Chapter 2:

The naked invader


The kingdoms in the Azilus realm were on high alert because of an urgent warning from the World Scholar’s organization report.

Just when the kingdoms were on high alert, the eclipse occurred which affected the countries of Nefelhiem, Restolia, Morgud, and some parts of the Delorian empire.

Although, the eclipse itself was quite strange it wasn’t deemed as a threat. Although Kingdoms affected by the eclipse quickly mobilized their troops to support towns and villages near the forest area. Eclipse sometimes disrupts the natural mana around the forest making the magical beasts go into a frenzy.


A platoon of foot soldiers guarding a small remote village of Nefelhiem kingdom in the north. They were commanded to guard and report any enemy invasion around the village area.

Just when the eclipse occurred and the sky turned into the pitch dark like it was nighttime.
Everyone, even the guards forgot about their duty watched view of the solar eclipse in awe.

The villagers started to lit up their lamps.
The eclipse lasted for about 2-3 minutes.
After the eclipse ended everything turned back to normal and it was day time once again.

Nothing out of the ordinary had happened.

Just when a loud crashing sound echoed in the village, followed by a scream of a woman.

“What was that? Enemy attack?” questioned one of the soldiers.

“No idea. That sound came from the church side.” replied one of the other guards.

The soldiers rushed to the church armed with their weapons.
The soldiers were nervous as they were new recruits who recently joined the guard’s regiment. The army sent their main soldiers stationed at important cities. Whereas they sent out the new recruits to protect the small villages and towns.

The new soldiers lacked experience and they were sure that no enemy could attack this remote village out in the boonies.

They rushed to the church and the first thing they noticed that the church ceiling had collapsed.
Suddenly a nun rushed out from the church’s door in a panic.

She looked scared and rushed towards the soldier.

“What’s the matter sister?” asked one of the soldiers.

Although the Nun had a terrified look on her face. She pointed at the church but no words came out of her mouth.

One of the soldiers escorted the nun to a safer place.
While the rest of the soldiers were armed and surrounded the church gate.
They rammed down the church gate and quickly entered the church to check out who was inside and what had rattled the Nun so much.

The soldiers expected an enemy attack or a magical wild beast that might have entered the church. Although, an invasion from the enemy was highly unlikely as there was no point in invading a remote village at the border. The eclipse affects the natural mana in the forest which sometimes makes wild beasts go on a frenzy. So it was highly likely a wild beast from the forest might have stormed inside the church, is what the soldiers thought.

But their expectation was blown away as soon as they found the culprit.

A naked man standing in front of the goddess Damsels statue inside the church.
A man with a long beard and quite a scrawny physique stood between the rubble of the collapsed roof.

The soldiers were quite baffled and some were disgusted at the sight.

“What the hell are you doing here?” asked one of the soldiers.

The naked man in beard looked delighted for some reason as he walked towards the soldier enthusiastically,
“Oh hello there! It’s been so long since I talked to another person that I thought I might even lose my mind! It’s nice to meet-”

The soldiers became alarmed and raised their swords,
“Back off! You pervert! Stay back.” shrieked out the soldiers.
“Take one more step! And I will kill you, filthy-exhibitionist!” said another of the soldier.

The naked man then stopped in his track,
“Huh? Pervert? Exhibitionist? Where?” he asked as he looked around puzzled.

The naked man then pointed at the statue,
“You mean her?”

Every soldier gave a dumbstruck look,

Although one soldier became quite furious
“How dare you insult the goddess!”

Saying so he approached the naked man armed with his sword,
“I will cut out that arm of yours, for insulting Goddess Damsels as your penance.”

As soon as the soldier approached, the glint in the naked man’s eye changed.

The soldier drew his sword ready to strike the naked man.
Just when the naked man stepped forward and stomped on the soldier’s front foot.

The soldier dropped his sword and fell to the ground holding his feet as he screamed in agony.

This happened so quickly that the rest of the soldiers had no clue what just happened and just stood there wondering. They then noticed the soldier’s feet were completely crushed.

The stomp was powerful enough that it even crushed the soldier’s metal shoes that it caved inward.

The soldier’s riled up and got on guard,
“Men at arms!” screamed the soldier who looked like the captain, “This man ain’t no ordinary pervert.”

The naked man then stepped back,
“Hey, guys! Sorry about his feet. I really meant no harm, It was on an impulse. Also, could you stop calling me a pervert, my name is…” he paused for a second, “My name is King, also, would you guys be kind enough to let me borrow a pair of pants, please?”