Chapter 7:


En Passant Grandmaster

The next morning, Iori happily skipped along as she headed to school. "Free rooms, free hotel, hmm hmm hmm.”

"Ishikiridokoro, why do you look so happy?" a voice growled.

Iori turned to notice a bespectacled girl clad in the same school uniform as her. "Ugh, what do you want, Mei?"

"Referring to me by first name when I have given you no such permission? You are only worsening your detention period."

"Uh, for what?"

"Severe dress code violation," Mei glared as she pointed down at Iori's glittery white sneakers.

"Huh? What's wrong with my kicks? Don't think the school cares what shoes you wear outside of-"

"I was pointing at your mismatched red and pink socks."

"Hate socks? I can always ditch em."

"Socks or stockings ARE required by the dress code for all students. As for the other citations, your jacket is wrinkled and sloppily worn, you didn't tie your bow, your cleavage is exposed, you're wearing too much makeup, and worst of all, your hair."

"But it's natural," Iori snickered.

"Lying again. The dye isn't the only problem, it extends past your waist meaning it's too long. Well, luckily there seems to be a salon right here."

"But I'd be late for school," Iori whined.

"Like you're properly on time anyway."

"So want me to shave it all off, eyebrows and all and get "Mei's bitch" tattooed on it?"

"Do that and you'll be expelled upon arrival. Seems I'll go in with you and tell the stylist to PROPERLY fix your image," Mei glared as she grabbed Iori by the arm.

"Huh!? The hell are you dragging me around for!? Let me go!"

"Our school's image is tainted by you, and I will not allow it to drag down MY future prospects any longer."

Mei Utsunomiya was a 3rd-year student that headed Shokikawa gakuin’s disciplinary committee. She was a strict and uptight young woman who believed the school's greater image affected her own due to being head of the disciplinary committee. As such, she vigorously enforced the student dress code and code of conduct both in and out of school. Since Iori was a frequent offender of violating both, she was a frequent target of Mei's ire.

"Welcome in, ladies. What might I have the fine pleasure of doing for you today?" Cypress smiled as the two girls entered his salon.

"I would like you to transform her image into that of a mature business woman," Mei nodded.

"So, I take it you want me to give her a pixie and dye her hair and eyebrows black?"

"Yes, that would be suitable. Oh, and hold back on the makeup. Our school dress code has strict regulation regarding makeup for students."

"As you wish."

"WHOA! Why the hell do I have to do this!? And am I gonna be forced to pay!? Is this some kind of scam you two are in on!?" Iori cried.

"This is NOT a scam, it is to fix the image of the school-"

"Nah, it's cuz you love me and want me to conform to your fetishes."

Mei shot Iori a cold and murderous glare. "Ishikiridokoro, do you want me to have you expelled?"

"For what?"

"Your stream last night would be cause enough."

"Uh, that's a private thing outside of schoo-"

"But you're a student of our school, and thus anything you do could negatively affect its reputation and image."

"All I did was wear a bikini and lather myself in icky sticky slime."

"You are a degenerate to the core. I SHOULD make you pay for all this yourself, but since you'd start a controversy if I didn't, I shall pay for your image change here and now. Would that be fine?"

"My business accepts payments in advance, but only by card," Cypress nodded.

"Very well, then charge my card. I would prefer to stay and ensure she is dress code compliant, but I have to be at school in the next 10 minutes."

As soon as Mei paid, she departed the salon and headed off to school. Iori, meanwhile, sat down in front of one of the sinks as Cypress began washing her hair.

"Haah, dis feels so good," Iori blissfully moaned.

"Indeed it does, who would have thought I'd be so lucky today," Cypress snickered as he pressed a rag into Iori's face.

Iori quickly lost consciousness as Cypress menacingly hovered above her and pulled out his activated DESPER.


A sleep deprived Yuusuke slowly strolled down the street as he headed for school. "Ugh, I just ended up playin’ video games. Inoue's gonna kill me when I fail, Okaa will too."

As he rounded the corner, he bumped into a large man, causing Yuusuke to get mad, until the man shut him up by punching a hole in the brick wall.

"As you can see, my size and strength aren’t for show. Luckilly, I am a sophisticated man unlike you. Should you so choose, we could settle this matter with a simple game of chess. Win, and you walk free. Lose and you pay the price in flesh,” Zanni sneered as he turned to face Yuusuke.

"Yeah sorry or whatever, I'm in a bad mood already. I gotta pass my test so I don't piss off anyone,” Yuusuke grumbled as he walked away.

"That is where you are mistaken, you don't have a choice, Yuusuke Shousen."

As Yuusuke turned, he noticed Zanni pull out his DESPER and throw it into the abandoned lot. Immediately, a medieval deathtrap room along with a chessboard appeared. Yuuske attempted to run, only to find himself walking towards the chessboard.

"Oi- ...!? Why am I followin’ ya!?"

"Because you don't have a choice. Now as for the punishment, should you lose, I will take one of your arms as payment."


"Oh rest assured, it shall be well preserved, and you needn't worry, the rest of you will be chainsawed to mincemeat in time for lunch."

"Wh- Who are you?"

"My name is Dr. Arlecchino Zanni. Like you, I dabble in chess, but unlike you, my rating is 1913," Zanni stated as he flashed his WWCF card.

"That high? Shit, mine's only 1478. I'd better be on guard," Yuusuke nervously thought.

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