"Yes."Bookmark here

"Okay, we will wait here, Heallie-chan, hide in there, you know the strategy right?"Bookmark here

"Yes!"Bookmark here

"Princess come here."Bookmark here

"Yes."Bookmark here

Heallie was hiding under a bush, the princess and me are beside each other waiting for the queue.Bookmark here

After a few seconds, the ground started vibrating.Bookmark here

"Okay! Cast it now!"Bookmark here

The princess started casting her magic on the floor.Bookmark here

After a few seconds, we can see Pallie being chased by the bear.Bookmark here

"RAAAAA"Bookmark here

"Heallie-chan! Start Casting!"Bookmark here

"Got it!"Bookmark here

Heallie pointed her hands towards Pallie, and started to cast <Heal> on Pallie.Bookmark here

Since <Heal> is only a one target skill, it can be cast even when the target is moving, unlike Aoe Spells like <Flame Blast>.Bookmark here

The bear stood on all two while running towards Pallie.Bookmark here

Pallie stopped and turned around with the Magic circle of <Flame Blast> in front of her.Bookmark here

"<Bulwark!>"Bookmark here

The bear swung its right hand towards Pallie.Bookmark here

"Roaaaaa!"Bookmark here

"Urk!"Bookmark here

Pallie's shield got hit, Pallie got knocked back a few inches but still got on position.Bookmark here

The Bear swung its arm again.Bookmark here

"<Heal!>"Bookmark here

"Urk!"Bookmark here

When the Bear hit Pallie, she got knocked back again, but she didn't die because of the full casted <Heal> Heallie used on her.Bookmark here

"<Flame Blast!>"Bookmark here

An explosion occured on the bear, making Red HP liquid splash out.Bookmark here

"Casting <Heal>"Bookmark here

"Hyaaah!Bookmark here

Since the princess attracted all the Hate, Pallie can free hit the Bear.Bookmark here

"Here we go!"Bookmark here

"Kyaah!"Bookmark here

I carried the Princess on my arms.Bookmark here

"Why are you carrying me?!"Bookmark here

"You can't see my traps! I'm the only one who knows where I placed them!"Bookmark here

"But still this is embarrassing!"Bookmark here

"If you don't want to day, just bear with it! Its more tiresome in my position too you know!"Bookmark here

Since the strings are thin, it is hard to see unless you looked closely.Bookmark here

"ROOOOAR!"Bookmark here

"<Heal!>, then <Sacred Sacrifice!>"Bookmark here

The bear started running towards me and the Princess.Bookmark here

Heallie used <Heal> on Pallie, recovering her HP to full.Bookmark here

I told Heallie during the strategy meeting to cast <Sacred Sacrifice> If the bear starts running.Bookmark here

This is so that the 5 seconds wait time will be over while she is running.Bookmark here

The bear ran after me and the princess.Bookmark here

Pallie and Heallie followed behind it.Bookmark here

After reaching the wall of strings, I jumped over a gap.Bookmark here

The bear was caught in the string, the nails got removed, but it was enough to disrupt its momentum.Bookmark here

The bear rolled once then fell on its back.Bookmark here

I arranged the strings so that this would happen every time the bear would clash into it.Bookmark here

I put the princess on the ground again.Bookmark here

"Now Start casting again!"Bookmark here

"Fine!"Bookmark here

Princess started casting <Flame Blast> on the bear again.Bookmark here

"Casting <Mana>!"Bookmark here

I told Heallie before to cast <Mana!> on the Princess or pallie, whoever has lower mana, after the bear falls down the ground.Bookmark here

"Hyaaaaah!"Bookmark here

While the bear was down, Pallie would hit it with the sword to gain hate, then she would use taunt if the bear got up and she would use taunt to attrack it.Bookmark here

"<Mana>!... Casting <Heal!>"Bookmark here

The bear got on all fours.Bookmark here

"Rooooar!"Bookmark here

"Urk!"Bookmark here

"Not yet, keep hitting it!"Bookmark here

"Yes! Hyaaah!"Bookmark here

The Bear stood up on two feet again.Bookmark here

"Now Pallie!"Bookmark here

"<Taunt!>,<Bulwark!>"Bookmark here

The bear swung its arm at Pallie.Bookmark here

"Roaaa!"Bookmark here

"Urk!"Bookmark here

"<Flame Blast!>"Bookmark here

An explosion occurred on the Bear again, making the Princess gain all the hate.Bookmark here

"Up we go!"Bookmark here

"Kyaa!"Bookmark here

"You don't have to scream everytime!"Bookmark here

I picked up the Princess and ran again.Bookmark here

"<Heal!> then... <Sacred Sacrifice!>"Bookmark here

Heallie used heal on Pallie making her regain full health.Bookmark here

Then chased after the bear again.Bookmark here

This cycle repeated for a lot of times.Bookmark here

The Bear would fall down.Bookmark here

The Princess would cast <Flame Blast>Bookmark here

Pallie gains the hate strategically by attacking and uses <Taunt> of different levels if she lacks hate.Bookmark here

Pallie then uses <Bulwar> then takes a hit, making time for the Princess to cast <Flame Blast>Bookmark here

Then heallie would support them by casting <Heal> on Pallie and <Mana> on whoever needs it.Bookmark here

After a few cycles.Bookmark here

I'm currently carrying the princessBookmark here

"Hahaha!"Bookmark here

"Princess! Why are you Laughing! Have you gone insane?!"Bookmark here

"I don't know why, but I'm having fun!!"Bookmark here

"I'm having fun too Cry-Chan!"Bookmark here

"Cry-sama, Heallie! Don't let your guard down!"Bookmark here

"Then Pallie-chan... Why are you Smiling?!"Bookmark here

"Huh?! I'm not!"Bookmark here

I glanced at Pallie and she really was smilingBookmark here

"Princess! Your too heavy! You should go on a diet!"Bookmark here

"How rude!!"Bookmark here

The bear then tripped then the cycle repeated.Bookmark here

Everything happened as planed and the Princess just finished Casting <Flame Blast>.Bookmark here

<Flame Blast!>Bookmark here

"Groooaaa.....*thud*"Bookmark here

The bear, currently standing on two feet, fell down on the ground.Bookmark here

"......."Bookmark here

"Is it dead?"Bookmark here

"Did we do it?"Bookmark here

"Not yet! Pallie keep hitting! Princess start Casting now! Heallie, start casting <Heal> on Pallie! Pallie don't stop hitting it and do what you always did in this cycle! This is the last stand!"Bookmark here

"""What?!"""Bookmark here

The Bear then started to stand up again....Bookmark here

"Nameless-kun, we won't make it in time!"Bookmark here

"We can! Trust me!"Bookmark here

Since the bear the bear fall to the front, it was only a short moment before he can stand again, meaning that it would be able to move again and start attacking.Bookmark here

"Wha?! Casting <Flame Blast!>"Bookmark here

"Casting <Heal!>"Bookmark here

"Hyaaah!"Bookmark here

"I'll go in and gain in as much hate as I can as well!"Bookmark here

I jumped to the back of the bear, grabbed its fur and started stabbing in one of its weak spots, which is in the back where the heart's location's is.Bookmark here

Since it has the same physiology as the Mini Bear, it has the same weak spots.Bookmark here

"Hyaaa! Hyaaa! Hyaaa!"Bookmark here

The bear stood on two feet.Bookmark here

"<Taunt!>, <Bulwark!>"Bookmark here

"Roaaaar!"Bookmark here

"Urk!"Bookmark here

The Bear swung again on Pallie.Bookmark here

"<Heal!>"Bookmark here

"Pallie take on a hit again!"Bookmark here

Since Pallie returned to full HP, she can take a hit againBookmark here

"Roooaaaar!"Bookmark here

"Urk!"Bookmark here

But since the Princess still needs time to cast <Flame Blast> to attrack the bear again, the Bear will attack again after hitting a third time, killing her.Bookmark here

"Pallie!"Bookmark here

"Roaaaa!"Bookmark here

"I'm prepared! Come at me!"Bookmark here

Before the bear hit Pallie it stopped.Bookmark here

"""Huh?!"""Bookmark here

The hate was then directed at me, who was still at its back, stabbing his weakpoint at his back. I gained enough hate from attacking it and gaining a lot of hate.Bookmark here

"Roaaa, Roaaa, Roaaar!!"Bookmark here

The bear tried to reach me but it's too far for his hands to get me.Bookmark here

"My Yuusha! Get out of there! If I cast my magic—"Bookmark here

"Don't stop your magic!"Bookmark here

After stabbing it a few times something unbelievable happened againBookmark here

'What the?!'Bookmark here

The feeling a few years ago came back again.Bookmark here

The feeling of slowed time happened again.Bookmark here

'How?!'Bookmark here

While in this slowed time state, something unbelievable happened again.Bookmark here

'?!!!'Bookmark here

I can suddenly see everywhere.Bookmark here

No, it's like...Bookmark here

I have thousands of eyes in every angle.... in every direction....Bookmark here

'What...'Bookmark here

I then noticed something...Bookmark here

Since I can see in every direction, I also saw something, my face...Bookmark here

'What is this?!'Bookmark here

There was tattoo that looks like a thorn for each eye. , from the bottom of both of my eyelids, to my cheeks, as well as from the top of my eyelids, to my forehead.Bookmark here

And my eyes.Bookmark here

The iris of my eyes looked like they are compound eyes, with a light green color.Bookmark here

And the pupils looked like a very thin diamond, looking like an eye of an animal.Bookmark here

While the white of the eyes remained whiteBookmark here

What the hell is this?!Bookmark here

I need to calm down...Bookmark here

I need to calm down and think of my situation right now.Bookmark here

Why did it activate? Last time, it activated when the Mini Bear was about to hit me with a killing blow.Bookmark here

Does this mean that I'm about to die?Bookmark here

I took advantage of my sight.Bookmark here

Is this because the Princess is about to finish casting? no that's not it, last time this happened, it was only a few fractions of a seconds after it hits me, the princess still needs two seconds to cast it.Bookmark here

Is it the claws? No, looking at it now, it can't reach me.Bookmark here

Then I scanned the other parts of the bear's body and saw something.Bookmark here

So that was it.Bookmark here

The bear has lifted its feet, and is preparing to stomp me flat with its back.Bookmark here

I then used all the muscles in my body to move while in the slowed time in my consciousness, and placed my feet on the bear, then pushed it, propelling me out side of range of the bear.Bookmark here

The slowed time in my consciousness then continued normally after I got out of range.Bookmark here

"*thud*"Bookmark here

I fell on the floor on my back.Bookmark here

"""?!"""Bookmark here

"*thud*"Bookmark here

Because the bear was trying to stomp me before, it fell on its back.Bookmark here

The three looked surprised on what just happened.Bookmark here

"Go! Princess!"Bookmark here

"<Flame Blast!>"Bookmark here

An explosion occurred on the bear, splashing red HP liquid.Bookmark here

"Raaaaooouuu...."Bookmark here

The bear stopped moving while on its back.Bookmark here

"Casting <Flame-"Bookmark here

"It's over princess... it's dead."Bookmark here

"?!"Bookmark here

The three then carefully went on to the bears dead body.Bookmark here

"We...did it?"Bookmark here

Pallie then poked the bear with her blade.Bookmark here

"It's not moving..."Bookmark here

"""......"""Bookmark here

"we..."Bookmark here

""wee......"Bookmark here

"""We did it!!!!"""Bookmark here

The three cheered shouts of joy.Bookmark here

"""Yeah! Wooooooo!"""Bookmark here

The three of them jumped with their arms spread out of the air, and their faces with a big smile.Bookmark here

Even Pallie, I didn't know that she had a kid inside of her.Bookmark here

"That was really fun! Let's do it again!"Bookmark here

"We won against Kuma-chan! I can't believe it!"(Bear-chan)Bookmark here

"I would've never imagined that three of us defeated it."Bookmark here

"It's all thanks to Onii-chan! Especially that last one! That was great!"Bookmark here

"....."Bookmark here

"Onii chan?"Bookmark here

I was lying on the ground on my back.Bookmark here

Heallie rushed to my side.Bookmark here

"No way... Onii-chan?"Bookmark here

Heallie started to have tears on her eyes.Bookmark here

While the other two looked shocked.Bookmark here

"No way..."Bookmark here

"But how?"Bookmark here

"Oniiichaaan!!!!"Bookmark here

Heallie started to burst out crying.Bookmark here

The other two started to have tears on the side of their eyes.Bookmark here

"Don't kill me just yet."Bookmark here

"""?!"""Bookmark here

Heallie stopped crying and hugged me while I am lying on the ground.Bookmark here

"Onii-chan! Your alive! Waaaaaa!"Bookmark here

"Jeez! Don't Scare us like that pretending to be dead!"Bookmark here

"I thought that I would already be cremating you..."Bookmark here

"What the hell Pallie? You tried to hide to hide the body by burning it? I thought you were a good person!"Bookmark here

"Hahaha, if your that lively, then you're okay."Bookmark here

It seems that Pallie also has that playful side.Bookmark here

"I didn't pretend to be dead, I'm just dead tired... The princess was heavy you know..."Bookmark here

"Hey!!!!"Bookmark here

But that's not the reason I was tired... The reason was that last move... It burned a hell lot of energy out of me because my mind was concentrated on forcing my muscles to move as fast as it could in that whole time stop/slow thing.Bookmark here

But what was that I saw? Why was my face like that?Bookmark here

"Heallie-chan, how do I look like?"Bookmark here

"You have black hair and black eyes!"Bookmark here

"Heh, is that so..."Bookmark here

It looks like my face was back to normal.Bookmark here

It looks like it looks like that only in the slowed time mode...Bookmark here

I'm too tired to think, I'll think about this later.Bookmark here

"Pallie... can you carry me? I can't stand up..."Bookmark here

"Got it."Bookmark here

"Oh, but first carry me to one of the bear's paws first."Bookmark here

"Hmmm? Okay."Bookmark here

Pallie then carried me to the Giga Bear and laid me beside it.Bookmark here

I used my dagger and cut through one of its nailsBookmark here

The nails became black then the color was removed into particles, then it joined again, making a big claw.Bookmark here

"Carving? I thought only adventurers can do carving?"Bookmark here

As Pallie wondered I called over the princess.Bookmark here

"Princess..."Bookmark here

"What?"Bookmark here

"Here."Bookmark here

"You're giving it to me?"Bookmark here

"No, I'm giving it to you three."Bookmark here

"But we're getting prize money and EXP for that battle, you should just keep that as your reward, you're the one who carved it too!"Bookmark here

"I won't be able to use it you know, and if I have to keep it, I need to hide it from others or they would find out I've been sneaking out."Bookmark here

No, I can keep it until later. But having these people owe me something might get me a chance to see Heallie-chan more.Bookmark here

"But still..."Bookmark here

"Just take it."Bookmark here

"Okay."Bookmark here

Doing this, a princess is now on my debt.Bookmark here

I turned to Pallie to answer her question.Bookmark here

"This type of carving is called <Amputation> and it's not limited on adventurers, it was only assumed to be."Bookmark here

These past few years I already learned how to do it by repeating it over and over again on dead monsters. Now, I can do it because of the things I am about to say.Bookmark here

"<Amputation>?"Bookmark here

The other two went closer to listen to our conversation.Bookmark here

"As you know, <Amputation> is the most common carving technique that any adventurers can use, but <Amputation> Isn't even a class skill, but something you do naturally."Bookmark here

"But I thought you can only do <Amputation> on monsters a lot weaker than you?"Bookmark here

"At first, people thought that to do <Amputation> You need to have a large level gap on the monster, but that is wrong."Bookmark here

"Then, how do you use <Amputation>"Bookmark here

"Try to carve this guys other claws."Bookmark here

Pallie tried to carve it, but it just splurted out some red HP fluid then looked like nothing happened.Bookmark here

"Some people can also use <Amputation> even if the monster is still alive."Bookmark here

"But how?"Bookmark here

"It's because they don't care."Bookmark here

"Huh?"Bookmark here

"The reason why you can't do it is because you're having uneasiness."Bookmark here

"Uneasiness?"Bookmark here

"Yes, it's either fear that it is still alive, disgust that you have to dissect it, or other feelings of unease."Bookmark here

"So you need to have no feeling of uneasiness?"Bookmark here

"Yes, for example... When you go into the a room, did you ever think that, 'I need to open the door'?"Bookmark here

"Well... no."Bookmark here

"That's it, you're opening it but you're not noticing it... no that's not it, you're noticing it but you're so used to it that you don't even care anymore."Bookmark here

"So the reason why high level adventurers can use it on monsters is because they think of it as nothing anymore?"Bookmark here

"Yes, that is the reason how they can use it on live monsters... but that is almost impossible unless you're very high level and you just find a minibear along the road and slash it like it's an everyday thing."Bookmark here

"So the reason it's easier to do when the monster is dead is..."Bookmark here

"Yes, because if the monster is dead, you can carve it's body easily, so all you have to think of is that the monster is dead, so you have to have no fear."Bookmark here

"Okay, I'll try again."Bookmark here

Pallie tried to cut off a claw again.Bookmark here

"It didn't work."Bookmark here

"Like I said, you have to have no uneasiness, meaning absolute zero uneasiness... You have to practice a lot."Bookmark here

The Giga Bear started to turn into particles.Bookmark here

"When this happens, you cannot carve it's body anymore, so you better do it quickly."Bookmark here

"Yes, I understood, thank you for this lesson."Bookmark here

"Can you carry me on your back? I really can't stand..."Bookmark here

"Sure thing."Bookmark here

Pallie carried me on my back, and we started to go back to town with the other two.Bookmark here

"Still, to be able to use <Amputation> on a dead monster, my Yuusha, you're so heartless..."Bookmark here

"Why don't you try too princess? I'm sure you'll get it right on the first time you do it.... in fact, I think you would be able to use it better on people."Bookmark here

"What? You think I'm as cold hearted as you?"Bookmark here

"No, you're just too evil that you won't even feel unease but only feel pure enjoyment."Bookmark here

"Grrrrr!"Bookmark here

"Pallie-chan, can I carry Onii-chan."Bookmark here

"No! Please no Heallie-chan! I will lose my pride as your Onii-chan if you carry me!"Bookmark here

"Hmmm... Okay!"Bookmark here

"I'm going to sleep... just lay me down on the side of the lake when we go home, then you guys can return to the inn..."Bookmark here

"Are you sure we can just leave you there Onii-chan?"Bookmark here

"Yes, if you already asked around town about me, I'm pretty sure you know my circumstances."Bookmark here

"We still haven't asked about it though? Pallie-chan, you went outside a while go right? Have you asked around?"Bookmark here

"Eh? umm no."Bookmark here

I whispered into Pallie's ear.Bookmark here

"So you haven't told them yet?"Bookmark here

"Yes... I think it would be rude to you..."Bookmark here

"I don't really care you know?"Bookmark here

"Hmmm? is that so?"Bookmark here

"You know what Pallie..."Bookmark here

"What?"Bookmark here

"You're really reliable... I wish I just made you as my slave..."Bookmark here

"Hahaha, Flattery won't get you anywhere, 'Nameless'."Bookmark here

"Hahaha, I thought to have a shot at it again, but since we defeated it, I guess it's off...."Bookmark here

"But still, you're amazing... I always thought that it was impossible, but while we were fighting, I started to enjoy myself."Bookmark here

"Hmmm? I thought you weren't smiling? so you finally admit it?"Bookmark here

"I really had fun, so I won't deny it."Bookmark here

"You two! Don't whisper to yourselves! Pallie! What are you talking about?!"Bookmark here

"It's nothing Cry-sama."Bookmark here

"It's nothing Princess, don't abuse your power every time you want."Bookmark here

"Grrrrr!"Bookmark here

"Pallie-chan! no Stealing of my Onii-chan!"Bookmark here

"Hmmm? Does it look that way to you Heallie?"Bookmark here

"Yes!"Bookmark here

"Hmm if that's what it looks like..."Bookmark here

Pallie then moved her head, facing my face that was lying on her shoulders then—Bookmark here

*Chu*Bookmark here

""Wha-wha-wha!""Bookmark here

Pallie kissed me on my cheeks.Bookmark here

Both of Heallie and the princess panickedBookmark here

"Pallie! I order you to put him down now!"Bookmark here

"Pallie-chan! Put him down! Let me carry him!"Bookmark here

"Hahaha... Did I surprise you Cry-sama? Heallie?"Bookmark here

She only did it to playfully tease the other two.Bookmark here

"Yes! Onii-chan, why won't you speak up?!"Bookmark here

"Hmmm? What's wrong Nameless?"Bookmark here

"Wha? My Yuusha is bright red! Pallie, you thieving cat!"Bookmark here

"Eh? Nameless? Why are you so red?"Bookmark here

"That... was the first time someone kissed me you know... for some reason my heart just started to beat faster...."Bookmark here

"Eh?! I-Is that so..."Bookmark here

"Pallie! Don't Blush too!"Bookmark here

"Onii-chan! Noo!! Pallie-chan! Give him back to me!"Bookmark here

"It was just the cheeks..."Bookmark here

When she did that, my heart rate increased.Bookmark here

Wait, is this the feeling of love? Do I love her? is it that feeling?Bookmark here

No, this is just probably because I was surprised by the kiss since it was the first time it was done to me.Bookmark here

The feeling isn't half bad.Bookmark here

Both Pallie and I had red faces as we went to town while the other two kept being noisy.Bookmark here

We went to the lake and they laid me down on the grass there.Bookmark here

"Are you sure we can leave you here?"Bookmark here

"Yes... It's fine... go back to the inn..."Bookmark here

"Hmmm... okay then... I'll find you tomorrow and have a chat with you... see you!"Bookmark here

"Wha?! Pallie is so aggresive!"Bookmark here

"Pallie-chan! We'll come too!"Bookmark here

"Yes, of course."Bookmark here

They left, and I as lay down on the grass, I looked up the sky and thought of things...Bookmark here

"What was that before? Why did my face become like that?"Bookmark here

I thought that it only happens when I'm about to die... I didn't have the all around sight before, and I think it's because I can see the danger.Bookmark here

So whenever it activates again, does that mean I'm about to die? And if I don't see where it is coming from, the feeling that I can see everything activates?Bookmark here

There is still less information about it... I don't think I can find something in the library...Bookmark here

Fine, I'll just wait for other clues if it ever happens again.Bookmark here

Thinking like that, my sight fade into darkness as I fall asleep. Bookmark here

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