Chapter 9:

Awake from the past

Do you dream of me in the next life?

This was the end, Kalah thought as she laid swaddled in darkness. Joseph, everyone…I’m sorry but I can’t go on. Her eyes fluttered open and shut until her body said goodbye to this world.Bookmark here

Or at least Kalah thought this was goodbye, until she began to regain consciousness. Her senses felt fuzzy but she could hear a voice calling out for someone.

“A-…Ali-…Alice! Are you ok my Princess!? Say something please!”Bookmark here

Kalah focused her eyes on the face of who called out to her. It was a woman dressed up as a maid with silver hair and hazel eyes.

“Thank goodness your awake! I was afraid you were dead. When you’re feeling better Alice, we must-”Bookmark here

 Kalah stopped her before she could continue talking and said, “I’m sorry, but I’m not Alice. My name is Kalah.”

The maid began to cry. “You reincarnated? No, this can’t be…”Bookmark here

She gently placed her on the floor, since she was holding Kalah in her arms. She sat up and hugged the maid. While Kalah was hugging, she noticed that the floor and walls were made of ice. From what she observed, it looked like she was in some kind of throne room. But she also saw knights that were frozen in mid battle.Bookmark here

“What’s your name? And could you please tell me about Alice, where we are, and what happened?”Bookmark here

She calmed down and wiped away her tears. “My name is Ellen. Currently we are inside the castle of…the former Ice Kingdom. She was this kingdom’s princess and I was her personal maid servant. When Alice was young, she couldn’t control her ice magic well and accidently froze one of the neighborhood children. She was an emotional child back then, but I helped her understand her abilities and her feelings. I also taught her how to fight and defend herself. She was growing up into a kind and compassionate woman until that horrible day.”Bookmark here

“I was helping Alice get ready that morning, brushing her hair like I always do. Then we suddenly heard people screaming outside and left Alice’s bedroom to find out what was happening. The guards informed us that an army of Nightmares is attacking our kingdom. Alice ran downstairs past me and the guards to her parents. When she got there, a Nightmare giant broke through the castle doors. I was there to witness Alice run into action and deflect an ice magic attack to her parents. The giant laughed and sent out a powerful ice beam at Alice with his hammer. She pushed back with all her might but in the end, it overcame her and froze her in place. No one could stop him, not even me.”Bookmark here

“A while ago, I thawed out and came over here to check on you. I was about to look for more survivors until you thawed out. I caught you in my arms as you collapsed. I…I’m not sure how long we’ve been frozen though if I had to guess, probably for years now.” Bookmark here

Kalah placed her hand on her chest while they sat in silence.Bookmark here

“Alice was a great princess, wasn’t she?”Bookmark here

“…yeah. She would’ve loved to meet you.”Bookmark here

Kalah smiled. They both stood up from the floor.Bookmark here

“So um, Kalah was it? Could you please tell me about how you got reincarnated in the first place?”Bookmark here

***Bookmark here

“How awful for you to fall victim to the same villain. Do you think Joseph’s mother did this to you and him?” Bookmark here

“I don’t think so. She would never hurt her own son like that. Do you think you could help me find Joseph in this world?”Bookmark here

Before she could answer, Nightmare wolves stormed into the room from the main entrance and circled around them until they came to a stop. Then three Nightmare giants appeared. Bookmark here

“Well now, look what we have here!” said one giant.Bookmark here

“Fresh food in Frost Valley? Yes, Yes!” said a second giant who laughed manically. Bookmark here

“Nowhere to run little ones. Give up now, and we will make your deaths nice and quick.” said the third giant.Bookmark here

“This is bad. Ali- I mean, Kalah, use Alice’s daggers! They should be stored in your magic.” said Ellen.Bookmark here

Kalah brought out her daggers. The blade was light blue and the hilt was also blue but of a darker color. Ellen took out her weapon from her magic which was a mace.Bookmark here

The wolves charged at them. Kalah slashed at one of the wolves that pounced on her, the first slash froze it and the second slash shattered the ice and defeated it. Ellen pounded away left and right. All of a sudden, the wolves decided to work together and injured Ellen and Kalah. Ellen was struggling to use her mace because of the injury to her arm, so she stored away her mace and used energy spells to fight. Kalah struggled to dodge each bite and swipe since her leg was injured. Only a small number of Nightmare wolves remained, and the giants leered at them in the background. Ellen touched the bracelet on her injured arm.Bookmark here

“Alvin! This is Ellen. I’m under attack by Nightmares. Please send help to Frost Valley, and hurry!”Bookmark here

The giants who heard this, laughed at what Ellen said. Bookmark here

“Help? You’ll be dead before help arrives!”Bookmark here

Two wolves lunged and Ellen dodged them both, she blasted a counterattack on one of them. A wolf jumped for Kalah’s right arm, but she twirled and double slashed the wolf. Another wolf surprise attacked her, but she thrusted her daggers into it. Ellen toppled to the floor and got pinned down by a wolf. Kalah tried to help her until a club slapped her into the wall. The giant approached Kalah and grabbed her.Bookmark here

Kalah squirmed to free herself from the tight grip, but it just made the amused giant squeeze harder.Bookmark here

“See? I told you that you’ll be-”Bookmark here

“Fire Punch!”Bookmark here

Flames burst forth and the Nightmare dropped Kalah as it fell. Josie swooped down and caught her while Finley jumped off Josie’s back and shot the wolf on Ellen.Bookmark here

“We’re here to help.” said Josie. Bookmark here

Ana Fowl
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