Chapter 3:

Rampage at the Chapel


The guard soldiers surrounded King from all directions.
The one soldier whose foot was crushed by King was taken to a corner, away from the racket that was about to unfold.

The soldiers now started taking this mysterious naked pervert a bit more seriously.

After seeing King’s physical strength they were quite rattled.
He managed to crush the foot even though the soldier wore metal shoes made of metal alloy.

The captain of the soldier’s armed with his sword sweated profusely as he thought,
‘Our metal shoes could withstand even if a soldier’s feet were run over by war chariot leaving our feet unscathed. But this guy managed to crush like it was nothing.’

King didn’t let himself be bothered even though the soldiers had cornered him.

King got on his knees and looking at his feet,
“What’s this? I busted my feet already.”

King’s powerful stomp even injured his own foot in the process. His own foot that he used for stomping now was a bloody mess. The toe bones from his feet were sticking out and blood was gushing from the cracks. Although, King didn’t seem to be showing the painful reaction that a normal human would show.

‘I must try minimizing the use of my physical strength from now on. This is a mortal body and the last thing I want is to destroy it with my own strength.’ thought King to himself.

King then gently pressed back the toe bone sticking out inside in his feet and stood back up.
He had a smile on his face,
“So this is what pain actually feels like… It has been millennia since I felt this! How nostalgic.”

The soldiers were indeed creeped out by King’s behavior.
Although the captain stepped forward.

“Fucking masochist. Let’s put this man out of his misery.” shouted the Captain valiantly.

His men’s morale was restored and they stood their ground.

The captain then was the first person to charge forward and attacked King with his sword. Holding his sword with both hands, he swung his sword with power behind his swing.

Although King just side-stepped evades the strike by a hair’s margin.

Captain then once again clutching his sword’s handle swung horizontally with a quick and powerful swing.

Although, King performed a backflip jumping over the captain’s sword, evading once again.

“You missed me,” muttered King with a big sneer.

Captain this time lost his top,
“You little shit!”

This time the captain attacked with his sword swings, left and right. Each attack was quite precise and powerful enough to kill any man with a single strike.

Although King was quite agile. Despite his scrawny weak body, his body was quite flexible. He was quick to evade and dodge every strike by hair’s breadth. Not only was he just dodging the blade, but performing tricks like a somersault, backflips, and other tricks, while boasting his athletic prowess. It was as if he was making a mockery out of the captain.

The captain finally became enraged by King’s antics.

“Stop gawking him and attack him already!” commanded the captain angrily.

Now the rest of the soldiers joined in to attack King. Although, King continued to dodge and evade and was even quicker on his feet.

The captain and the 6 of his men now roamed in the room swinging their swords left and right like a madman in hopes of hitting King.

Soon King was started to getting bored,
“If that’s all you have to offer. Then it’s my turn to go on the offensive for a change,” said King.

This announcement rattled the soldiers. They raised their guard.

Just when King saw an opening among one of the soldiers and appeared right in front of him. He had a wide smile on his face for some reason. The man got alarmed, and quickly attacked King with his sword. Although King easily dodged the sword and grabbed the soldier by the neck.

He then quickly opened his palm wide and slapped right on the soldier’s cheek. The slap echoed through the room.

Although, this time King was not using his inhuman strength like before. But the slap was still powerful enough to leave his palm imprints right on the soldier’s cheek.

That same soldier grabbed his cheek in pain armed with a sword in the other hand as he tried to attack back. Although this time, King easily dodged the blades, and instead, he slapped on the other cheek.

Seeing King targeting a soldier, the other soldiers rushed to help. King suddenly jumped away and targeted the soldier in the back, he attacked that soldier with a slap as well.

But soon King picked more speed, he attacked every incoming soldier with a slap on cheeks, face, even the back of his head. He used only slaps targeting their heads.

The soldiers tried to fend King off, but they couldn’t defend and attack at the same time.
Soon the soldiers were getting attacked by barrages of slaps left and right. They became nothing but mere punching meat bags.

King’s relentless slaps weren’t deadly but the sheer amount of hits the soldier took almost swelled their face like a pig. Soon their cheeks were red enough that their cuts started to appear on their face.

At last, the soldier dropped their weapons and covered their face, and started running. They couldn’t handle any more of King’s slaps.

The only person that was still standing was the captain. Captain was the only person whom King hadn’t slapped yet.

Captain was swinging his sword like madmen but was pushed to the brink of exhaustion. He could do nothing but watch his men get thrashed as looked with a dumbstruck expression.

‘Who the hell is this guy? We can’t even touch him. I guess I have no choice but to utilize my trump card.’ thought the captain as he reached out for his pocket.

Just when King appeared in front of the captain,
“You don’t need to feel left out. I’m a nice guy.”

The captain was startled and fell to the ground landing on his rump,
“Get away from me! You crazy pervert!” he shrieked out all startled.

King then took a deep breath, followed by a dry cough.
The captain just sat on the ground watching King’s antics.
Just when King suddenly spat on his own hand.

King now held sticky slimy mucus saliva on his hand. A bright smile appeared on King’s face and he started rubbing both hands.

The captain started to back away,
“Don’t you dare-”

Just when King got closer and slapped the captain with both his hands landing on the Captain’s cheeks simultaneously. The saliva mucus splattered all over the captain’s face and some of the goo fell in the captain’s eye as well.

The captain jumped away from King in disgust.
He tried to clear his face as he rubbed his hands on his face.
“What the hell is wrong with you! You fucking degenerate shit! I will get you for this...” shrieked out the captain in fury.

The captain then reached out for his pocket and unveiled a small potion bottle that had a weird purple glow. Uncapping the bottle he started chugging down the bottle’s content in one go.

“The captain drank the Berserk potion! Get outta here!” shrieked out the remaining of his men as they started to flee from the area.

The captain threw the empty glass bottle and stretched his both hands,
“Time to die!”

The captain’s body started pulsating and his muscles started wobbling like crazy. And soon all parts of his body started bulging and growing like crazy. His biceps grew so big that it wouldn’t even fit on his own armor.

The Berserk potion was a magic imbued potion that increases physical and mana strength almost 5 times, temporarily. Although the user loses the ability of rational thinking and goes on a fit of rage using violence. Friend or foe, the user would attack anyone he sees.

The captain now grew almost triple his own size just in mere seconds.
With his bare hands, he ripped out his own armor that was hindering his muscular body’s growth. He easily ripped apart his metallic armor as if it was peeling paper.

The captain pupil had whited out as his eyebrows twitched.
*Arrgh* he grumbled like a mindless beast.

Just when a small rock, the same size as a human hand, hits at right on the captain’s forehead. It was thrown at an alarmingly fast pace, that even the captain flinched his head. Although, it did nothing but a small cut on his forehead.

The captain howled in rage.

Just when King started throwing more barrages of rocks at the captain. The rocks were picked from the remains of the collapsed roof’s rubble. Although King threw it at such a high speed aimed at the captain’s vital areas. The captain tried to cover his head using his arm as a shield.

Just when the throwing of the rocks paused for a second and this is where the Captain dropped his shield to go on the offensive.

But to his surprise, a huge statue of Goddess Damsels was launched right at him. There was no window to dodge the big statue, and the captain tried to catch it. Although, King had hurled the big marble statue with quite a power behind his back.

The statue crashed on hitting the captain's body on impact. The impact was strong enough that it sent the captain flying as he crash-landed on the Chapel benches.

There the captain fell unconscious while he still was on his monstrous transformation from the potion.

“It was all and okay until you started stripping in front of me. Disgusting,” said King with his arm crossed who himself wasn’t wearing any clothes yet.

Just when the ruckus seemed to have ended just when the chapel back door opened.
“Oh, my lord! What happened here?!” suddenly a voice echoed in the room.

King looked for the owner of this voice just to notice, an old man wearing black white robes standing at the door. He was the chapel's priest who was out of the town and just returned to his chapel.

The priest noticed the Chapel roof had collapsed inside. The statue of goddess Damsels was missing from the altar. And a strange monster like thing laying in the rubble of destroyed benches. Also for some reason a strange naked man standing in the middle of the entire chaos.

King and the priest’s eyes met.
“Where are your clothes? And what happened here?” asked the priest.

Suddenly a wide smile appeared on King’s face,
“I am just passing by. By the way, you got some lovely robes, there.” complimented King.