Chapter 2:

V1 Prologue-Exposed!

My Everyday Life With A "Harem"

"Um. . .S-Sensei!" The girl walked over to her teacher. She was a beautiful girl, had long blonde hair, beautiful green eyes, fair skin, and was simply the nicest person in the school. She was the Student Council President of Kozaku High: Ayano Kuriko. Bookmark here

The male sensei turned his head as she noticed Ayano, "Yes Ms. Kuriko, what could I do for you?"Bookmark here

"Well, um. . ." Ayano placed her hands on his desk and explained that she needed help with some homework.Bookmark here

"Okay," Sensei said as he pulled out a chair and placed it right next to him for Ayano to sit down in. "What exactly do you need help wi-"Bookmark here

But before Sensei could speak, Ayano placed a kissed up against his lips. She then backed away as she said, "About the homework, I lied. . ."Bookmark here

Sensei was about to yell, but he couldn't help but notice Ayano's cleavage peeking out from her school uniform, causing him to blush brightly. "Er. . ."Bookmark here

"You like what you see don't ya~?" Ayano said in a low and sultry voice. She then propped herself up onto Sensei's lap and pulled him closely saying, "Let's lose each other's v-card, okay?" Bookmark here

Sensei gave in as he then started making out with Ayano.Bookmark here

(Note: Sensei's age is 26, and he's a virgin. . .)Bookmark here

Meanwhile on the outside of the school, there was a boy up in a tree, taking pictures of Sensei and Ayano, putting them in his pocket and grinning an evil grin. Bookmark here

"Oh, I can't wait to expose you, Ayano Kuriko. . ." The boy thought to himself as he continued taking pictures.Bookmark here

*****Bookmark here

The next day arrived, as everyone went into the auditorium with glee and happiness. Today was the day that the Student Council was going to make some announcements. And I was going to make one as well.Bookmark here

One of my few friends, Taiki, and I made our way to the auditorium and started talking.Bookmark here

"Hey, do you think the Student Council will make the announcement on the theme for the Festival? I really want it to be maid themed!"Bookmark here

"Of course you want it to be maid themed Taiki!" I said. Taiki, even though he's perverted at points, he's still a good friend.Bookmark here

By the time we got to the auditorium, all of us sat down in our seats as the Student Council walked in front of the stage with the podium. Bookmark here

Luckily, I knew all the Student Council Members names and personalities by heart:Bookmark here

-Maria Momoko. The Class Representative. She's a 2nd year here at Kozaku High and is quite bubbly, clumsy, and friendly.Bookmark here

-Taro Wataru. 3rd year student and Student Council Vice President. He's more of the ikemen at the school here and he's quite popular and nice. He loves everyone, including me.Bookmark here

-Nanami Teiko. 1st year student and Student Council Treasurer. She collects the money and also funds for any of the big things we have coming up. She's quite harsh (at least from what I've heard) and makes a big deal about small things from time to time. She's also quite the genius here as well.Bookmark here

- Ayano Kuriko=The Student Council President and 3rd year student. Long blonde hair, beautiful green eyes, she's known as the nicest person in the school, but I'm going to prove that today.Bookmark here

And what's even more interesting than knowing the Student Council? I'm sitting right next to Ayano's boyfriend, Ryoma Seizo, and he looks happy as he can be. But, not for long.Bookmark here

"All right! Let's get to the announcements!" Nanami said as she held out a paper and started speaking into the mic, "For the upcoming festival, the theme we are going with will be sports! So make sure to take involvement in a sport or in a sport. . ."Bookmark here

As the Student Council rambled on, I had a microphone next to my seat, and I noticed Taiki looking at me all questionable. I just looked at him and whispered, "You'll see. . ."Bookmark here

It was then that Ayano came up to the stand, and as I turned my microphone on and held it in my hand, the microphone on the podium was turned off.Bookmark here

Ayano then spoke, "And now for-" and she realized that the microphone was off. What an idiot.Bookmark here

"HEY! WHO TURNED OFF THE PODIUM MICROPHONE?!" Maria yelled as the students and staff all had bewildered and confused looks on there faces.Bookmark here

I got up and said into the microphone in my hand, "That would be me!"Bookmark here

Everyone turned and the spotlight flashed into my way, they all gasped.Bookmark here

"You. . .Azuma Hozumi. . ." Taro said looking somewhat pissed off at me. "Why did you turn the mic off over here?!"Bookmark here

"Well," I moved past the seats and started walking over to the stage, "I'm here just to simply expose your Student Council President, Ayano!"Bookmark here

Everyone gasped and started saying things, "Ayano?!", "Our Student Council President!?", "What did she do wrong?".Bookmark here

Ayano just smiled and said, "Whaaaat? Me? No! I didn't do anything wrong!"Bookmark here

I went up to the center of the stage and said, "As you know, Ayano Kuriko is the nicest girl here in this school. But, let's just say that after school I caught her doing something. . ."Bookmark here

Everyone was curious as to what she did, they all looked curious. It was then that I grinned at started to raise my voice to be a bit louder, "You all know our lovely Sensei here, Sensei Shoji, the one that ll the girls fondle and fall over, and all the boys here usually envy. WELL THEN LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, AYANO KURIKO IS NOTHING BUT A SLUT! SHE SLEPT WITH SENSEI SHOJI AND I CAUGHT IT WITH MY OWN EYES!!! DON'T BELIEVE ME? THEN SEE FOR YOUR FUCKING SELF!" Bookmark here

I then threw the photos from my pocket over the auditorium as they flew and fell into the hands of the students and staff, as well as threw the photos over to the Student Council.Bookmark here

Everyone was in shock and disbelief, I heard the voices muttering and getting louder, "I can't believe it!", "Ayano is a slut! She slept with Sensei Shoji!", "I wonder how her boyfriend's reacting to this!".Bookmark here

And when the spotlight panned over to Ayano's boyfriend, Ryoma, oh man! He was pissed off and shocked as he held the photos of her and the teacher in his hand. Ryoma then yelled, "BABE WHAT THE HELL?! YOU'RE A SICK DISGUSTING GIRL THAT I'D WISH I NEVER MET! WE. ARE. THROUGH!"Bookmark here

Ryoma then left the auditorium, slamming the door behind him need I add. And I noticed Ayano's face: Sad and shocked. And when she turned to look at the Student Council, they were shocked as they started to back away from her.Bookmark here

"N-no! Wait! Please! I-I can explain-. . . ." Ayano's face was teary-eyed as her eyeliner started dripping down from her eyes to across her cheeks and I noticed everyone saying the words, "AYANO'S A SLUT! AYANO'S A SLUT!".Bookmark here

Maybe I did take it a bit too far....NAH! I DEFINITELY DIDN'T!Bookmark here

It was then that Ayano took the microphone out of my hand and slapped me across the face, hard.Bookmark here

"Tch. . ." I said as I covered up the red spot on my face. Ayano then looked at me and she looked extremely pissed off.Bookmark here

"Azuma Hozumi, I, STUDENT COUNCIL PRESIDENT, AYANO KURIKO, HEREBY SEND YOU TO THE GIRLS CLUB AFTER SCHOOL STARTING TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!" Ayano yelled as she then said, "The rest of the announcements are cancelled as of today! Continue with your day here at Kozaku High School!" She, and everyone else, left the auditorium building.Bookmark here

What did I do? I exposed Ayano Kuriko in front of the whole school. Now I'm forced to be in an all-female club called the girls club?! Help Me. Please.Bookmark here

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