Chapter 1:


My Everyday Life With A "Harem"

-The Male MC=Azuma Hozumi (17 Years Old, harsh, funny, sarcastic)Bookmark here

The Harem (Girls Club):Bookmark here

-School Supplies Girl=Kaori Hiroka (17 years old, Club Leader. Brash, mean, devilish)Bookmark here

-Crown Sadist=Megumi Anzu (15 years old. Sadistic, funny, cute, mean)Bookmark here

-Pervophobia=Reika Otoha (16 years old, hate perverts [has large breasts so that's why she hates them], adorable, more tsun than deredere)Bookmark here

-Little Clingy=Sanae Tomiko (16 years old, clings onto a cute stuffed bear she has, acts childish, cute, is more of a tsukkomi [a Japanese anime character who is frustrated, under appreciated, or just plain ticked off])Bookmark here

-Sarcastic Chuuni=Yurina Sayumi (18 years old, a few feet shorter than Azuma. She's extremely sarcastic and thinks that she has powers.)Bookmark here

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