Chapter 60:

sceNe 60 - iNᴛimaᴛe NuᴛʀiᴛioN

ᴋraCᴋeᴅ ᴍooN / Kracked Moon

The entire night of the party I couldn’t help but think that now was my chance. Cryztal was normally so guarded when it was just us, and even if she’d hold me and make out, she’d be too clear headed to even consider eating me. I had a really good batch of Dragon’s Feed that I had made only a few days prior, and could now see my chance to use it. Tonight Cryztal could feast on my body, and by morning I would have a beautiful body worthy of her love.

Having more time to think about it, and work through the aspects that were so brutal, I recognized that Cryztal seemed to really enjoy the taste of my body when she was transformed. Even when we were younger, while the memories were faint, I knew she’d get excited by the flavor profile of like organs. She was the only kid I ever knew who liked liver. Maybe it was just some alien thing? The more I thought about how good I might taste, the more I thought I could really do this. It didn’t have to just be about me anymore. It could be another way for me to put a smile on her face, and give her something only I could!

Once the party was over, and Jason unexpectedly made easy work of escorting Kyle out of the house, I knew it was my time to strike. I was tipsy, but I was also playing it up a little to come off more innocent. I wanted to surprise Cryztal! The food I put out for the party was probably bland to her, so getting to make a meal out of me could excite her! But she needed to know I was motivated by love, and I could never resist smashing my face against hers! I set the mood with no open windows and almost no lights, so she wouldn’t think much of it. It would be creepy enough to have someone watching normally, but this was about to be much worse.

I didn’t hold back as I laid on top of her and gave her all the attention my lips could offer. When she held me tight, I’d think of how tight the bite from her jaws might be. When she’d grope me, I’d begun to imagine her ripping off my flesh to eat it. Her kisses made me think she was about to dig her teeth into me like it was nothing. I was getting excited about the idea that she would soon be able to take everything from me, knowing she would be able to return it in full. I couldn’t decide if I wanted to have her eat me now, or stay in this blurry space between comfort and danger.

Without me even saying anything, Cryztal offered to go down on me. Before I would have been so shy about it because of my scars, but now that she knew and she would be taking them away soon, I couldn’t resist. She teased me with her fingers at first, kissing my thighs, but all I could think about was her biting into them. With every kiss I would grip her hair in my fist, and thought of how to encourage her to take the plunge.

“M-Maybe you could bite me a little…” Slithered out of my mouth.

She complied, and started giving my leg little nibbles.

“And make your mouth b-bigger?” Maybe she’d catch on if I asked that.

I could feel her mouth widen, making her nibbles bigger, and it felt really good!

“You c-c-can bite harder…” Please just sink your teeth right in!

As she bit harder, I made an audible yelp, a bit surprised by the pain. But Cryztal took that as a moment to stop and look up at me. She had concern in her face, probably because I sounded distressed. I smiled down at her to tell her I was okay, but she started getting up.

“No! You were doing so good!” I protested, trying to stop her.

“Are you sure everything is okay?” She asked. She really was worried. My hints really weren’t coming through.

I let her go and sat up, scooting back a little. “I…think I want you to…bite me more…all of me…” Why was it so hard to tell her this?

Her eyes widened, but then rested again. I couldn’t tell what she was thinking. Her expression was hard to read. “You mean…you want me to eat you…” She sounded disappointed.

“Yes! But it will be better this time!” I stood up, and pulled out the vile of potion I was carrying on me. “I made a fresh batch! So it shouldn’t hurt like last time! And we can go at your pace!”

“My…pace?” Cryztal sounded surprised. Good!

“Yeah! You call the shots!” I said, rushing over to the kitchen, pantsless.

I completely undressed myself as I walked around the kitchen to grab a lighter. I went to the kitchen table and moved the leftover snacks around to make room for me to sit between them. I lit the two candles I had placed out earlier as center pieces. The table was already covered in a disposable table cover for the party, which I figured would make clean up easier once I got this far. Diligent planning always pays off!

I sat on the table with my legs crossed and beckoned Cryztal to come over. I drank the potion as she approached, hoping she would treat that like a green flag. The potion took a moment to activate, but I could really feel a calming wave begin to echo along my body. Despite how comfortable I was, and trying to make Cryztal feel, she still seemed hesitant.

“Why would you want me to eat you?” She asked, sounding almost disgusted.

It was then that I realized I really hadn’t explained anything, and neither had Koko.

“I found out that if you eat me, it will fix my body! The last time we used an old potion so it didn’t work right! This will fix it!” I wanted to make it sound like a reason to celebrate, but it didn’t connect.

“There wasn’t like…a healing potion or something?” Cryztal’s skepticism was killing the mood I was trying so hard to set up. “I just don’t want to hurt you again…”

I looked away from her. “This was the only option I could find…” I didn’t expect her to object. I thought she would be really into it.

Before I could try to apologize, she grabbed my hands.

“If it is the only way, then I’ll do it.” She said, now serious. “Just give me a moment to get ready.”

Oh! Yes! Okay! We are back on track! This will be good! I know it will! I could already feel like my nervous system was no longer sending signals the right way! My sense of touch was beginning to feel weird. It wasn’t quite like being drunk, but maybe similar. I couldn’t even think about how my body really felt because I was so excited! It might seem rough, but I just know we will laugh about this in the morning! It’s just so silly right?

“Like I said, you can do this however you want! I’m ready!”

I was facing the living room while she was standing in the kitchen. I could hear her undressing a bit, probably to transform without destroying her clothes. Her outfit was really cute today. And as I sat there, completely nude, imagining all the ways Cryztal could start biting into me or ripping me apart, and even imagining how she might sound getting to indulge in a forbidden fruit like me, the room suddenly became dark. Did she blow out the candles? But I had a lamp on too.

“Oh!” I said, able to tell I was in a smaller space.

She started with my head: biting my neck, then immediately crushing my skull.

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